It is a pleasure sharing my observations, experiences and those of my friends with you. I would be delighted to hear from you with your comments, opinions and critics. I can be reached on the following contacts. Every comment I get is answered, (although at times it might get a little while) so do not hesitate to get in touch with me. You deserve to have your questions answered, and I value your feedback!!

Skype: patience.nyange

Twitter: NyangePatience

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“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”
Albert Camus


29 thoughts on “Contacts

    1. hi patience..hope youhave tested their fushpuding..andvisited the vigleland park…. i visited in 1999…hey is the pinaple water fountain stiil at the national theatre……say hi to the guy instortinget and gronland……..make a visit to the children’s musuemplease..norway is never short of museums..haaaaaapppy the land of the vikings

      1. Josphine, nice to read this from you! I have definately visited Vigelands park, it was an experience and I have actually written about it! Read about it in my stories! I will visit the children´s museum and all the suggestions you have given me. Thanx, will definately enjoy my stay here!!

    2. You can’t imajin – I am a silent ardent fan of your blog. I enjoy it. I miss you too…..
      Pole for the terrible weather….

      We all love you our sweet gal

      1. Sammy Nyambu, thank you for the love, I love you all and miss you bigtime. Good to hear that you are an ardent fan of my blog. Thank you that you can share my experiences with me, from that far land. Winter is not all bad but I just think it has over stayed. Will keep on moving, it is a new experience and it feels different! Pass my regards to all!! Thankyou for your feedback!!

    3. hvordan har du det patience.jeg heter john fra kenia og am interested in your program and whenener i get time i will try to participate in your program.

  1. Hi Patience,

    What an awesome blog!….at first it was a mere glance; but I could not hesitate reading the entire document.Nevertheless, I will still spare ample time to keep revisiting your site…I see more brilliant ideas in the pipeline.Keep it up!!
    You have captured the true Image of Norway…”alt for Norge”..I must admit.The range of ideas from the Norwegian demenor, environmental conservation,the divorce ratio..which leaves me still laughing anyway; brings home an idea most people would have yearned to acquire from the diaspora.
    Anyway, never get tired of having a glimpse at such a site will make my evening busy always.
    This is a wonderful initiative; and you are a modern journalist in the making.Thumbs up!!

    Vennlig hilsen,


    1. Thanx Davies! I am humbled! This is so encouraging, you can be assured will try my best despite my busy schedule to always get time to research more and write, since I gather there´s so much to write about Norway. Having been in Norway longer than I do, am sure you can float in more ideas! Thanx, keep reading!

  2. Hey,gal.
    i have read your blog and its very intresting ,informative and engaging ,i though for a minute i have flow to Norway,you are making a positive impact to every reading it .The aspect of a servant leader is also been reflected clearly.keep up gal.
    warm regards,
    Liz Daystar University

    1. Thanx Elizabeth, my lecturers at Daystar University will be happy to note that I still uphold Servant Leadership! Pass it to CADS and let them keep reading as I promise to keep writing more!

  3. Hi Patience.Although I have never been to Norway, your writing makes me feel like i’ve been there….most notably i loved how you described your experience on the cruise ship…have fun gal.

    1. Thanx Sarah, I love narration writing, the story just flows. Thanx for visiting Norway with me in your imagination. Will keep writing more and do find my stories every Monday and Friday mornings!

  4. This is brilliant and amazing too,it’s such that people fail to realize that there’s still alot to learn and be aware of.

  5. Hi Patience,

    I have been going through your blog most of my free time and for real you do a good job. The article for bride price its wow you have some facts keep it up. Iam proud of you.

    1. Hey Darius, thank you for getting time to go through my blog. I am happy that you actually found time to comment back, Tusen Takk as we say it here. Have a great week ahead!

  6. Nyange, u r wonderfull creature on earth. Be proud of urself. We all love u! Keep talkng to us through media, internet.

  7. haloo patience am michael mwendwa 25 yrs old working in turkey as an acrobatic and still doing music here in turkey and you have realy made me a diffrent person and thinking big in music i have been struggling to find somebody who can give me such an advise like you have given me thank you so much i would like meet with u when i come back in kenya next [kimcoh] is ma stage name i i would like to send for u 1 of ma music that i have done here ni turkey am just aking your permission if ican send it to u i would realy appriciate it plz reply

    1. Thank you for getting in touch with me. You have my contacts, feel free to send me your music, will be glad to hear what you have. Stay well and welcome back home!

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