On Drinking and Taita Men!

Norwegians visiting Taita

I hail from Taita land in the Coastal Province of Kenya and I am particularly proud of this area. Taita is probably among the most scenic areas in Kenya endowed with beautiful hills and very pretty landscape. Whenever I have visitors, I ensure that they get a chance to see this side of Kenya. The rural setting is quite adventurous, plus I have to mention that Tsavo East National Park, Tsavo West, Taita Hills are some of the spectacular touristic areas that are quite something, just so that you know if you haven’t been there yet.

Eating Guavas in Taita, Kenya

Taita Men and M’bangara

For those who know me quite well, know for sure that News is my favourite TV program. I stay glued on the TV with the TV remote on my hand so that I can flip through the various channels available. Last Friday, at 9pm, I am seated with my younger brother and sister watching News. The three of us are all born and raised up with both parents who are typical Taita’s meaning we are all  typical Taita’s.

At this specific time I am watching Citizen TV and guess what comes on TV? News about Taita men and their drinking manners.  The News about some Taita men becoming very irresponsible as a result of addiction to this local brew famously known as M’bangara is really not news to me. I frequent Taita whenever I can, (God willing, I will be there for Easter), so I pretty know much about their addiction to this local brew.

Girraffe in Kenyas park.

The News item shows some of the men being whisked away from the local dens and within the clip is a plea from this female chief who says, time has come for Taita women to take action against such irresponsibility. Immediately after this, we start a discussion with my siblings. My brother, just like many Taita men tells me, “Come on, this is just a fraction of the Taita men. Many of us are quite responsible, and you will never find the responsible ones being whisked away like the ones you have just seen on  TV.”

What a Shame?

I am still supporting my point that this is such a shame to the Taita community. I go to my village and as I take an evening stroll, I see how many men are wasting their lives by drinking M”bangara, day in day out. Some of these are people I know quite well, brothers and fathers of my friends and even relatives. The worst scenario is when you spot your former teachers staggering their way home after classes. This of course explains why Taita Taveta County was number 45 out of the 47 counties in the Country after the release of the 2011 Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (K.C.P.E) results.

Mbale, Taita, Kenya

This explains why it becomes so hard to get students with at least 400 marks out of the possible 500 marks in the K.C.P.E results. With the many sponsors who want to help students pursue further education, Taitas’ will continue to suffer and complain that we have been marginalized in many development projects in Kenya. We take all the blame to our leaders and blame them for everything that goes wrong in this beautiful land in Kenya. Last year, I took the initiative of looking for students with over 400 marks in Wundanyi Division and I will tell you for sure, there was none. How is this possible?

So when I posted this status on my Facebook wall, I knew I had started a war and I was ready to deal with it. “Taita Men you are such a shame to the Taita Community.” I wrote. Of course I had the option of saying “Some Taita Men”…But I intentionally chose not to. Within an hour, there was a huge discussion with at least 117 comments, Taita men flaring up and others still sending me messages demanding for an apology to all Taita men. As it is now, I promise that I will NOT apologize, not at all. I have 101 reasons to support my statement.

Kenyan roads, Mwatate-Voi

“Patience, don’t forget that your father and your brothers are also men from Taita. Despite the fact that we drink a lot, what can say about men from the slopes of Mt. Kenya where women decide to become the Congestina Achiengs and Mike Tysons, and the KBL trophy always in Meru, and not forgetting our G7 brothers (kalenjins). What can you say about them? Commented Erik Maghanga.

Kindly do read this link as well, get to know how this drinking has gone overboard.

You will find the second part of this story on my blog this Friday. In the meantime, I wish you a Happy Easter and for those who will be traveling, I wish you journey mercies, stay well and God bless!

12 thoughts on “On Drinking and Taita Men!

  1. thanx for your article on taita men.Personally i agree with you.You dont need to apologize.Although i dont drink most taita men drink sooooooo much at the expense of their families.This is actually a shame to the community.Let all those in this drinking lot change their lifestyles and concentrate on their families

  2. Lady P you are now an international journalist and nobody should threaten you because of speaking the truth.Go ahead and tell the world of all the vices in our societies.I repeat taita men dont deserve apology from you.Be blessed and thanx for the good job

    1. James Mwandanda, thank you for your feedback. I do journalism out of passion, passion is what drives me and therefore no one really can threaten me, so I am not worried about this at all. You are a Taita man and as long as you agree with me that I do not need to make an apology, I am good to know. Down deep my heart, I am convinced that I don’t need to apologize. Once again, thanx for popping bye and leaving your comment. Cheers

  3. yap our taita men have to stop the mbagara business if at all we are to make a great deal on our lands and contribute to the growth of our dear taita county…

  4. Patience, I tend to agree and disagree with you. The better part of my childhood I spent in Taita, to be precise Wundanyi. Then I went back to Weruga (guess I got the spelling right) to do a research, and I clearly remember those scenes of men staggering back to their homes drank. I remember my companion asking me there are so men who are “wendawazimu” in this town. This was because of their dirty clothes always talking alone and staggering, be it day or night.

    One time I overheard two men conversing. One was trying to remind the other of a certain day, and he said’ “That day you were drunk.” The other one replied “Now I completely cant remember coz am always drunk.” So its true that they do drink a lot.

    But at the same time we still have some good Taita men who have moderation when it comes to liquor consumption. I know of a doctors who are Taita, our engineer where I work is from Wesu, and now we have the Tourism Minister from Taita. Talk of best high schools in Coast Province, Mary girls, in Bura, Kenyatta High, in Mwatate. Parents leave schools in Mombasa send their children all the way to Taita.

    Even though we can blame the men in Taita, I still think it shouldn’t be taken as a whole package.

    1. Shughuli, this is funny-One time I overheard two men conversing. One was trying to remind the other of a certain day, and he said’ “That day you were drunk.” The other one replied “Now I completely cant remember coz am always drunk.” So its true that they do drink a lot. Now, tell me if this is about letting our drinking habits go overboard.

      I agree that we have very good Taita men, my dad is definitely one of them. My point in this whole discussion about Taita men overdoing it, it is because many cannot draw alone when it comes to moderation. That is why you will get Taita men making a conversation like the one you quoted above.

      My thinking is, if we take it as a whole package, we are able to tackle the problem in our own small way. Remember, all Taitas are related, so these are either our brothers, cousins, uncles, brothers in law, and so forth. Hope you get my point.

      Thank you for finding time to go through my blog. I do appreciate your feedback.

  5. This is 2 cents reasoning or 2 cents is too much to give for this reasoning,,poverty and education is more viably related than mbangara and education.Next time research on mbagara and women conjigal rights its far much direct.When journalist have nuthing much to write they tend to use topic’s as sex,death it captures readers eye ,its energy behind it is good for sales however minute and for this matter a drunkenness issue already publicized by other writers before i,e nyeri men.Its a cheap blow just to earn media prowess and maintain ur stance in the limelight of journalism.I salute you for such but I see what you are uptoo no good Its gonna kill you for NOTHING! Its not worth it, a sucker sitting behind a computer and raising your blood pressure level and you dont even know us. If you got issues with someone specifically say it when you see them just like the wy you talked to your bro’s here its good,its facebook,ur blog very eligible but so gullible disastrouus at times.Hopefully its controversial enuf propelling you to new heights of dat caliber of writing

    1. Zimran, thank you for your comment. I appreciate the fact that you actually read my blog and took time to write back to me. Whatever your wrote is your opinion, right? This is just the same way, whatever I write on my blog is purely my opinion, you are at no obligation to accept it as the gospel truth. This is entirely as ” according to Patience Nyanges thinking.” Thank you once more for reading my blog, keep doing the same and always remember to leave your comments.

  6. He hee. Hi patience. Ive alwayz followd ur blogs and this one has taken me back to mbale but i trully believe there is much more in Taita than walevi. The Scenery and beauty of Taita is breathtaking. Enjoy ur easter hols.

    1. Shemegi, thank you for reading my blog and the fact that you always follow me. Yes, there is much more about Taita than the Walevi and that is why I started by highlighting the beauty of Taita. Enjoy your Easter Holiday too!!

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