Dreams and Dreamers ! OWMF

Aurelio & The Garifuna Soul Band

Music Festivals

Finally I get back to Kristiansand, after two weeks of missing in action. If only my bed could talk, then it would say, “Welcome back, you were dearly missed”.  It has been two weeks of attending World Music Festivals, my head rings music and more music. I see and hear people playing various instruments drums, guitars,flutes, Irimba, and many more. Then, I get back to the office this morning and now I have deadlines after deadlines!

Anouar Brahem from Tunisia

Oslo World Music Festival (OWMF) officially closed yesterday (Sunday) after 5 days of concerts that brought together people from different music fields with one common and major goal, to make people appreciate different cultures through music. Attending the festival were musicians from Africa, Asia, Latin America and of course Europe.

More than 15 different nations were represented in this years festival with DREAMS being the theme. Dreams? I thought to myself as I read the program sheet. What a theme? So why did the organizers decide on dreams?

“In our work with this year´s programme, we have gained inspiration from the festival´s theme: Dreams. All of us have both large and small dreams-as individuals, as fellow human beings, as artists, as nations. We carry our dreams with us through all phases of our lives,” said Alexandra  Archetti Stolen, the OWMF Director.

On Dreams & Aspirations

Presenting Jungelscenen

It was probably the best theme to challenge many people to dream and make their dreams a reality. Remember, if you can dream it, then you can have it. One writer, (which I seem to have forgotten) said, “It is one thing to have dreams and one thing to wake up and follow those dreams.” Many of us are stuck at the point of fear of going out and reaching our dreams. We are often guilty of stopping immediately after dreaming, one reason being, the fear of the unknown. We see a dead-end because we obey negative feelings within us that kill most of our dreams and aspirations which end up at the cemetery. “ The cemetery is definitely one of the richest place on earth, there lies many dreams unaccomplished.”

From Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) P2, we did present Jungelscenen which had three audiences, the Radio audience,  TV audience from the online streaming at nrk.no and the audience at Blå where we had live concerts from Diom De Kossa, Hanne Tveter and Nico D. All these had electrifying concerts once they were on stage.

NRK´s Nedland (left) and Arne(R)!

Together with my colleagues, we had a chance to see the whole production from the sound check to the actual performance. Artists and their band members running up and down, with lots of pressure to see that everything goes on as planned!

“Oh, we have a problem, we still cannot get the right output we expect at the mixer. We hope it works out well within the next hour,” said a frustrated band member during sound check. Pressure, pressure, pressure! So it happens everywhere! It reminds me of the TV or Radio pressure a few minutes before news bulletin. It happens all the time.

Stage Performance

Then, finally everything works well and musicians have to showcase their best. If only all the audiences attended these sound checks and rehearsals, then they would appreciate the artists differently, they will cheer and clap just to encourage and give them the support they need while they are on stage. I felt like the preparation always drained them bigtime.

NICO D on stage!

The OWMF was not only about music performances, on Saturday afternoon, a special conference dubbed “DREAM TALK” was held at the Nobel Peace Center which saw different people coming together for conversations about Faith, Hope and Dreams, and using Art to make a difference.

Here, I meet people who had something to say through their music or words, relief work or journalism, photography or video art. The common thing about all of them is that they are deeply committed to their work and have managed to create something for themselves and others. In short, they have made a difference.

I got another chance to participate in the live transmission of Jungeltelegrafen, NRK´s weekly world music show broadcasted on P2. This gave me a chance to meet some of the musicians that were attending the Dream Talk, among them Mahsa Vahdat, Rim Banna, Bakak Ziai and Jason Diakite (aka Timbuktu), a Swedish hip hop artist.

Dreams of the lost road. Dakhabrakha.

It was awesome being in Oslo, I got a chance time to meet my friends and had, really a great time. However,  I have said it before, Oslo reminds me of Nairobi, too many activities going around, too many people and especially this time round now that there was soccer finals, with competing teams > Brann (Bergen) and Ålesund. So sorry to all my friends in Bergen!

It is a new week, I am doing all I can to be part of the change I so wish to see in this world. So I am daring to dream, dreams of change!

Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.”Oscar Wilde,


15 thoughts on “Dreams and Dreamers ! OWMF

  1. Wow!! Just what I needed this morning. I remember a great comic once said: nothing wrong with having dreams, one has to wake up and make them happen! Thank you for this inspirational story. Keep on writing, I will be here to read your stories. Have a blessed day!

    1. Hey Marleen, yes, there is everything good with having dreams, but what matters most is how much we do to follow our dreams!! Thank you for reading my blog, will keep writing, I know you are reading!!!

  2. Oslo reminds you of Nairobi, Hah Patience, you mean the good side or the otherwise side of Nairobi? either way Nairobi is a beautiful place, summer or no summer. winter or no winter! as for dreams Patience, while i think they are harmless to have, it would be fairer for the dreamers to realise the words of Rudyard Kipling ” If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;…..Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man my son! “. So Patience Nyange, what do you think this classical English, Nobel Laureate in literature meant a centuary ago when he penned those words?Think of it?

    1. Newtone, I love to be challenged, just like you do always, but not at this time of the night! I read this and I admit I do not understand what this learned fellow meant when he penned those words. I am sure you have been thinking about it, kindly do enlighten me!
      Then about Oslo, yes it reminds me of Nairobi, many cars, too many activities, tall buildings, many people moving up and down, you know what city life is all about. When you live in Mombasa, you know what it feels to get to Nairobi even just for a weekend. That´s the same feeling I get when I go to Oslo! Regardless of all that, Nairobi is beautiful and so is Oslo. Patience

  3. OK, OK, OK Patience.All men ( and some women) dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible! now what it means ( i think) is that dreams should be the way to get to a certain goal not the means to get there…am sure Patience you that means are more important that ways! Do i make sense? whichever way Patience , think about it!!!!!

    1. Yes, Mr. Think about it!!!
      Thank you for enlightening me on this. I knew you would definitely do! Thank you for being gender sensitive, all MEN *(MEN &WOMEN) !! You can imagine if you did not specify that, what would have happened? Think about it!!!


  4. actually i dont think anything could have happened, in fact nothing coud happen, if i didnt specify that…absolutely nothing, Patience…

  5. This discussion between you and Mr Think reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. Am I living in a dreamworld or a make-believe world? Whether a make-believe-world is for children and a dreamworld belongs to writers and filmmakers I strongly believe that even the scientist who needs prove for every bit of scientific achievement once in a while nurtures his dreams to be of some benefit for this world. In his agony of always having to face the real harsh world he/she will escape in daydreaming cos all work and no “play”will turne him/her into dull men and women with their feet firmly planted down on earth. Mr Think about it,the world definitely need people like y but please live a little, travel a little and dare to dream a little. When Patience had the nerve to compare Oslo with Kenya it was no personal attack just her special way as a writer to visualize what she feels and experiences in another place. Please “dream-about-it”;))

    1. Marleen, you never stop amusing me with your worldview. Reminds me of my many hours with you to Nairobi, and it was evident that girl, you are widely travelled and learned! For all the insights you put in me, all the sharing you did, I never seem to forget about that!! That was probably one of my best flight encouters this far!! I am greatful. Mr. Think About It, I am happy you dreamt of attending a Nobel Award Ceremony in Oslo, Iwas there last Saturday for field work. I wonder and I am a little curious, who was receiving the award, you or me? Lets see that dream come to reality, remember if you can dream it, you can have it!! Think and keep dreaming about it!!

  6. Marleen Sijmor it is not that Mr. Think About It hates oslo, but that he loves Nairobi more……and talking of dreams, yesterday i dreamt that i attended a Nobel award ceremonY at Nobel Peace Centre, Oslo…you see, oslo is also in me!!!…Now even a bookish philosopher, who is at home with his theories,soon realizes, when opportunity chances him to be practical, that he is out of touch and passion with the interests of the average humanity. it reaches a time when people have to seperate themselves from the night/day time illusions, that dreams are…THINK ABOUT IT

  7. Patience thank you very much for your kind and beautiful words. I enjoyed acting the Jewish mother as you have the tendency to work too hard, Take it easy girl but keep on writing. Love it!

    1. Thank you Marleen! I am grateful that I can write and you can read and comment! Thank you once more, for finding time to always pope by. A friend of mine wrote me a mail today and signed off – All the best (is music). I loved this!!!

  8. Dear Mr Newtone,
    I didn’t read your hate for Nairobi between the lines but it pleases me more than I can express to read that you do love both Nairobi and Oslo. Nairobi is probably beautiful but I was occupied with other issues to really pay attention to it’s beauty. I highly appreciate your feedback on Rodin’s statue. When one “feels” too much we need a “thinker” around to balance the scale. Everything in it’s rightful time. In my profession I can not afford loosing my dreams cos I invent our children stories. “My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me all the world and exiles me from it” (source unknown)

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