I am on a Short Break………

At an assignment in Kisumu City, late December.
On an assignment in Kisumu City, late December, 2012.

This is just but a short notice to everyone who stops by to read my blog. I have not been in a position to write, at least for two months, December and January. I am a little overwhelmed by work and my studies, and therefore, I have taken a short break.

I am looking forward to writing again, as of March, 2013. There is so much happening in my life and I am looking for a chance to share with you some of these escapades.

Once more, thank you for reading my blog in 2012 and even as you plan to read my stories in 2013.

I take this opportunity to wish you a happy 2013.



7 thoughts on “I am on a Short Break………

    1. Amaldrin, I would definitely love to do so, but that has to wait until February. I have many photos from Kisumu City, which will upload once I write a blog post on Kisumu City! Thank you for reading my blog.

  1. Keep the blog coming! I like hearing what happens in your part of the world. happy 2013. I think of you lots. always remember you iin my prayers. HannahStiansen

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    1. Hey Hannah, very good to read from you. I am glad that you still keep tabs with what is happening on my world. Thank you for remembering me in your prayers. Pass my love to your family! My love for you always!

  2. it’s always good to take a break!!! Happy New Year and Looking forward to hear your stories in 2013 :).

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