2012, The Journey Has Started!!

Happy New Year

I thought I was going to start blogging in February. Seems not. I must agree I have succumbed to the pressure. Of course I had to, after all the messages you sent me asking me to blog. “Hope you are ok Patience, otherwise you are not….you certainly didn’t leave your writing skills back in Kristiansand, did you?  If you didn’t,  please write a new post sooooon!” This is one of the many emails you sent me.

I have my own way of looking at a new year, I see it as a journey that starts on 1st January and ends on the 31st December. Looking at it that way, gives me the focus to know that I do not have all the time on earth, God willing, I just have 12 months to do all that I can do this year. From an open-minded perspective, I look at it this way, on a journey, many things happen, so I can expect a great expedition and enjoy it while I look forward to getting to my destination. Alternatively, I can be prepared for any eventualities that may come my way. On the highways, cars break down, cars get hijacked, accidents happen but all in all, life must go on.

Now if you’re like me, as you get ready to ring in a new year, you like to reflect on the previous one, the memories you made, the lessons you learned, and the successes you had. Where did you go wrong and what could possibly be carried into the following year, if need be. I can confidently say 2011 was a fruitful year for me in all areas of my life. However, it is important to mention the loss of my loved ones along the way, my dearest friend, Sarah Wambui Kabiru, Abisai  Angombe and one of my cousins on the Christmas day!

New Year Resolutions

Revelers in Mama Ngina, Mombasa

It´s only the 10th day of the year 2012 and this far I am happy that I am in the process of keeping with my resolutions. I am a firm believer of New Year resolutions, a habit that dates back to my childhood days. And this year is special in its own ways, I have set extremely high goals and I am excited to see how the year pans out to be!

After my Christmas in Taita with family and relatives, I decided to spend my New Year in Mombasa. I was asleep during the transition between 2011 to 2012. Mombasa is extremely hot and I found it too hard to cope with the heat, keeping in mind I came from  winter climate in Norway to extreme temperatures of 35 degrees plus in Kenya. By 11pm on the eve of the new year, I was deep asleep, (naked to be precise).

New Year's Eve in Mombasa

“You know you missed the new year, it happened while you were asleep, be careful you might end up sleeping the whole year, and you might lose a lot while you are still asleep,” warned my smaller sister!

Of course I had plans to go out and party, experience the fireworks but I obeyed the warnings. The government of Kenya had warned Kenyans against Al-Shabab threats and warned against fireworks explosions. But still, there were fireworks in Mombasa, yes, I heard them deep in my sleep.

“A pessimist will stay awake to see the year 2011 come to an end, an optimist will stay awake to see the year 2012 come into being.” Said my small brother. “So, what does the pessimist and the optimist have in common?”  He asked and answered  it for himself that the two will stay awake, so whether I sleep or not, it only makes sense to me as an individual. That was a great consolation for me even as I dozed off while hooked on to the Kenyan TV channels, all of which had special end of the year and new year editions.

At the Church

Revelers at a beach in Mombasa

On Sunday, invited by friends, I joined them for the New Year service at the International Christian Center, ICC in Mombasa.  It was a great session, only that I had a problem with the pastor when he mentioned that he never focuses on New Year resolutions during New Year sermons. He explained that statistics has it that 25%  of  the people, forget their resolutions by Valentines day and by Easter a whopping 75% actually do not care about them anymore. So to  stay out of the frustrations, it is just sensible not to mention anything about new year resolutions.!!! So what message did he have for those  who cared so much about New Year resolutions like me??

I have set at least 12 resolutions with a clear pathway of how to achieve them. I feel I exactly know how to go about this and I am so excited about my life in the year 2012. I have great aspirations and I am trusting God for abundance in all areas of my life, my family, my relatives and all those that I care for!

At Mama Ngina Drive in Mombasa

I am loving myself more than I have ever done before! I am going to excel in everything that I set my eyes on! I am challenging my comfort zone and I am going for my dreams! At the church, the pastor challenged the congregation on the following questions, which I found very useful as I usher in my new year! 1. What is the one thing that I desire from God in the year 2012? 2. What is the one thing that is lacking in my life? 3.What is my one dream that I will fight for in 2012? And finally 4.What is the one promise that I will hold to in this year? This was a good starting point!

As Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting  different results.”  This new year, aspire to do something new in a new way and expect different results!

Happy New Year!!


12 thoughts on “2012, The Journey Has Started!!

  1. whow!!….good staff….indeed the journey has started.
    “Cheers to a new year 2012 and another chance for us to get it right.”May God give u favour this year in all ur needs.
    Hppy 2012.

    1. Noel Mwazera! Thank you so much for your continued support! I am happy to know that I will be with you in this New Year! Thank you for your wishes, may the same be with you!! Cheers and God bless!!

  2. Good inspiration my dear. Patience you have reminded me of important things that I need to do this year and have to stick to my goals, and achieve them. This year I must not go where the path may lead, instead I will go where there is no path and leave a trail. Happy new year Patience!

  3. they say it will be leap year, i just hope it will not be a year of recycling hopes into dreams and dreams back into hopes! hope it will be a year of sustainable hopes capable of being seen and felt! ….that calls for for realistic resolutions…oh, that man may know the end of his day’s business before it comes,but it suffices that the day will end, and the end will be known!think about that Patience!

    1. Hehhehehe Newtone!! I will definitely think about it! My resolutions are what I call very realistic resolutions! So I will keep you updated on how far I go with my resolutions! All the best in yours, if you have any!!!

  4. I tried to change, but I changed my mind, i thus made a resolution of not making any New Year Resolutions, and that has made the difference!

    1. Good, to make or not to make New Year resolutions is a personal decision. S0 if you like to stay without, that is still ok! You belong to the category that the Pastor talked about! Wish you all the best in this New Year!!

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