Happy Birthday Patience!!

Birthday gift- Cake and "penis" salt & paper shakers!

It is my Birthday, yes it is!! I am thankful to God for a new year! This one is going to be an extremely special year for me,  that is certain, if this is anything to go by. At least I am assured of surprises and more laughter into my life!

I am still in shock!!

Just  like last year, I had everything planned out on how to write my Birthday blog, until it got to midnight and I lost focus. I simply cannot focus. The first two gifts, have left me speechless and I have no words, I will write next week. They came with instructions, “Carefully read this-Remember to empty before use.” *(Relax, this is just but a salt and a pepper shaker!)

“This is as a result of the Trekant program you have faithfully watched and blogged about. You will miss it in Kenya but here is remembrance that you were in Norway.” Said one of many abnormal girlfriends who have planning this, I guess for a long time!!

“Patience, don’t you think you are lucky to have us in your life, don’t you think your Kenyan friends will be jealous of your “normal” friends? Said another one, just to get me to talk. But no, I am still mum!

Birthday Cake!

I think I have been talking too much and this is a strategy to tell me, “It’s a new year, shut up Patience,” Yes, I have been speechless since the new day started! We will talk next week!!

“I am glad I only have a few hours before I get back to Kenya, that is where I belong!”

Happy Birthday Patience Nyange!!



9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Patience!!

  1. Happy happy belated birthday patience, may God grant as much as you wish for in your role as an enlightenment in the society around you.

    Talking of shutting up, that’s cowardly! Its good to talk as long as you talk nothing and end wasting your time making noise, but you can be assured you’re nowhere near that!

    I love reading from you, your blogs are exceptional because they rotate around our day to day life, especially the less discussed issues.
    In a few words, we don’t need a boring Patience back at home, we need a patience who has been to places and with tales to tell.
    Bring that positive change back home madam, those western traits.

    once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PATIENCE!!!!! 😀 Hipp, hipp, hurra! I wish you a lovely day, and I´ll see you tomorrow before 15.00. Looking forward to see you! Hugs from Ann Therese

  3. Hahahahaaaaa!…..a “penis”…..so funny.
    These girlfreinds of yours luv you so so so much……..thats true freindship.You have been so crucial into there lives,they cant figure out a second away from them…..thats why the crazy things.
    A happy birthday dear and wellcome back home.

  4. Remember that today many people are glad you were born. Wishing you a Happy Happy birthday. I wish you nothing but the best in years to come!

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