Joining the dots: The First Half!

I am one individual who started this year without much plan or rather at a very low pace. However, I am a strong believer in New Year resolutions and therefore, as the year started; I did set my goals for 2012.

It is unbelievable how fast time moves. As I usher in a new month, I have been reflecing on how the journey has been. I am sure, I am not alone and many more people are probably doing the same. Trying to gauge how far we have come, as far as our resolutions are concerned.

Resolutions are based on observing the past, learning from it, and finding ways to improve the future either on a personal or even family level. I have experienced various outcomes in my life. For the first time, I have enjoyed living out of my comfort zone.

My greatest goal for the year was to be able to re-adjust my mind back home. After some months abroad, all I wanted to do this year was to set my foot at home and create a new base. I can successfully report that it has been a great journey and I am happy.

Top on my agenda was to be able to visit Kibera Slums in the year 2012, assess the situation and find something I can do to contribute and to help someone else. It has been one of my key achievements this far. It might sound like a small goal, but just because I had never been there, I set it among my major goals for this year. Now I look forward to my Saturday mornings, another chance to be in class with the students at Adventure Pride in Kibera, teaching Swahili.

The growth that has happened since I started going to Kibera excites me so much. My friend Gonzag Odera, who used to pick me up every other weekend because I didn’t know my way there now has his Saturday morning to himself. I make it to school on my own. Of course, I got lost a few times but now I know my way. This, for me is growth.

I am looking at the brighter side of life and I can confidently report that life has been quite exciting. New opportunities have come my way, opportunities to meet new people in my life; great people, and opportunities to be able to read books and put into practice new habits. I have done what I love to do, hosted and cooked for my friends, laughed and re-united with my family and friends.

Just like a coin, life has two sides. The brighter side and the ugly side. Even as I choose to look at the brighter side of life while moving forward with determination and persistence, I am accepting the fact that it has not been smooth all the way. There have been times that I have doubted my God given strength, felt at my lowest, cried and almost changed the course.  I have mourned lost friends, I have mourned with close friends and I have lost great opportunities.

It has been six months since the year started. Joining the dots backwards, I am humbled. I am grateful to God for making it possible. I am looking forward to the final phase or rather the second half of the year 2012 and I am excited to find out what the future holds for me.

Do not worry about failing everything many times. How else will you learn how to succeed? As babies we couldn’t walk, talk or eat. Imagine if we’d never accepted someone’s help and given up at crawling, gurgling and spoon-feeding! So then, don’t allow many attempts to grind you down – let them polish you up!” Mark Nixon, UK.


2 thoughts on “Joining the dots: The First Half!

  1. Am sure God cannever take away everything.while you ve endured the loss of ua loved ones, uv gained friends that u always look forward to seeing every saturday morning! What cannot be cured must, with patience, be endured. Lucky your name is patience, or maybe you ll ask- what is in a name?while my grandma cried at her daughter s weding saying she is losing a daughter, grandpa told her yes we are losing a daughter but we ard gaining a son! And they lived happily ever after.

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