“Let There be Light, Please”


The electricity company has decided to frustrate me. Yesterday, I met one of my friends working for this company and I asked her, “My friend, what is happening with Kenya Power and Lightning Company?” She laughed and said, “For your information, while you were away, it was changed, it is now, The Kenya Power.” Then I asked, “So why can’t you live up to that new title, “The Kenya Power?”

Honestly, I feel like I demand some explanations on what has been happening of late. For four consecutive nights, I do not have electricity. What is happening and why is it happening?

Can someone really explain this to me and those of us who have been affected by this. Reading from the social media platforms, I see all the insults being thrown at the Kenya Power. I think it is time this monopolistic company did some explanations to Kenyans.

As I moved into my new apartment, I was very happy to realize that now I have  pre-paid power, all I thought was, as long as I had some units, I will never experience black-outs. Forgive my naivety! I have therefore, tried my best to ensure that I have more than enough units and when the units reduce to 20, I am always on the run to top up my account again.

I demand explanations

So having done my part, I expect to have some explanations when I am spending all nights in the darkness. On Monday night, after I spent more than three hours on the traffic jam, I looked forward to getting home and relaxing. On arriving at the gate, I could tell, again, I do not have electricity. This pissed me off! I went straight to bed. As I set my alarm, it read “This alarm is set for 10 hours and 44 minutes from now.” “This is very bad,” I remarked.

As this week comes to an end, I have so many pending assignments, workload that I had planned to do at night, only to get home and I am forced to sleep for 10 hours. I enjoy working at night, I love it, but The Kenya Power has decided to let me down. I use the electricity for so many things, for my internet, to charge my computer, to see around, to read, to cook and even shower. So when it decides to disrupt my life and cares less about making any explanations, I imagine this is disrespecting me as a client.

Thank you for asking, why haven’t I posted a blog post this week.  I had really planned  to do so but the so-called Kenya Power messed me up. I honestly feel at a loss bigtime, and I only wish to ask “The Kenya Power” to give Kenyans some explanation, at least show some concern, and care to illustrate that it might be beyond your control, but please say something. Give me a schedule and let me plan with it, I just don’t want to get home and there you are, you surprise me with a black-out. When will I ever accomplish my tasks?

In my understanding, a good company regardless of the fact that it enjoys a monopolistic advantage, knows for sure that a client is always the boss and seeks to ensure that it gives the client the very best. For one and a half-year in Norway, I never experienced a black out at all and when it happened, I actually blogged about it. Then I realized it was not a black-out after all and actually there was a message to that effect. So why can’t the only Kenyan power company do the same?

Throughout life people will make you mad, disrespect you and treat you bad. Let God deal with the things they do, because hate in your heart will consume you too.” Will Smith. And for this reason, I forgive you The Mighty Kenya Power!


8 thoughts on ““Let There be Light, Please”

  1. I feel your frustrations Patience hope some action is taken soon. Thanks for taking your time to highlight the issue, I bet we ought to do something and hold KP accountable

    1. Hey Bernadette. It is very boring to go home all set and then all you get is black out on your doorstep! Yes, I hope that KP will do something. We are not so far away from vision 2030! Thank you for reading my blog.

  2. I love it! We are all in agreement Kenya Power needs to get its house in order. They are always unveiling grand plans for alternative power generation and efforts to ensure steady supply like shifting to underground cables! The current scenario does not attest to the effective management of the available resource, one wonders what kind of havoc flash floods would wreck on under ground electricity cables!

    1. Yes, the Kenya Power needs to get its house in order. If only they care for their clients, let them say something! Thank you Jonathan for reading my blog and leaving your comment!

  3. Hei Patience Nyange:
    Shalom and grace to you in Jesus name!!!
    I prayer that from this day onward, Kenya electricity power supply becomes stable and useful to its citizenry. Logists have not help Africans over the years, to recover from scams in their Governance and services to its people. Unfortunately, Politicians are concern about functionalism, by their structural political departments/Ministries,….but how those structural departments functions to give equal justified services to an African Country, is no concern of African Political Leaders….in all of Africa. For this reason, there is so much inequalities, disrespects, poverties, unjust wages, disloyalty of all kinds, social immorality.
    The Governments of African Nations, only have Ministries which are not altogether functional for the purpose of the whole, rather for the purpose of one political party.
    Once a Political party has successfully won an election, they take over everything and do as they want, and not as the people of their Country desires. But good Leadersship comes with satisfying the needs of its people, by listening to their demands, equipping and enforcing their Ministerial political structural departments to meet the demanding needs of its people, with stability and equality.
    Unfortunately, stability and equal distributions of services from Africans Political structural departments or Ministries, is something African Political Leaders have to overcome, and dominates….because its seems like it is dominating them instead.
    However, as Christians, we are God Stewards left on the Earth, to make sure that those Leaderships does what is right, by praying the Godliness and fear of God into their lives and services… (Romans 4:5)—” He, that works not but believes on God who justified the ungodly, faith is counted for righteousness.”
    Whenever, you prayer for ungodly Leaders to be saved and to do righteously, God by His Holy Spirit touched their hearts and cause them to do righteously. But, when they disobey, He remove and replace them with someone who shall obey….or if He really likes them, He shall warn them, and bring them into some kind of unexpected punishments, which shall warn them of their wickedness…remember, Matthew 18:18-20- whatsoever, you loosed on earth, shall be loosed in heaven for you……in prayers—-it could be for your Country Good governership, and stable electricity supply, as well as yours wages, good marriage partner etc—- understand that you are to do the loosing, not God….what you lossed is what He shall give you on earth from heaven.
    Besides, He commands us to prayer for the all those in Leadership authority….that they should be saved, and let us live a peaceful and quiet lives…( 1 Timothy 2:1-6)
    You can only live a peaceful and quiet life when our wants and needs are met, equally, and justly, without us getting involve with any evil acts to manipulates to have them. Prayer, for your electricity company…be in charge…nd don’t be the victim—-(-Luke 10:19-20).
    Remember, I like your Spirit and had not forgotten about you and Diana..
    Stay blessed!!!!

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