My life without Jinxy!

Jinxy's playtime
Jinxy’s playtime

It will soon be two months since Jinxy  (my pet cat) left home. Some people are still doubtful about Jinxy’s absence and many wonder how she is fairing wherever she is.

Yes, I am at that point of my life, where I really, really miss Jinxy in my house. All I am left with now are sweet memories and a name that will not be forgotten any time soon, at least, not by my neighbor, who still calls me “mama Jinxy”.

Jinxy, who came to my place last year in July, was a gift from one of my girlfriends, who thought she would be great company to me. She was right. She knew of my love for cats and I always told her how I longed to have my own. So, she went out to make my dream come true.

Jinxy and I had a special bond. She was the baby of my house, complete with very clear rules to my visitors on how to handle her while at my place. Sad, many of my friends do not like cats, so they didn’t give her the best treatment. So I banned them from visiting my place. Plus there are those who also threatened not to visit me as long as Jinxy was home.

Jinxy after a shower
Jinxy after a shower

Jinxy, a little kitten

She came in as a little kitten, pretty and very innocent. She looked a little shy and not so friendly. After a month, she believed that she was in safe hands and immediately became very friendly and playful. She was all over the house, entertaining my guests including her many boyfriends. I know she didn’t have any girlfriends, because only those boyfriends were ever lurking in the vicinity and always fighting for her when she was on heat.

Jinxy and her boyfriend playing.
Jinxy and her boyfriend playing.

Of late, I get home and it’s so empty. I miss her meowing in the morning as I leave the house. You know, just like a little child, begging her mother not to leave her behind. I miss her, meowing in joy when she finally heard my car alarm lock as I came back and she would stand by the balcony, almost jumping over to welcome me back. Should I stop by at my neighbor on the first floor, she would make so much noise and my neighbor would go like, “There you go, Jinxy clearly does not want us to talk anymore.”

Jinxy with her prey-live grasshopper
Jinxy with her prey-live grasshopper

By the time I opened my door, she would be all over my legs, following me everywhere and at times, I thought, she watched me as I changed clothes, because she would just stand there gazing, as if saying, “Hurry up, let’s go, I am a little hungry and I wouldn’t mind some more food.” I would start by giving her some milk and she would be very happy, then she would crave to go out and play with her friends, sorry, her boyfriends, and I would let her leave the house.

Fed up of the same old, same old friends, she would come back and sit next to me as I relaxed. If bored, she would play with her toys and if bored again, she would go to her cot and sleep. So for a year, my house was full of activity. When I went to sleep, she would invite her friends over. I always left my balcony door open all day long and all night, so they sneaked in. Should I wake up at night, they ran away, because they knew I did not like them much.

All grown up and pregnant

Pregnant Jinxy taking a nap
Pregnant Jinxy taking a nap

Jinxy was one cat I loved to hate. There are times I got home tired and all I wanted to do was to sleep. But there she was, playful and reminding me that she needed food. At such moments, I felt if I had a choice, I would give her away that very moment.

One year later, there she was, all grown up and pregnant. She finally gave birth to four kittens, very beautiful kittens.  Two months down the line, they were all taken away; I received tens of requests from people who wanted the kittens. Unfortunately, I only had four. So I gave them out on the basis of first come first served and soon they were all gone. Jinxy and I went back to square one.

Jinxy's four kittens
Jinxy’s four kittens

But again, I was faced with a dilemma. My work involves a lot of travelling, sometimes almost every week and my good neighbor, whom I used to give the responsibility of caring for her while I was away was slowly getting tired of my requests. She would occasionally ask…”Are you travelling this week? And do you plan to take Jinxy with you?” Hehhehehhe, indeed I read this as a red flag.

I am so grateful to Renee, she has been so helpful, but I know she couldn’t do this for so long. My siblings and my boyfriend have also had to take care of her, once in a while, and I am grateful for that. I will give each of you a thank you gift.

Jinxy and her kittens
Jinxy and her kittens

So giving Jinxy away was definitely the hardest thing to do. But some things have to be done, anyway. Many people wanted her and when the first person failed to show up the first day, I was happy. I didn’t even call her to inquire why she never came to pick her. I got one more month to be with Jinxy before she was picked by Eunice, another friend. Her mother wanted a cat to clear the many mice that were destroying her garden in Nakuru. We all laughed because Jinxy had no experience in hunting. Things change and now I am informed she has since learnt to hunt. She loves her new residence in Nakuru and I am informed she is fairing on well. I hope to visit her one day.

My small bro holds one of the kittens
My small bro holds one of the kittens

This is just a small note, pouring out my heart, that I accept the situation that I indeed miss Jinxy, but yes, life has to go on. I have photos of her and her kittens and I am grateful for the time we shared.

To replace her existence, I have remodeled my living room and in addition, brought in two living plants and I am excited watching them grow. All I need to do is simply water them twice a week. It is less work and allows me to travel without worrying of who will take care of my plants!

In house living plants/flowers
In house living plants/flowers

A man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder- a waif, a nothing, a no man” Thomas Carlyle


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  1. Maybe it high time you got a baby girlfriend!Possibly by end of next year or early 2015!!!!There, I said it!Shoot me!!!!

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