Please don’t take life too serious, it is serious enough as it is. So do have some laughter, won’t you??

I am uploading some funny You-tube clips that make me happy.

Click on the links below to view the clips.

1. Charlie bit my finger

2. Laughing baby

3. Kids can be funny.

4. This wedding, oh my God, you will laugh for ever.

5. Please laugh!

6. So why are they crying?

7. I will always love you.

8. No one, No one 

9.  She is definitely better than you!

10. Thats dogs for you.

Ok, hope you found at a funny one. Will be uploading more, suggestions are welcome.

Regards, Patience.


8 thoughts on “HUMOUR!!

  1. Pls i want to go to school in kanya but i have no fund and dont know how to in abt it pls can i get any help? May God bless u

    1. Hey Samuel Williams,

      Good to here from you. Where are you? There are quite many organisations offering scholarships for education. I could try and help find one if you care to give me more details. Thank you and all the best!

  2. Great work you are doing Patience,particularly the “taita article on our men”.I would like to read more about “us- taitas”…am a very proud taita and i cant stop speaking it wenever i meet my people.Rasimilwa.

  3. Patience…i was impressed by the kombeni galz Qns…that do tv news anchors crame ol the news and then present them? i think u shud tell pple what u told the galz…

    1. Issa Mwalimu, how are you? Yes, I agree with you that, this was a very good question. This is what I told the students. No, the News Anchors do not cram the news, normally there is something called an auto-cue, (computer like) this is where all the News Anchors read from. Hope this answers your question too!!

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