Safely Back Home!!

Home is best!

Farewell Party in Kr.sand

Go East Go West, Home is Best! I am thankful to God for a safe flight back home. My return simply means an end to my stay in Norway, at least for now. Time moves so fast, it is unbelievable that I have spent at least one and a half-year in Norway. I feel like I was in a dream, but I know it is reality, because I have a 1000 memories  with me !

My last days in Norway were marked with mixed feelings, of anxiety, of worry, of sadness, of excitement and of course with the coming of a new year, my birthday, it meant a moment for soul-searching. At times I wish someone should have told me that, at some point a girl got to grow up and make some tough decisions and choices. While I underwent this process, which I had to successfully go through, I let my tears roll and feel the sadness.

My former bosses, Nedland and Pamela

“It is a great honour for us Norwegians when you feel sad as you leave, it simply means you had special people in your life and you hurt at the thought of leaving them behind, don’t be discouraged, we will meet again,” said a Norwegian girlfriend.

I had too many places and people to say goodbye to and all the time I rose to say it, I almost broke down. Of course I did promise them that I will be back at least every year, so that I can keep in touch with my Norwegian family. I have said it many times, my family in Kenya is a my biological family, they cannot run away from me and I cannot run from them. My family in Norway is a family I created, only me knows how special and important they are to me. Only me understands this. These are people whom I choose to bring into my life and I had a choice on who comes into my life.

Farewell Party

My Birthday Cake

Last Saturday, I had a huge party with most of my friends in Norway attending, and it was heart-moving.  Together with my friends, we had it worked quite well, that the party was going to be a birthday & farewell party combined. But this is what Norwegians refuted if the cake was anything to go by. It was such a special cake, with my image in it with the words “Happy Birthday and Welcome back”. I saw it and I was speechless. My former colleague, Olga a staff at the Gimlekollen School of Communication and Journalism had taken her time to bake this cake and I was simply lost of words. “Patience, this is all because you have been so special to all of us in Norway and we are not sending you back, we are welcoming you again, feel free to come back anytime! We all love you and we will miss your presence in Norway.” Said one of my friends. Finally, I realised I will have not one but 3 cakes, all sweet and many more gifts to follow.

My friends in Norway

Many people had great accolades and great wishes for my future  and I really felt humbled. “You know what Patience, this is not goodbye, this is see you later.,” said Nils. At around 8.30pm the party was coming to an end and now the greatest challenge was to clean the house, park everything in order, ready for a morning flight. I had my friends all night long who actually had to help me clear the house!! Thank you to you all, I am grateful, we managed and I made it on time for the flight. That night, I didn’t sleep for a minute so I slept all the way to Nairobi.


On reaching home, it has been a wonderful experience. Met by my cousins at the airport, together with some of my friends, it was such a joy. To be able to experience Kenya again, to meet my family, relatives and friends.

With Family at Nairobi Kenya

I am loving the attention I am getting on my home-coming, I am sure it might not take so long before they are used to me being back, but I am enjoying it while it lasts. I am still in Nairobi, heading to my rural home Taita in a days time and I cannot wait to celebrate Christmas with my entire family, it is going to be a special moment, especially after a long time since I was home for Christmas.

To my family in Norway, thank you for everything, thank you for the love and all the guidance you gave me throughout my stay in Norway, may God richly bless you. For all who touched my life in a special way, I am grateful. Life wouldn’t be the same without you and all the memories you have given me.


To my colleagues at Gimlekollen Media School, at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK, Fredriskopset Norway FK, my family at Misjonhuset and all my great friends at Kristiansand and in Norway at large, I am grateful. Thank you, Thank you!! I will soon write a special appreciation note to you all.

“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”


8 thoughts on “Safely Back Home!!

  1. Oh, the farewell party/birthday party looked so fun!! I´m sorry that I left earlier, but I really did not feel very well :s So nice to see you with your cousins at the picture, you look very happy! 😀 See you, Patience! I will follow your blog:) Hugs from Ann Therese and Stavanger

    1. Ann Therese, I am already missing you. I have your presents with me and soon will be hanging them on my house, hurray!!! Thank you so much, looking forward to seeing you soon!!! Stay well and lets keep in touch, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  2. Cry Baby karibu nyumbani. Namanya putu kolila mpaka kukadwalwa ni dilo kuko ndegenyi. Anyway karibu kisorongonyi the land of mapera and kimbungu.

    1. Hahhahahhah, cry baby!! Yes, goodbye is always the hardest thing for me to do, you know this very well, memories are made of such!!!! Thank you lwa kunikaribisha!! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  3. Home is home though it never be that homely! Welcome home , From our own correspondent, refresh your language, and all shall be well. home is freedom, home is love! leaving the familiar and nostalgic world of the Vikings, vinters , tinkerers and the unorthodox thinkers and coming home to the unfamiliar world of the paupers, the pompous and the unorthodox politics…that is the homely love!!!! Feel at home while you still adjusts to the stubborn memories and confront your yearlong homesickness!!!!!

    1. Yes Newtone, I have taken into account your sentiments! I will always visit your comments, just to remind myself of what you wrote! Thank you once more for your welcoming remarks, wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

  4. Dearest Patience,
    Thank God(Allah) you have arrived safely home! I wish you the best to take with from 2011 moi;) and the worst to leave behind: take your pick…God willing 2012 shall bring what we invest into it. Pray that you soon can adjust to that old familiar, right now unfamiliar feeling of being back home. From tomorrow on I am back on duty. Please find me regular on line.
    I was away and truly enjoyed my 2 weeks off duty in a totally strange environment. No demanding, no exacting, no adjustment. Only relaxing and enjoying being ALONE. All on my own. Take care among friends and family and remember: you can’t adjust to everyone. Stay focus on the essential Patience Nyange.
    Cheers, Marleen

    1. Hey Marleen,

      Hope this finds you well, I am good!! I am safely home and I have taken time to adjust to being back home. So far so good! I am happy that you had some time alone, I also did and I found it very fruitful. Thank you for your advise, I really needed it at such a time “You cant adjust to everyone, stay focused on the essentials!!” I am doing exactly that!!!

      All the best Marleen in the year 2012!!! With lots of love, Patience

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