Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!


Weekend expedition in Denmark

I look forward to my weekends, one reason is simply because I just wanna rest after a busy week. But what happens when I wake up on Monday and I am feeling so tired? Many things would have probably happened and one thing is obvious,weekends with my girls!

Yes, life is too serious as it is and a little more fun makes it worthy living and looking forward to a future that looks bright. “What´s the plan this weekend, anything in mind? Some traveling or cooking or a movie or just some little girlish gossips?” This will probably be one of my friends asking?

One thing that I knew for sure I will miss while in Norway, is the sleep overs with my friends back at home. Not so long and my friends started sending me messages, “Come back we miss sleep overs at your place,” and of course I longed to either go back or transfer them all to Norway and we could do the same here.

Skagen expedition in Denmark.

I rarely visit people, I am guilty of that, but I don´t know how but somehow I have managed to have my friends visit me almost all weekends. “ Don´t you ever get tired of asking people to visit you and hosting people almost all weekends, when do you every get time with yourself?” my mum will always ask me.

I find it easy to host people, reason being, I really do not like the feeling of being a guest at someones place. I want to feel at home as much as I can, move around and just be me. “I am happy with this arrangement, I get to visit you always simply because I don´t like hosting people at my place. If I have to meet my friends, then I ask them to meet me in town, restaurants and coffee shops or at the parks,” said one of my girlfriends in Norway. “So be assured I will be popping by all the time, now that you are so good at inviting people.”


In preparation of Taco!

I love to cook and experiment with different foods, good to mention that now I can make Norwegian meals (read bread and salads). Yes, bread with brown cheese, with greens and sliced eggs and I have my lunch. I want to have my friends over to teach me new foods, step by step, at times we have had to use a cookery book but that´s still fine.

Last weekend we had it all planned out and of course I insist the weekend  plan has to be at our place together with my Ugandan housemate. “ Ok, Patience, we will come over to your place. Yes, I will teach you how to make Taco, it is a Mexican dish, very common in most Norwegian houses over the weekends, on Fridays and Saturdays, said Ann Therese!”

Taco ingredients.

Having settled on that, she goes ahead to mention “I will come along with Karen, and remember I will bring all the Taco ingredients, plus we have watch the final episode of “Skal vi danse” so make sure your TV connects to TV2.” This is almost a similar version of the reality TV “Dance with the star.” I am sure she has noticed that we always watch Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation NRK’s channels, not by choice but by perfect design, we work for NRK and so, it is just a matter of being in love with this media house.

So 6pm these two girls are here, background music by Ugandan´s finnest DJ, is playing…”Girls just wanna have fun,” Hahahahaha, I call her the DJ because she takes charge when it comes to music, TV and electronics in our house. “Good to see you, ready for Taco?” Asks Ann Therese. We do a little catching up after a few days of not having seen each other, (read we talk more about the changing weather).

´Skal vi danse’

Taco ready for serving!

Then, step by step, we take different roles and put together the Taco dish, ensuring that it is ready before “Skal vi danse’ starts. I am quick to tell them that one of my friends in Oslo says that is a teenager’s show and wonders how big girls like us are so excited about watching it.

“Ha hahaha, how old is your friend? Mmmmm! Anyway, this is the final episode and I love one couple that I am sure will win, Atle and Marianne.” Atle has a hairstyle like mine and he is very handsome”. Said Karen.

Taco dish is ready and we eat leisurely, getting to know much about this food. “Different people make it differently, but is is very messy. Not something Ican recommend on a first date, no!” Said Ann Therese.

Girls struggling to eat Taco

Yes, we struggle to put everything on the soft Tortilla, as the dish seems to be spilling from one side to another and we have to keep doing it over and over again. “As I said, do not eat this on your first date, my dad doesn´t like it much, only eats it when he is invited to other homes and he always seems to be really enjoying it. Then, my mum is looking at him like… “Huh, thought you do not like Taco?” Adds Ann Therese.

We are then done with eating and now ready to watch the show. “Look at him, don´t you think he is gorgeous? I am sure he will win.” Said Karen during Atle and Marriane´s perfomance. True to Karen´s prediction the duet won against Kari and Egor.


Winners, Marianne(L)& Atle. Photo courtesy of

Then, we sat down and talked about it and now we thought we could watch something that had a little meaning to us as big girls now that the “Skal vi danse” was a teenager´s show! So we opt to watch a movie, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman.” Quite an old movie, 2005. A couple with a good marriage that seemed solid, actually begins to crumble when she discovers her husband’s intentions for divorce. I had watched it before but there was no harm in watching it again, after all, girls just wanna have fun on a weekend.

Many Norwegians believe that they struggle to speak English but this one was probably the best trial. “It always feels so nice being here, thank you for your hospital,” said Karen. Hahahhahhahahhahahhahha, we all laughed and we were quick to remind her, no girlfriend, the word is hospitality!!!!

Girls eating Taco

Investing in friendships and spending some time with friends, is one area that has taught me so much in life. I get to learn to live with other people, appreciate our cultural diversities and opinions. I cannot stop to imagine if we were all the same, of the same knowledge, backgrounds, exposure and opinions then life will be  quite boring! I am very grateful to all those who come to my life for different reasons and seasons and those that leave so as to create space for new ones.

A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.”William Shakespeare


6 thoughts on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!!

  1. Oh, so nice to read about our fantastic evening together! 🙂 Thanks alot for your hospitality (not hospital like someone though on saturday…hehehe). Anett and yourself are amazing girls, and in this time with alot of exams, it´s so good to laugh with you ( for those who didn´t know, we are laughing almost constantly) I like it! Have a great week my friend! Hugs from Ann Therese

    1. Ha ahahahhaha, and how did I forget to add that, yes Karen said …”Thank you for your hospital…..mmmmm, is it hospital?….ha ahhahhaha and we all laughed. Yes the word is hospitality! Thank you Ann Therese for adding so much fun into our stay here, it is always a pleasure to have you around. You are welcome again and again!! Hugs to you dear friend!!!

  2. Ohh looks so fun! I wish I have my girls here too. Thanks for stopping by! This blog is lovely, and you too! 🙂

    Hugs and kisses from KL, Malaysia.

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