Stay the course….

Congregation at Mavuno church

Stay the course… do not quit too soon. This was the message at Mavuno Church in Nairobi last Sunday. I love this kind of encouragement especially when 2012 is almost four months old. Many of us by now do not remember the resolutions we set for the year, if at all we did, some cannot even track them down and many people seem lost of their life’s track.

Seated somewhere at the middle of this huge church, I had a great view of the congregation. Pastor Linda Oluoch, the bubbly and energetic woman alluded to the fact that many of us seem to be losing it when it comes to pursuing our life’s passion. As the year starts, we look very focused with great ambitions, but how long does this last?

“By quitting too soon, we lose out on the opportunity to get to reach our goals and know what God has in store for us, we rarely get the chance to see the conclusion of the matter,” she said.

At one point she asked the congregation to raise their hands if any of us were secretly waiting for an opportunity to quit. She mentioned different categories, those who want to quit their jobs, quit relationships, marriages and those that seem stuck in life challenges. I was not surprised, there were many hands raised in each of these categories.

We are stuck in Life

I realize indeed most people are stuck in life. Many things seem to stop us from living life to our best. We recently had a discussion with a group of my friends and the conclusion is, many of us, feel very unmotivated in life, many of us seem to be living uncontented life, trying to meet the pressures of this life. Unknowingly, we drain from ourselves the precious gift of living our life to our best. Bills, friends, family and societal expectations seem to be taking the centre stage in our lives.

This is my opinion, we are to blame. We are to take total blame for leading the kind of lives we do. Some of my friends have a problem with me reading all manner of things, (my wisdom literature as I call it), motivational books and self-development books, but I choose not to be bogged by opinions.

I realize the best investment I can ever make, is to buy more and more books and read them, on any topic as long as I understand that other people too have opinions and I am not duty-bound to agree with everything they say in their writing.

This month I have read two books, one by Kenyan Oduor Ouma, Jot it down and the other one that I just finished this morning is by my favorite writer of all times, Robin Sharma’s Who will cry When you die. Jot it down which is a professional book for those who want to pursue writing as a career, is one book, for the very first time, I agreed with the author 100%.  As I read it, I felt like being in communication class again.

Love what you do

Robins Sharma’s book on the other hand is one that seems to have the same message as the one preached by Pastor Linda. In his book, Sharma says, “One of the lessons I have learnt in my own life is that if you don’t act on life, life has a habit of acting on you. The days slip into weeks, the weeks slip into months and the months into years. Pretty soon, it’s all over and you are left with life half-lived.”

So why are many of us so bored with life? Why did we have so many hands rising up in church with many people at the verge of quitting? Sharma advises, “One of the timeless secrets to a long, happy life is to love your job. The golden thread running through the lives of history’s most satisfied people is that they all loved what they did for living.”

This day, as you start a new week, think of the many people without jobs, without husbands and wives, without children, without genuine friends, without all the opportunities you have and dare to change the course. Sharma says in one of the chapters, “This is the truest measures of a person of strong character. As Erica Jong said, “Take your life in your own hands and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame, but only you”

When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice” Robin Sharma


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