Slums: Poverty Exhibition in Africa!!

Ugali, Nyama kwa Kachumbari!


Beautiful Africa

Perceptions! Perceptions! Perceptions! I am looking forward to the day when we as human beings will look at each other as one despite the differences, colour, races, cultures and cultural upbringing. If only we accepted  that we all need each other in one way or another. This might not be a dream that will be achieved today, but just like Martin Luther King Jr said, “I have a dream,” yes, I have a dream too!!

One thing I have really enjoyed during my stay in Norway, is my class presentations with the students at the Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication, CSJC in Kristiansand. A number of times, I have had to do various presentation on issues to do with Kenya. I love to do such assignments, just to engage these students and try to find out their perceptions on my beloved country, Kenya and Africa at large.

Three weeks back, I received a mail from one of the lecturers “As you know, we are sending Journalism and Intercultural Communication students to East Africa every year.  A week before we go, we are having introductory lectures of various kinds.  I am wondering if you could come and give a talk on the subject: The Africa I Want You To See.  You can pretty much say whatever you want with a title like that.  You could include something about being a journalist in Kenya in your talk.…….” Read a mail extract.

Kenyan Chapati'´s

The Africa I Want You To See,” mmmm, sounds quite an easy presentation, so I thought! But when I sat down to structure my presentation, I actually realized I didn´t have much to think of. So I sought to find out from some of the students who had previously been to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia on the same programme, what did they think of Africa, did they have their expectations met? What do they remember most about their 4 weeks stay in Africa? What did they learn about being in Kenya?

Marketing Africa

That took me back to last year during our preparatory course as Fredskorpset participants (FK) together with my group members, we were assigned to talk about development issues especially in Africa. Our audience were Norwegian students aged between 14 to 18 years.  “What comes to your mind when you think about Africa? We asked! Amazing answers we received, that left me thinking, “Who is to blame for marketing Africa in such a way?

When Africa is mentioned, they see poverty, malnutritioned children, beggars, robbery, violence, they see lack! These are some of the key words that the students used to describe Africa. “I have heard and seen from the TV that most children in Africa do not have food, they have tattered clothes, they sleep under the bridges and they do not have parents.” Said one of the students. He went on to explain that every year together with his family, they collect clothes and food to help children in Africa.

St. Michael School, Mabatini

I can go on and on and on, actually I have had to go back to my notebook to see what these students said about Africa. I do not blame them, that is for a fact. They are right to describe Africa in such a way because that is the picture we have painted about Africa. I am taking this blame as a journalist.

The United Nations, UN, The Media, The Non-Governmental Organizations, NGO´s day in day out, strive to seek more and more funds to help this poor continent, and so because they have to appeal to the so-called developed countries, they continue to paint an exaggerated picture of what Africa is. This is good for them to achieve as per their visions. This pretty explains why we still have slums in Kenya after all the million shilling’s projects that have been set under slum rehabilitation schemes!

Norway, Richest Country

 “We went to Kibera slums during our stay in Kenya and I was so disturbed. I really didn´t see the point of us being there. For me, I felt sad especially when we did not do anything to help solve the situation, it was more of a poverty exhibition, I regret being there,” said one of my colleagues at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, (NRK) a former student at GSJC.

Slum Youth Acrobats in Mathare, Nairobi

I realize most of the students are actually bothered about being at the slums and seeing extreme poverty, of course I understand them. Norway is rated among the richest countries in the World, so to them such poverty is way too  extreme. This does not mean there are no poor people in Norway, no, the social welfare makes it possible for all the Norwegians to manage what I will call “ decent living standards” despite the high living costs.

“I am sure even those living in the slums are tired of seeing these white people, who seem to show a lot of sympathy yet they do not do much to help. On our last day in Kenya, we still had lots of Kenyan currency, so we asked our taxi driver to drop us by the supermarket, we shopped and then went to Mathare slums, where we randomly gave out all the shopping, it was a good feeling,” said a Norwegian who has been to Kenya on a 6 months internship.

Nyama Choma, Ugali & Kachumbari

Ok, then I asked myself, could there be something good about Kenya and Africa? By now I had an idea on how to structure my presentation. Your guess is as good as mine, I talked about all the good things in Kenya and gave some recommendations on what they should do and where they should go while in Kenya, what they should eat, of course I talked about the famous “Ugali kwa Nyama Choma.” I also emphasized about the friendly people they will meet in Kenya. I am pretty sure I did my best. Now, I only hope  that Kenya and Kenyans live to my expectations!

Mzungu Prices

“So when you think about going to Africa, do you have any worries?” I asked. That started a huge discussion. Some of the things they were worried about include, the pick pockets and robbery in Nairobi,  heavy and hot meals in Africa (remember Norwegian´s main food is bread and they eat it cold) they were worried about crossing the congested roads in Nairobi, about the “white man´ prices, (where they are expected to pay at least twice as much as the locals), about taxi drivers overcharging them and of being called Mzungu! *(I will explain this in my next blog post.)

At Mathare Slums in Nairobi

I totally understood their worries. We are human, we always tend to remember the bad and negative things and it is incredible how fast we forget the good and positive things. These students have heard of such stories from other Norwegians who have previously been to Africa and narrated their experiences on homecoming. The reason is, back in Africa we treat the whites (mzungu) a little special, so we overcharge them and rob them of their valuables. It happens, but not always. We do this with the assumption that they are rich and have plenty of money. Very wrong perception; ask me, now I know!

Anyone who thinks sitting in church can make you a Christian must also think that sitting in a garage can make you a car.”  Garrison Keillor


23 thoughts on “Slums: Poverty Exhibition in Africa!!

  1. as aproud kenyan, i really dont care whether american or europeans tours our poverty situations in our slums and feel “pity” for these urban poor, but as they will realise sooner than later, their generosity seem to be impressing these poor souls less than they do to antidumping campaigns of their surpluses….and also most of these poor souls cant stand their ignorance on matters simple like thinking that Africa is one country!!!they rarely admit that after touring our slums in the scorching midday sun, and getting kodak moments in the shanties in public, they later have a private high-old time on nature pleasure in our parks and propical beaches, in the privacy of their villas and closed doors!!!!Think of that patience!!!!!

    1. Newtone, I see your point! But, it is like I earlier said, we are humans and therefore we tend to overlook the good side and intentionally want to keep remembering the bad side of every situation. I have made it a point to overlook the tiny bits in life that make me feel miserable and always look for the positives and capitalize on that. That is where our strength is! Yes, many have private high-old time on nature pleasure in our parks and propical beaches, in the privacy of their villas and closed doors, but that is soon forgotten as slum life takes priority!! Think about it Newtone!!!!

  2. Facebook Conversation on this blog post!

    John Maghanga: African leaders a 2 blame 4 pple hving bad perception n da shit we a in recycyling of leaders n dictators clinging on power hv made it hard 4 vices leveled against hard 2 solve
    10 hours ago · LikeUnlike

    Patience Nyange: John Maghanga, but why do we recycle leaders? We elect them, after 5 years we can see for sure they have done nothing and yet we re-elect them into power. How does this happen?
    10 hours ago · LikeUnlike

    John Maghanga: Listen dea money is everything wazee a using it 2 there advantage+tribalism ,without change in our.mentality nothing change
    10 hours ago · LikeUnlike

    Patience Nyange: Ok, Ok, so in Kenya, money is everything! Even now we still believe in this. But as for me, money will never buy my vote, NEVER EVER!!!
    10 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1Loading…

    Orwa Jasony: KENYA / AFRICA is not what they think. they think Kenya is in south Africa.

    9 hours ago · LikeUnlike

    Goodman Kenstar|: I think inferiority complex is to blame for the problems in Africa, The way Africa is governed is defined by world bank, IMF, and Major powers like USA, Britain and France. take Libya as an example. it’s among the countries without a foreign debt but the libyan pple dont see that instead they allow themselves be manipulated by the so called democratic powers. The African media it self is corrupted by these powers and all what they show is designed to suit the interest of western powers.
    Western Europe has a good number of homeless people despite their governments having mega resources to cater for thier citizens but no single journalist talks about this. the number of unemployed youth in Britain quadraples that of libya but Cameron has the authority to judge the way Africans should be governed and the media is so silent about it yet they know the facts and figures.
    Our leaders are compromised and they cannot do anything to express their authority. if they try, then that is a problem and the west calls for regime change. all this is known by the media but they dont do anything to wright the wrongs about Africa. If the media(African) starts portraying Africa postively, then the negative perception about our continent will change. Africa also has stinking rich people that europeans envy but all the media does is to show children with running noses and torn clothes.
    Corruption can never be a problem yet great Nations like China and USA are built on corruption. i dont not condone the corrupt but corruption based on patriotism is very positive cos it promotes development. if one steals and builds a hotel or mall in their home area, it benefits the local populace in terms of employment and service delivery.
    9 hours ago · UnlikeLike · 1You like this.

    Diana Nelson Job Ets|: Hahahah Patience..making me have a forum in Norway was once asked if i use or know tap water…called a nigger near mision huset..and laughed and told the guy i pity him because he is the one who has a problem with my colour me am comfortable so have nothing to feel insulted….the major one was when i was asked if its true all kenyans live in baobab tree…hahahaha…the misconceptions are just grave…nyce article..go gal proud of you for sure
    6 hours ago · UnlikeLike · 1Loading…

    Patience Nyange: ‎Goodman Kenstar, I like your view about this. I totally do, especially your last part!! Yes, we are all to blame for these vices that we have continued to portray as the image of Africa. There is so much good stuff that can come from Africa, better things than would probably come out of Europe. Life is not about money, I still want to prove that money can´t make me happy!!! Diana Nelson Job Ets, I pity the man too. Once a Norwegian journalist came from an exchange program in Uganda and told us “I wish all Norwegians went to Africa and saw what Africa is all about. They seem to be asking me if I slept in thatched houses and if I slept with chicken and goats at the same house, how misinformed my people can be”. I didn´t answer her back!

  3. “but corruption based on patriotism is very positive cos it promotes development. if one steals and builds a hotel or mall in their home area, it benefits the local populace in terms of employment and service delivery.” What?????Patience, who is this guy Goodman Kenstar?????

  4. funny friend you have this one! Godamn Goodman Kenstar with your voodoo economics! Patience, he is from a lost generation, you got to grieve for such a brother! i wonder how many malls and hotels he already has, this friend of yours from Nordic mythological school of Valkyres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. you see how people in diaspora think? he can make a very good envoy to Afhganistan or colombia! am sure he wouldnt be welcomed in Norway, immediately the immigration officials realizes that Goodman Kenstar is a graduate from this school of thinking outside the box, he would be packed in the same box and sent back!!!Patience, can you poke him on our behalf!!

  6. Hahhahahahhaaha Newtone, I still think he has a good point and his school of thought has some good logic in it! Just think if we had like 5 more people thinking like him, don´t you think we would be somewhere far away? Just think about it Newtone!!!

  7. Newton or whatever your name is, i think your are so blund and out of touch with reality. Europeans are more corrupt than even Africans and if you want the facts i’ll provide them.( read “unibuss” that is a company running buses that operate in the greater Oslo district of Norway) do thoroogh research about the existence of USA and all the multinational companies that they own and how many people the Us government has purdoned yet they have been implicated in corruption scandals.
    All i was trying to say is that corruption is not the main problem affecting the progress of Africa but rather ignorence exibited by some people like you. Look at the level of corruption in Russia for instence, do you read the russian media?
    Some people embezzle money in a positive way that is why you see our brothers earning good wages at chelsea football club. but did abramovich get that money in a proper way? that is corruption cash which has had a positive impact not just in Russia and England but In Africa as well.
    What’s wrong with someone “misusing funds” to put up great projects that will directly benefit his people?

    Newton you are an obstacle to progress because you oppose the free mind and expression and i therefore think that people like you should cease to exist so that the world could have a free thinking population. May be the corrupt of Africa think of their stomachs not society like the rest do.

  8. sorry brother, i couldnt see any fact in your first paragraph of the above statement other than conspiracy theory full of wishful thinking and fiction so i will not talk about it…..
    am sure you know the economic and political history of russia, a Central command system of economy mixed with its communism. contrary to your theory that Russian orligachs like Abramovich got their massive wealth through “positive corruption based on patriotism”, but the fact is that with the break up of the soviet union in early 90s and the subsequent transformation of its economic system from centrally planned to market based, the windfall from unstabilities in market forces and volatility in the economy meant that people were able to make ECONOMIC PROFITS as opposed to NORMAL PROFITS…….and by the way because of corruption, Russia has the highest poverty levels in the industrialised world….and also am sure you’ve heard of russians submarines and other naval vessels sinking due to “positive corruption based on patriotism”
    i see you are from the school of simple utilitarian calculus that maximises happiness by whatever means possible even if it means distorting the pareto efficiency point….
    actually i dont oppose free mind, but i am worried when such free mind turns wild and the consequences thereon when such mind/thoughts are put into practice

  9. Hi Patience, just checking on you dear friend. I am really extremely busy right now. Did not even have the time to read the complete blog news. But while browsing through I stumbled on several interesting topics. Sex, poverty and corruption. Christmas holiday is coming up and i do hope to reserve at least one day for your blog news. The topics matches the issues discussed in various groups on face Book. Taboo&Cultural superstitious and such. No to Pulling Kenya out of the ICC treaty, my own group: Stop violence in Education and up-bringing. I can’t comment on the content of your blog, but this is to say: I see you i read some and am still here. Will make sure to post a reaction later in the month. Say hi to Mr Think about it. I read his advice on Julius Caesar(100 BC) born a moonchild/ Leader&dictator by birthrights , Crassus( 115 BC) and Pompey (born the 29the of September thus a Libra( a diplomat by right) I couldn’t find out Crassus exact date of birth. if I could, the choice would’ve been easily made. I only wonder which of us their incarnation spiritual soul have chosen to continue their earthly present lives. Something to definitely think about….or to accept for what it’s worth. Take care y’all and have a blessed day, Marleen

  10. newton Well, since you have chosen to stay blind and choose one side of the coin, i cannot reason with you beyond my expectation. You elaborate the level of poverty in Russia being worse than in any other industrialised nation but that is because you only follow the news on CNN, FOX NEWS, BBC, SKY etc.

    The so called model of democracy USA and by the way i still insist they progressed on rampant Corruption and you know the facts but just because you have may be been corrupted by their media influence, you just ignore their actions. unless i misunderstood the definition of corruption from the days i did a paper about African Nationalism. i know corruption is a relative word and you have only decided to dwell on the political corruption and do away with other forms of Corruption.

    In recent years, USA was exposed thanks to mother nature’s unpredictability. you saw yourself what happened in New Orleans.. the level of poverty that was exposed was beyond human imagination. The world was so stunned and could not believe their eyes that US citizens suffered and impoverished in poverty like that. You know of the projects in New york and they have only one difference with African slums. i.e they have high rise blocks but the crime rate and level of unemployment could be more than that of Kibera(Nairobi) and Kisenyi( Kampala) Imagine if one minister steals from government and erects a five star hotel, a mall or organised and affordable housing projects in the so called slums and he directly trains and employs the local populace? the inhabitants of the mentioned areas would regard him a hero as opposed to what you would call him.

    This forum is about discussion unless you dont know what discussion is but to my surprise, you chose not to look at the other side of the coin and came up with all sorts of insults but the truth is i am above you and i wont sink to your level. Corruption has many positives that should not be ignored and i dont think it’s the reoson we have un imaginable poverty in some parts of Africa. It’s a responsibility of every African to join hands and fight poverty and it has to be fought thru bad and good means provided the ordinary person benefits from this fight. Our African politicians only fight corruption to have a good image politicaly but they do not transform the living standards of their fellow citizens that is why some countries without any resources do better than others. if we take DR Congo as a case study, even if that country had zero levels of corruption, it would still be 80 years behind Kenya. have you been there yet if not visit that country but do you want to tell me that the level of poverty in Congo is worse than that of India? How about the disorganisation in Congo? Is Congo more corrupt than Kenya how come Tanzania which is far less corrupt compared to Kenya is still far behind yet they are not land locked and have never faced political instability in post independence Tanzania? i therefore conclude that corruption is not the problem but the willingness to transform. even you are not corrupt but you dont provide the mechanisms to tranform your country like modernising agriculture, Education, roads, better health care, inovative measures to creat employment, better housing projects at subsdised levels, well equiped and trained media, etc all these lack in Africa and people like you dwell on corruption.

  11. Look at the public expenditure most African countries have? Kenya has more ministers and MPs compared to Gemany and instead of using the available resources on improving the standards and living condition, the money is spent on salaries and bonuses to these useless politicians on the expence of the taxi payer and ordinary people. In Norway most politicians take public transport but In Kenya and Uganda, they have a fleet of four wheel drive fuel consuming monsters and the government pays all that.

    The media in the region has never condemned this but they rather focus on petty issues like corruption which is by the way done by few individuals who have access to that money.

    1. It is said “If you can´t beat them, join them” I am stuck, I really do not know whether to join in this debate or rest my case here. I think I am enjoying this discussion and I would probably let it continue as it is. Ok, good people, go on, I am taking notes!! I love your thinking and your varied thoughts!!

  12. i see my friend has come out guns-blazing, so maybe i should declare a cease-fire before i run-out of ammos..but just before that, sorry ken Goodman aka Kenstar for your perception that my comments were insults-far from it!…….back to business..
    after soul searching i still cannot find how stealing public funds or proceeds of corruption can rejuvenate an ailing economy, and i may also add that your perception on corruption is narrow, you forget the bigger picture which is the welfare of the whole taxpayers that should be maximised and not a few lucky few who are privilleged enough to get their sticky and itchy fingers in the public coffers….
    first paragraph first, ofcourse i love the BBC, and so does Putin
    2nd paragraph…i think corruption is an economic crime rather than political because resources are not optimally used and/or they are not used by the people who most need it and at the time they need it. siphoning money meant to build a pipeline from a port city to the mainland and taking the loot to build a private shopping mall reduces a country’s competitiveness in doing business and increases cost of doing business, which a macro problem for the whole country as opposed to the micro benefit few people will get from new employment positions at the mall….
    third paragraph…am sure you talking about hurricane Katrina…am sure the alarm that was raised after the disaster of Katrina in Louisiana New orleans and Mississippi was the slow response by the federal government and not because someone was corrupt, the fedral government has so seek the authority of the state government before it can intervene in such emergences. the blacks down south were the victim of historical injustices generations after generations, and so it was quite expected that they hadnt any means by themselves to fight Katrina.
    so if a minister steals and builds a five star hotel in the slums, wont he have given the locals jobs? funny, funny! think of this, how many people will benefit directly from the hotel, say 100 people are employed! and then what? a slum is made up of hundreds of thousands of people! so how do others benefit from this stolen money? compare that with if the money had been channeled to equip or build a new public hospital, accesible to every slumdweller? you see, the idea is macro thinking as opposed to micro…
    fourth paragraph….corruption in DRC! you say that if DRC had not been corrupt, it would still be 80 yrs behind kenya! you certainly aint correct there! the loot of the DRC minerals by broke and poor regimes and armies from Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi and the proceeds from the blood diamonds has made DRC poor as it is now. the capacity in DRC is enormous, the export potential from its mines is double what kenya can export….recently the jacob zuma was in DRC to sign a memorandum of understanding for a multi billion dollar Grand Inga Hydro-Electric Power project in Kinshasa,hydroelectric power on river congo, with potential to supply electricity to 500 million people, more than half of africa’s population, the largest of such kind outside of china!!
    this is positive perception of DRC as corruption lowers, foreign direct investment increases……..forget corruption based on patriotism, this is the real deal for africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hahahahaha newton you have them theory facts but not what is on the ground. i’ll give an example of Uganda where ministers have been implicated in corruption scandals and alleged bribes from oil companies that wanted to win contracts. the mentioned guys are very loaded and loved in their respective consitituents. These guys have not stolen from government coffers neither has the accuser provided credible evidence to bark the allegations but let’s imagine these guys got the millions as alleged. the country would still benefit from oil revenues that would in turn provide better infrastracture, provision of jobs to the technocrats and the locals and by jobs i dont mean those who are directly employed by the oil companies, but rather the roadside retailers, transporters, tourism etc.

    You and Putin loving the BBC is not wrong i watch it as well but the information aired is usually partial and biased. The BBC never shows the evils of the west but the rather poke their noses on how other countries are doing. let’s take an example of Libya, we know the previous regime had corrupt pple but it is also true that they did not have a foreign debt and all the oil money was channeled to the Libyan fund. more to that the unemployed got a full scale salary and that is the envy of the west cos they are not in position to provide that.

    On the issue of malls where by you think it will benefit only one hundred families, u r wrong. the direct employees could be 100, but you forget of the supliers, the retailers who will rent outlets in this mall thus employing more, the flow of people from outside who will in turn buy food prepared by the locals, better infrastructure like a road etc. when i talked of Katrina, i wanted to stress that even in the so called corrupt free countries, there is abject poverty and slums.
    the level of corruption goes hand in hand with the advancement of the country. in Europe corruption is at the top where companies are vying for tenders and contracts in various aspects. In the US, governors are given gold coins in return for government contracts. others like governor rowland allowed private corporations to renovate his cottage while in Africa which is still on the level of transformation, Aid money is usually channeled to other things by the greedy politicians who i call patriotic because they want to provide good things in their home areas. most African economies are centred in their respective capitals e.g Ethiopia which has nothing outside of Addis but a kalenjin from Kenya would still yes but build an architectural impressive buiding in Eldoret and a great mall. in the long term, that would attract potential investors to come and invest in Eldoret. you did not tell me why Tanzania is poorer than Kenya yet Tanzania is less corrupt. on Congo You cannot blame Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi but the congolese themselves. They are not enlightened like other people in the great lakes region. a congolese would be very proud to stay in a grass thatches hut while having Gucci watch, BMW car and other useless luxuries. In Kenya a luo would be very contented by being a slave of the government by occupying a government office and staying in a government house. But a muganda from Uganda, would want to be his own boss by starting up several enterprenual businesses and living in his own mansion. we cannot blame the corrupt when we still have these primitive mentalities all we need as africans to be focused and competitive.

    Look at the Education level in Africa and by education i mean being enlightened not having university degrees cos the inovative brains of this world dont have university degrees i.e Bill Gates and steve jobbs. where as in Kenya they would encourage one to be a lawyer, in Norway they would tell one to go to a vocational institution thus increasing the level of inovation in the country.
    you did not tell me on how to reduce on the huge public expenditure that most African governments have. i mean before we look at the evil of corruption. which i do not condone by the way we should find mechanisms that will help to reduce poverty. like tell our politicians to look at politics as a means of providing services rather than a means of getting a good pay check.

  14. am glad you’ve finally laughed a little….first paragraph, when government ministers influence awarding of oil contracts, instead of a competitive bidding, and thereafter gets a kickback, it means the people who gets the contract may may have the technical and commercial ability to undertake such a project and most likely will deliver an inferior and substandard output with no value for the taxpayers money. in the long run, output level may become unsustainable hence requiring further funding. a project that could have cost 10 million dollars ends up costing 30 million.the difference, 20 million is an opportunity cost lost that could have build build a heath facility somewhere…..
    2nd Paragraph……am sure you wouldnt compare the BBC with interfax or xinhua when it comes to accurate reporting, lets not even go there….
    3rd paragraph….malls, malls and hotel….ok so when a government allocates a billion shillings each to area A and area B build hospitals. and so a corrupt adminstrator somewhere corruptly aquires the 1 billion meant for area B and uses it to build a private hotel in his hometown, which happens to be in area A. the utility derived from this private hotel cannever equate to the loss in development that people from area B will incur! and also by diverting money meant for this area, people of B will lose the right to public service, as since they too are taxpayers! so, will there be spartial equity in development?if stealing public money to finance private projets in one’s home area, and please HIS PEOPLE is good, then what would happen if every person in position took that opportunity????!!!Kleptokracy!!!!
    Tanzania is less corrupt than kenya, very true….but am sure you know nyerere and his Ujamaa policy after independence failed miserably……
    you cannot blame DRC for the looting of its mineral wealth by Museveni and Kagame, instead ask yourself what has museveni done with this proceeds from corruption??patience, can you declare your stand and stop laughing on the sides??????

  15. One of the most brilliant minds that ever lived, Albert Einstein, established that we cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results. Thus, if we must have Transformation (and we will have it) there must be changes in how we do things. we cannot dwell on corruption a means to Africa’s failure.

  16. You know, you two, Newtone and Goodman, I realised if I poped in in your discussion, I would have messed you up. I love your thinking and as I said before, if you cannot beat them join them, I just couldn´t do so. I just watched as these comments came in and left me in laughter. My simple motto, I am working hard to be the change I wanna see in this world, so for me, I am not in corruption at all! No corruption at all!!

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