It´s Party Time Again!!

Norwegians at the park.

It´s autumn

You are probably asking about the weather in Norway now, or even in Europe at large. Ok, it is autumn and for the past three to four weeks, it´s been raining, getting chilly, not my favourite kind of weather. Of all the reasons,  I do not like it simply because I need to keep away my many open shoes. I am not a fashionista, and I have never really been one, so I am not always very keen with my dressing: my open shoes, sleeveless top, jeans and off I go!!

But now, this is soon coming to an end, I have had to go back to the basement and look for my winter boots and my woolen socks. I have also been looking for my winter jackets ready for another season of Winter.Oh, I just remembered, I need to go and look for my snow grabbers, in readiness for the snowy months. Unlike last year where I had enough dramas, this time round I know what to expect, that gives me some relief.

Feasting by the park.

As I already mentioned before, weather is a very important topic in Norwegian society, so any changes going on, wouldn´t go unnoticed. It is really funny when most people rarely bother on how I am fairing on in general, yet more are concerned about my views on the weather. Typical conversations with my Norwegians friends and colleagues since this week has been: “Hey, its good weather, you should enjoy it, it won´t last long”, “Hey, do you have plans after work, good weather, we could go biking” or “Hey, what a wonderful day, it is Indian summer, please go for some outdoor activities” or “Come to Oslo, we could go swimming and do barbecue by the sea.”

Indian Summer

Yes, Norwegians are enjoying what they call Indian Summer. Wikipedia defines it as a meteorological phenomenon that occurs in the autumn. It refers to a period of considerably above normal temperatures, accompanied by dry and hazy conditions usually after there has been a killing frost. So it is at least 2 to 3 days of Summer weather within the autumn season.

Parent and their children at the park.

One of my girlfriend sent me a message last Sunday, “The weather this week looks good plus we expect Indian Summer, so we should do a lot of biking plus plan some outdoor activities on Thursday evening,” said Lisa. Then, I gathered everyone was talking about it so I was definitely looking forward to it. At least I managed to put on my Maasai sandles, ¾ jeans and a sleeveless top and I felt really home. This is definitely how I like it.  Yesterday, I looked forward to 3pm so that I could leave the office and join my friends.

For once, I felt that  the city center was a bit crowded and so was the park. Seems like everyone was out, either biking, going for a walk, strolling around the city, playing some games, or just simply being outdoors.  Together with Lisa, we got to the park and realised we were among the first, however, there were quite a number of people strolling their dogs.

Weather Changes

Preparing food at the park.

We therefore, occupied the best corner of the park and had enough space as we waited for our girlfriends, who arrived about 30 minutes later. “As you have noticed, it is slowly getting to the dark season and soon winter depression sets in, many Norwegians suffer from that, so once we get such good weather, you will definitely see us outside,” said one of the Norwegian at the park.

It is so amazing to see the gradual changes as they happen, it is now getting dark by 7pm and by 9pm it is actually very dark. The leaves have slowly started changing colours from green, pale green to orange and soon they will be shading off then we will have naked trees. It is getting very chilly especially in the morning and in the evenings.

An hour later, we have our barbecue ready for feasting. The park is now filled with parents and their children playing various games using the facilities within the park, love birds, old couples and lonely hearts, (maybe) just reading their novels. An amazing scenery it was, everyone looking very jovial, plus you know, it is a strange tradition but that is how it is. Norwegians will say hi to almost everyone at the park but the same people will not say a word if you met them in town. The outdoor atmosphere works magic, hence the craving to be outside the confinement of their  houses.

Trees and leaves gradually changing colours.

The Indian summer has been predicted to be here for three days,so we are enjoying it while it lasts. Then we will get back to dealing with the cold weather, more clothing and dark season. One thing is for sure of all the memories I will carry with me back to Kenya, is the opportunity to see the transition from one season to another, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer and the cycle starts again. This is so amazing! It gives a new meaning to life, completely extraordinary!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”  Mahatma Gandhi


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