Kenya: It’s a sad state of affair!!

I am Kenyan and I am in Kenya right now.  It is in deed a sad state of affair. As it is now, the government of Kenya has confirmed that, at least 69 people are feared dead and over 175 people are nursing injuries. It is also believed that  others are still held hostage following the terrorist attack at an upmarket shopping mall in Nairobi’s, Westgate.

I am not so sure of what to say, but I want to quote one of the Kenyan’s media personality, Caroline’s Mutuko’s facebook status update. It in deed sums up my thoughts following this horrific attack. I am happy that I am alive today, my family, my relatives and my friends are all fine, this is everything I am grateful for at this time. Please pray for Kenya, please pray and pray hard. We need all the mercies at this point.


I’ve been at work for the last two days but not on-air.
Today is the first time since this crisis began that I will be on-air. I’m scared, I’m lost and I’m also very, very sad. So are you.

There are people who have more pain in their hearts than I can imagine and for some, life will never be the same again.
For some, their belief in the power of prayer has multiplied and for some, their cry is singular – why God why?.

This morning – we need to put one foot in-front of the other and with the confidence that only a Kenyan has, we will walk.
Walk.Tall. To school, to work, to hospital and yes to the mortuary……

Step 1 – Today, we walk. We walk tall. We walk together.” From Caroline Mutuko

Below are some photographic accounts of what has been captured following the attack. Please note, these are very graphic images.

Here are the links:


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