This summarizes my stay in Norway. I have a thousand memories and each passing day, I miss my friends in Norway!

African Press International (API)

< Patience Nyange, Nairobi – Kenya

When I got a mail from African Press International asking me to write about my stay in Norway, I went blank. This is because I tend to imagine I have so much to write about concerning my 16 months stay in Norway, the land of the Vikings.

I went to Norway as an exchange participant under a journalistic program funded by Fredskorpset Norway, FK. I was selected to represent Association of Media Women in Kenya, AMWIK where I have been a member for the last 4 years. In Norway, I worked for two organizations, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, NRK, where I did English features for Jungeltelegraphen, a weekly show broadcasted on NRKs P2. I worked with the show hosts, Sigbjorn Nedlad and Arne Berg, my two great colleagues, who came to Kenya, just two month after my return home. “You know we miss you so much and your absence is…

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