Do You Understand Sex??


The presenters, Benjamin, Johanna, Even

I blogged immediately after watching this program on Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK3.)  I am talking about a reality show named Trekant! This is one show that has challenged my Africanness and I am being honest about it. On the NRK´s webpage, this is what explains the show-Do you understand sex? Three presenters  Even, Johanna and Benjamin will learn how the sexual organs work, what people are doing to improve them, and not least about orgasm.

The Presenters, Benjamin, (L)Johanna & Even

I first heard about it from my friends who were curious to know my thoughts about this program. They asked me to follow it up online and more specifically to watch last nights episode. “This week it´s all about the sex of the triangle, orgasm a topic we write about and debate almost indefinitely,” read a statement on the webpage.

Norwegians have had different comments on this show, almost everyone has talked about it in one way or another. Parents, youths, the Christian leaders and Christians especially those from the Bible belt (Kristiansand), Newspapers and tabloids, bloggers and last nights episode was probably the climax of them all,  I think at least of the episodes that have gone on air.

I hope you get to understand my reactions about this program based on my cultural orientation. You can be sure such a program will NEVER ever be aired on a Kenyan Television. At least not when I am still alive. Maybe during my great grandchildren´s era. I am always reminded that we in Africa, are probably where Norway was, about 60 years back. Which I now agree, if I am to make my judgement based on this particular TV program.

Very Historical

At the Penis Doctor.

Two of my Norwegian friends had already volunteered to watch the program with us, my housemate and I. So they came to our house, one reason is they needed to translate to us when we seem lost during last nights episode. “Before we watch this, I must say that today´s show is very historical on a Norwegian TV. It is the very first time we are having such a program especially on a national broadcaster. So note that it does not represent what Norway is all about, at least not the views of most Norwegians,” said one of them. She informs us of the controversy and debate that has surrounded this program.

I am carefully glued on TV, at 9.30pm Norwegian time at least for the next 49 minutes. NRK has actually recorded that this is currently the most watched NRK TV program on the net. The three presenters perform different tasks. Johanna is 21 years with a straight orientation, she shares a secret on the NRK´s webpage (I have a piercing in tits). Benjamin is 20 years with gay orientation and he shares his sex tips on the webpage (Take it easy, not analysis. Sex is natural and delicious, not brain surgery). Then, there is Even, who is 20 years with a heterosexual orientation, and he shares his little secret too *(I sleep naked).

At the waxing Clinic

Ok, so now you know that these 3 presenters are actually in their early 20´s. (20, 20 and 21). This is where my problem begins. 20 year olds, what are they telling people about sex? At only 20, I am looking at them as my younger brothers and sisters and of course very inexperienced in life in general. (Understand my naivety based on my cultural background), but hey, this is Europe. I am in total shock as I watch this show! You should have seen the gaze on my face. I am only taking concern of the various pictures I need to take throughout the show, but the rest of the time, I am speechless.

Not so long, my phone rings,*(And I shout, no-no not now!! ) I check who is calling? One of my African friends, then I pick up and he says, “Please watch NRK 3”. You get the point as to why all of us as Africans thought, ok, this was a bit too much. I am imagining the same showing on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation at 9.30pm.

Cultural Orientation

We have talked about it in different contexts and how our parents find it embarrassing watching TV series with their children, especially when it gets to kissing scenes. You can see how they want to leave the living room. Not so long, I was at my aunt’s place, with her two daughters *( 22 & 24), and there was this soap opera that they loved to watch and when it got to the kissing scenes, she always said, “Please change the channel, I would like to see what is happening on the other channel.” Once one of the girls made an outburst, “No mum, enough of you asking us to change the channel all the time they are kissing, what is so special with the two kissing?” Hope you get my point.

So these presenters last night had different assignments and everything was very illustrative, and I mean very illustrative. Though they looked bold, they explained about how nervous they felt before and even during the whole process.  Johanna is visiting a sexologist.

With the sexologist,orgasm tips

“My mission this week was that I was going to go for orgasm courses. As soon as I got the text, I was nervous, not knowing quite what to expect. The secret is that I have not had an orgasm before, and now I get a chance to do something about it,” read Johanna´s diary on Trekant, NRK3´s webpage.

“When I got there, I was going to meet Betty Dodson who is a famous orgasm doctor from New York. Betty would teach me how to take myself and where the focus should be”. Adds Johanna. Therefore, this was all shown on the TV, from point A to Z, uncensored at all! Unbelievable. (With my passion for media, not even for a million Norwegian Kroner, I will NEVER participate in such a show as the presenter, but I am ready to be the idea behind such a show especially in Kenya.)

I am happy we are all different with different guts in life! Sexologist advisor Stine Kuhle, has a her comments in bold “Hands are our most important tools, if it using fingers on the women’s clitoris, head on a soft, wet and quick way that makes most women orgasm easier,” advises Kuhle Hansen.

Penis Doctor

Even, at the Penis Doctor

Even, has an assignment on gender and he is commissioned to go to the penis doctor. “My God, so little cool! I have been checked before and so there was no stress, but what if something is wrong and it comes on TV, he shares his worry on his diary at the NRK´s webpage.

“My worst nightmare must be something “down there”, if not as it should be. If one breaks his left arm, so it is like plaster and rest, then the right again. But what about your dick? If one is sick on the vagina? Diseases, symptoms and treatments, I do not know very much about it even though everything is seemingly good, than it should be? It is manhood somehow, that if something down there is not as it should be…It is off”.

On the TV show, we see him at the doctor, and he goes through lessons with the doctor who explains different things emphasis being not on the size of the penis but how to use the organ in the right way. “As I sat in the waiting room I was very nervous. But after being told that I have a “normal Norwegian labor dick”, I breathed a sigh of relief.” Total incredible for this Kenyan girl!

To pierce or not to!

Pierced penis

Then, we have Benjamin. He had quite a peculiar assignment. I am informed this is because of the on-going debate about many men having quite huge fascination on whether or not to pierce their organs, shave or not to and  generally about the performance of their organs. (read penis)

“The tour venues throughout Oslo was really quite cool! I got to see a guy get his cock pierced, learned about how to improve his sexual organ and I got an intimate wax! Got scared, but hey free waxing is hard to say no to, even though it was very painful and there is some persistent pain!”

On the TV, we see all this process. I am still in disbelief. Immediately the show ends, we sit down to discuss about it, the ethical implications involved in such a show, the reality of the show, the essence of the show, the Christians in Norway take on the show, Norwegian´s in general: their opinion on the same and my reactions to it as an African Christian girl, with a bit strict morals I would say, (as perceived by many and I hear that could be one of the reasons that the lady presenter is  a black Norwegian). My friends once more insisted, “ Patience, as we said before, this is very historical, even for us Norwegians. Many people are watching this show in secret and would not admit to have watched it, ask people around tomorrow and get back to me. It is quite embarrassing we will say,” remarked one of my friends.

At the sexologist explaining masturbation.

I get to the office this morning and I ask my male colleagues about it and they laugh at me, “Come on, what was shocking on that program, huh? Don´t people masturbate in Kenya? Welcome to Norway, this is real life.” You should know I am still in shock!

“ You know last night at 9.30pm when the show started, I really wanted to switch off the TV, I really tried but, believe me, I could not see the off button, not at all. I always know where it was but not last night. I tried to unplug my TV socket, I struggled but in vain, so I had to watch it until it came to an end, and so did you I guess.” Said another one amidst heavy laughter.

I liked the show, that’s a fact *(I will explain why) though I have a few reservations on the same. I am collecting my reactions on this show, feel free to tell me what you think. Read part two of this blog post next week on Tuesday!

Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Here is one of the You Tube clip attached to the NRK´s webpage in connection to last night´s episode.


35 thoughts on “Do You Understand Sex??

  1. Its alittle out of this world but I don’t mind getting to enlighten myself. It might add an ingredient or two in my sex life, who knows? waiting for some.

    1. Great, thank you for seeing it from that angle.That is the same way, I thought about it! I found it very educating, at the same time I was thinking in my head, guess this is a bit too much!! Thank you Sam for reading my blog post!!!

  2. That was an interesting blog….very insightful indeed hmmmmmn. May be you could find out what are people’s perspective about sex. Media is a tricky communication tool, and it does not help to find out what the rest are thinking. Why do people act so wierd when talking about sex, or watching soap opera’s that have some sexual content? My guess is, as much as we are in need of enlightenment and wish that sex would not be treated as a taboo, at the back of our mind, sex is a discreet, special, intimate thing that is between a man and a woman. I am talking about safe sex, marital sex. I do not believe that sex outside marriage or premarital sex is a good thing. On the other hand, we have overrated sex that we do not seem to know sex from the other ‘sex’ and do not know what to tell people. Thanks for the blog.

    1. Vivian, thank you for the feedback. Yes, sex is quite overrated, especially in our society. I agree with you sex should be discreet, special, initimate between a married man and a woman, but that is not the case all the time! So why do we keep quite and assume we do not want to talk about it? I really do not know! Will see what I can come up with in my next blog!

    1. Yes, and daring is quite understatement! For me I still want to believe it is quite educating having such a show on air, at least in Norway! We as Africans, we are still quite shy about such things!!!

  3. Ok i had to tell my colleague at work what i was reading when he found me engrossed on your blog- lest he thought i was in some porn site. That aside, i think i am perplexed, such a programme might not see the light of the day here at least for now, however i Must confess we need such information

  4. Ha ahhahahhaha John Juma, I can’t stop laughing at your comment above. How funny of you. Now you can imagine of all the live content I saw, how incredible!!! You are only viewing just photos on a blog and you are concerned about your colleague! Lol, it is called cultural differences! Yes, I agree with you, we need such information at least to save the next generation!

  5. Oooh dear!! Really, Patience Nyange, aare you writing more than what you saw or what you saw exceeds what you can write! Oh dear Patience today you ve bewitched me!!sex-positive liberals, these norwegians are!!!such program on KBC,never!!!Ouch, arent some of this practicals painful? i thought piercing is only on the ears, why would a MAN damage himself down under, and ring himself like that! doesnt it become useless?Ouch!Hoh! and what does “normal Norwegian labor dick” mean?Patience, i hope none of your friends tried that at home!!!al in all, i have just learnt something very important which may be very useful in my life…think about that Patience!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha Newtone, you know you are funny.Still, I can feel your pain. Yes, I am writing less than what I saw. I could feel the pain as they did the piercing, but as I said, it is cultural differences my friend. Strange things happen in different places and every other day, I wake up thanking God that He gave me a chance to come to Norway! Think about it Newtone!!

      1. It was great reading your blog lady P.There is a lot to learn about sex.By the way currently most marriages seem not to work and the underlying problem is sex.The orgasm is the greatest challenge because most men do not ensure their women reach orgasm.Looking forward to more next week.

  6. if thats whats norwegians are Patience, i think there is nothing you are missing in kenya. its more of super-cultural difference than you are wont to admit….but as you said it yourself….”I am carefully glued on TV”….so i guess the shock was worthy your time, and thats whats matters! Bravo , once again Patience! Think and Dream about it Patience!

    1. Newtone, so what do you want me to dream about as far as this blog post is concerned? Dream about the pain? Mmmmm, not sure about that! Yes, this was super-cultural difference and I say it was the climax of my cultural differences in Norway! It was a learning process for me, so I was carefully glued on TV….Think about it!

  7. I have a feeling I’m craving for what you’re withholding out what you saw and heard on that program. My intuition tells me you narrated the story selectively out of fear of a backlash from your back here at home. Can you just go back to the drawing board and put it in black and white?

    1. Samuel, you are right! As I said, I watched the show as an African girl and in some incidents, I almost closed my eyes. You get my point? I will give my personal opinions to the same on my next weeks blog. I knew I will receive a backlash from my people there, but I realize I am too old now for such worries. I am loving the freedom to air my opinions as I can, it is a process, it doesn´t just happen. Read my quote at the end of my blog post again!

  8. this is quite shocking!!!should it be aired on kenyan televisions at 7.30pm it will be a bizzare!!!..i cant imagine the heywire for both parents and them children!!this is quite a show!! like you’v said kenya will come to this point and if it does maybe in the nexy 60years or so to come..i cant wait to read next weeks bila words really….

    1. Price Mabula Matano, that tells you how far away we are even in our thinking. This country has embrassed the fact that as delicate as it can be, it is important to talk openly about sex and save the next generation. Tell them as it is! Yes, as you say you are without words, that is the same way I felt as I watched the show! Thank you for reading my blog!

  9. Patience,dnt u thnk dat is porn?man,i dnt thnk it shld aired in any station.thats only 4 da married ppl!nkt!

    1. Snave, in my own understanding, it was not porn, just illustrative way of passing the message to the targetted audience, which is the youth! In our current generation, sex has not only reserved for the married,(that is the bitter reality) so it is important to tell it to the people as it is. I was happy that the experts were experienced doctors, which to me was quite good!

  10. …a little overboard I should say. They are called “private parts” for a valid reason. And for that reason they aught to treated with honor. The lessons should be in private. Not on National TV for crying out loud. However, what can one expect of Europe?

    For the Christian seeking truth on the place of sex, there are good resource compiled by authors like Lester Sumrall, Derek Prince among others. Sex in its rightful context is awesome, the closest thing to an experience of heaven, but I wouldn’t advocate for such outlandish shows…

    Hey Patience, I was just thinking: when deception crafted from the bottom of the pit comes upon the living, it does not announce itself as being deception. Slowly but surely the target [mankind] begins to give room to it. 1st they give no hoot, then say its not that bad and before one realizes, they going on parading their sacred endowments…

  11. Patience, i think you’ve stirred the hornet ‘s nest! but then somethings dont need make up! am sure God made them ugly( if indeed they are) so that they can be long lasting!!and so, what is not to be seen during daytime, need not to be given “ear rings” and also the best way of knowing how big (or the sea route to) carlifonia is is to personally go to carlifonia and explore yourself like Christopher Culumbus did!!!think about that Patience!!!

    1. Ugly? Ha ha ha ha, is that why they need makeup? Yes, I like Christopher Culumbus, for my own personal reasons, you can think about it and see which reasons these could be! So think about that Newtone!

  12. Honestly I’m just loving the differing views here. The man of God just gave me another insight that I think should not be ignored, particularly bearing in mind those presenting the program were not not people of sexual orientation as far as I’m concerned religiously. Let’s say I will pick what matters to me and say to hell with the rest. Also I do not think that should not be used to gauge how behind we’re are from the west. As for patience, thanks for keeping us upto date with the west.

    1. Sam, thank you for your kind words and thank you for reading my blog.I am happy that you can make the decision for yourself on what to pick and what to leave out. That is exactly what I did, I watched the program and I made my views on it and I immediately made a decision, there is so much I can learn out of it and there is so much I can leave out.One thing that challenged me was the fact that yes, sex education is very important, but to who and how should it be passed to the masses? Think about it Sam.

  13. am glad you like Christopher Columbus, is it that you like him because of his conquest or because he was not female and/or because his other name was/is Willy! Aha? and by the way, While sailing across the atlantic ocean, Columbus wasnt worried about the size of his oars, but how to effectively use it to reach the the other end of the shores!!!Think of that Patience Nyange!!!

    1. Newtone, I like Christopher Columbus so much more and of course to mention his conquest and his zeal. He was not worried at all about the size of his oars but he used it to his advantage. You see, it is like this a pessimist sees the difficulty in every situation,an optimistic person sees the opportunity in every situation. So yes, I love Chirstopher Columbus, I am always seeking his wisdom time and time! Think about it Newtone!

  14. How true it is that we’re worlds apart literaly. Do they e really air that on national television? What about parental control? It would be great if we handled sex issues openly but this should be done with some age restrictions. The culture shocks must be enormous.

    1. Edd, now I wonder whether you doubt me in this. One, yes it is aired on a national broadcaster- Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK3 at 9.30pm. And yes we are worlds apart, way apart that is both in reality and literally. One of the reason they are showing this show on TV is to teach the realities of sex, they have accepted that many youths are having sex and now they need to deal with that. Which is good, I will say, prevents many pitfalls in the future! The cultures shocks have trully been enormous but I am managing well!!


    1. John, many reasons led to the invention of the program and education was of course one of it. One of the reason they are showing this show on TV is to teach the realities of sex, they have accepted that many youths are having sex and now they need to deal with that. Which is good, I will say, prevents many pitfalls in the future! As for your many questions, I will seek to answer that on my next blog, read it on Tuesday. Thank you for reading my blog and leaving your comments.


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