One step at a time….

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Patience, my sister and the owner of this blog said I could be a guest writer here for a maximum of 6 months then I pack my lessons, create my own blog and leave. Ours is a relationship with conditions, it has always been like that for the longest period of our life, so worry not, I am used to this. So I will pull through.

I love writing and I think it is really humbling that she gave me this chance to allow me to grow grammatically, and who knows, you might be reading my columns on the Daily Nation, The Standard, The People Daily or even the Star. I will not take 6 months on this ground, I want to take less. Is that being too ambitious?

Before anyone puts their expectations on me, I would like to say that as much as her friends say that we look alike, Lol, I will rush to my main point which is to say that I will keep this strictly my age. Maybe we look alike, but we are surely not age-mates. I am a few years below her age and  still getting some experiences in my life that she already passed through so to expect me to think and write exactly like her is raising the bar too high for me. Be kind, Annegrace. Okay? Thank you.

So after thinking for sometime I thought of what better way to start this journey other than beginning with something positive. I mean, to set the mood right.

Like many young girls, I looked forward to growing up. I looked forward to being 13, then 20 and finally 22. So, Seventeen is the number of the list of things I asked God to grant me as I turned 22 years last year. I was looking at the list today and guess what, I ticked 16 of them! I mean, I couldn’t be happier. The only one thing I did not tick was the one written ‘I would like to be a better writer (open my own blog)’. Isn’t God amazing? And this one hasn’t been answered simply because I have not put any effort on it. So this one let us just say I have not given God anything to bless that is why it is delaying.

I have began this journey exactly one month to my next birthday so I still have time to accomplish it. It’s at this point I mention that my birthday is on 18th September and I cherish books and shoes as my birthday gifts, just in case you may want to know. Hehe. Thanks in advance.

Number 2 on my list was  the grade I wanted to see on my Degree Certificate as I was looking forward  to graduating this year. God gave me exactly that and I was very excited. I graduated on 15th July this year. By the way, I was very happy during my graduation more than anyone will ever know. I will explain.

Last time I was in Nairobi I told Patience and my brother that for the longest of time I wasn’t proud of my high school results. I would not mention it to anyone and if I did I would not feel proud about it. So for the longest of time I felt like I had put myself in some kind of prison and the problem is, no one even knew about this. So early this year during my Internship I made a decision to free myself from any little bondage I kept myself in and let myself enjoy freedom in every aspect of my life. I mean, Nelson Mandela didn’t suffer for nothing. The first time I got the chance to put my faith in action was in the midst of a lot of people. Family and friends. During my graduation party. I did it and I have felt very happy ever since. I told everyone about this silent bondage I have been for this long. So in Campus, I put all my efforts in my studies and even did my own research project and got an A (I could have decided to buy one for Ksh.3500, but finishing school goes hand in hand with being broke so anyway), I felt extremely proud of how far I had come. I indeed gave God something to bless and He did.

On Friday I got a text from someone saying how much of a blessing I have been to them. Actually, two people! Oh wow, this is the reason I ticked number 7 today. I had told God that I wanted to be a blessing to people. I know you are imagining ‘huh, just 2 people and you are here all happy’. Yes, I did not give God a specific number. Lakini, people in this town are mean even with their blessings. So perhaps I have been a blessing to a bigger number but only 2 cared to say. Maybe the question will be, how many people have been a blessing to me and if at all, I  have told them so?

I am writing a bigger and better list for my next Birthday as I push myself towards achieving those things. Otherwise, I am honoured to be here. Have a blessed Wednesday 🙂

Thanks for passing by, my name is Adeline Nyange.


11 thoughts on “One step at a time….

  1. Yeiiy!Adeline Nyange..thanks for making a step.You will go far!and Patience for believing in her,you just gave her a stepping stone

  2. Awesome work keep up, I have a blog too, its young and a bold good step, its a great feeling that you can change someone’s perspective. I deal with current issues, as a training to myself too, I believe in supporting each other , that’s how we grow …looking forward to reading from you ,

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