Yngve, He is my True Inspiration (Part 3)

True Inspiration.

Yngve´s Birthday Cake

“Remarkable people to walk this earth! What could Yngve otherwise be, but every optimist true inspiration: you will get it when you see it, but first you must believe it’s there. I wish you both the best of friendship and please keep us posted with part 3 and 4. I am looking forward to reading your blog!” Read a comment from Marleen after posting the second part of the story “Yngve, He is my true Inspiration.”

Yngve and colleagues at NRK!

I laughed as I read the above comment and thought to myself, I think I have written enough about Yngve. Of course I could write part 3, 4 and even 5. He is a rare specie and I am happy that many people feel inspired by his story. “I once saw Yngve and his wife on the road crossing the road with their cute baby and that´s when I noticed the wife too was blind, I just wanted to shout…..Oh they are so sweet. That was incredible” said a colleague at the office.

On Tuesday, I received a call from Hannah, Yngves wife. “Patience, will you be at work on Thursday, it is Yngves birthday, I wanna bring him a surprise cake to the office so you can all celebrate with him, will you be there to pick me?” She asked.

“Of course yes, anytime, just give me a call when you are here, guess lunch time is the best time”. I replied. We set our date, I could feel tears in my eyes. As I already said, this couple touches my heart in such a very special way. I took a walk out of the office and to the coffee machine and I stood there watching Yngve at his work station, so tempted to kill the surprise!

Yngve´s Birthday

A piece of cake each!

Yesterday we marked Yngves birthday at work. At exactly 11.25am, his wife was already calling me and I left the office to meet her. A taxi dropped her outside the office and on one hand, was this big box of cake and on the other hand was her walking stick.

We went into the office, we had a little chat then she accompanied her husband upstairs to the lunch lounge. All this time, Yngve had no idea about the cake. One of our colleague had already taken it upstairs and we all headed for lunch without telling him a thing.

We leisurely took our lunch, therefore, this birthday cake was going to serve as a dessert. At a click, we signaled each other (of course they both did´t see this), then we stood up and sang a birthday song. You should have seen the surprise on his face, it worked. Then, we explained to him about the cake that we were about to eat and wished him a lovely birthday.

Happy Birthday to you.....!

One by one, we had a share of the cake and what else can I say, “Happy Birthday dear Yngve! May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and many more returns coming your way! Enjoy”.

“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”
Eleanor Roosevelt


4 thoughts on “Yngve, He is my True Inspiration (Part 3)

  1. I wish him a very happy birthday!Thank you for keeping your promise and up-date me with part 3. I could see that you were coming to the end of
    the life story of Yngve; I truly enjoyed reading it and i accept: all good things come to an end. I will not pester you for a part “to be continued”; I promise to come visit and experience part 4! I reread all parts 1,2,and 3 in order to precisely follow up his life story. What I mostly like is your title indication: Beyond self-pity. I was walking in the streets and closed my eyes for approximate 60 seconds to “see”how
    it feels like to trust my surroundings….I quickly opened my eyes when I felt a shadow approaching me: ” A man was wondering why I was walking so close near the train platform:))” My compliments for both Yngve and wife to have trust in their
    fellow human beings. (“Jag viska han leva utti hundra det ar( in Swedish) Btw: Beautiful b-day cake!

    1. Hey Marleen, you already know that it is such a pleasure reading from you all the time. I like your reflections about this story and I am happy that you feel equally inspired! I will pass your regards to Yngve on your behalf and I am sure he will be looking forward to your visiting. Thank you once more for finding time to read my blog and leave your feedback! Regards, Patience

  2. This story leaves me feeling mostly shame. I am ashamed for being such a pessimist especially now that am in a foreign country and the challenges seem bigger than usual.
    The slap I needed to shake me out of self pity has been dealt and I am gladly turning the other chick for more.
    Patience, this story is so inspirational and now I feel limitless given all that I have and take for granted like sight.
    And as for the wise sayings at the end of every entry of this story…….its like yo scolding me for things I have been doing, seriously!
    All I can say is this story came to wake me in the nick of time.
    A God send….
    Write on girl!

    1. Hi Girl,

      Thank you Brenda for seeing this story just like I did in my perspective!! I am happy I meet Yngve and of course he has been a great inspiration to me! Together with his family, I love them so much! Thank you for your feedback and for finding time to write your conclusive feedback!!

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