Home away from Home!!

Holiday in Kenya!

Holiday month is over and WE Norwegians are back to work. It´s unbelieveable how first time moves. It´s now two days since I stepped back in Norway, though I still feel like I am in Kenya. Memories of my Kenyan stay are all very fresh in my head. As I left for Kenya early July, I had an agenda to go for holiday, just to experience Kenya again after a year of absence. Clearly, that was not the case. Instead, I had a busy schedule more than I had anticipated such that as I left Kenya last Sunday, all I longed for was to be back to Norway and take a rest. I am grateful to God for all the journey mercies.

Kenya is home, my real home. Norway is home too!! I didn´t realise that Norway has actually become my second home. As I arrived in Kenya, “Welcome back home” is what they told me. On landing at the Kjevic airport, Kristiansand in Norway, there were my friends and they all said was “Welcome back home” with huge smiles on their faces, an indication they had greatly missed me, of course I missed them too. Then I realise I have two homes, who else could be more blessed than I am??

Last year, five months after my stay in Norway I realised I miss Kenya more than before and wrote this blog post. 10 reasons – I miss Kenya and Kenyans.“East or West, home is best”! It´s no longer a cliché to me. It makes sense to me now. I stepped in Nairobi and I immediately  remembered the hustle of the city. One hour at the airport as I waited for my luggage, just standing there, I felt very impatient. I just wanted to see Kenya.

There was my girlfriend Brenda patiently waiting for me. Finally, we got a chance to see each other after a year of absence. I had my plans well set out and tried to trash my friends and relatives from meeting me at the airport. I know how crazy my family and relatives can be. They can be a bit dramatic and so I had it all worked out, that only one person would meet me at the airport, it worked out well.

As we drove out of the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, (JKIA) into the city center, it felt so different. Wednesday night at 9.40pm, there was still traffic jam in Nairobi, the cars hooting left, right, center, drivers and conductors shouting and pedestrians crossing roads anyhowly, pot holes, overspeeding drivers driving past traffic lights some of which were actually not working, I quietly felt irritated and reminded myself, “Welcome home”, this is Kenya for you.

I choose not to irritate myself with that instead concentrate on the goodness that awaited me in Kenya. We finally made it to Langata Estate, I was received with a lot of excitement, with my friends not caring that the following day was actually a working day. We slept quite late. Midnight to most Kenyans is too late, of course it was the only day I got to sleep this late in Kenya. I didn´t know this would finally irritate me, especially when I got home where my mum insisted on sleeping immediately after 9pm news. Of late I am used to sleeping past midnight, so 9pm is too early for me.

Kenyan Warmth

Smiles, hugs and welcoming hearts are all I experienced while in Kenya. Being with my parents, brothers and sisters, relatives and friends was such a special moment for me. Many people trying to create time and inviting me for sleep overs, that was so touchy. I realised I had very little time and I just couldn´t please everyone. I am sorry to all those who tried to meet me in vain, it was a bit challenging. I also did a lot of travelling while in Kenya and I found it was very special. I got a chance to appreciate Kenyan scenery in a very different way. From Nairobi and its outskirts, to Mombasa, to Kilifi, to Voi, to Taita, to Meru, Embu, Mwea, Runyejes and Muranga, simply said just experiencing Kenya was so refreshing.

The local foods, kimanga, ugali, pilau, matoke, chapati, yams, mkimoo, mchicha, sukuma wiki and the many chickens that saw their death come early during my stay in Kenya are some of the things I just couldn´t get enough of. I am grateful to all who made my stay memorable. My one week at my rural home in Taita with 8 of my friends including 5 Norwegians was just the best. Memories of us trekking the Taita hills, fresh air, peaceful, quite environment and just the warmth, is all I have with me. This is definitely a story on it´s own.

Trekking Taita Hills.

NRK, Norway

I am happy to be back home, to be at Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) which has become my best working place, to meet my colleagues and all my friends in Norway, I just have the feeling of “ being home away from home.” I have made a decision that I am going to make the best use of my remaining time in Norway and hence, I have no time to miss Kenya. (It´s called being in denial.)

So to beloved ones in Kenya, stay well till we meet again. As of Norway, I heard you calling and I am back. For all who sent me several messages requesting me to blog, here I am. Blogging has officially resumed, been writing while in Kenya, so kindly do create time to read my blog posts and to send in your feedback.

Have a wonderful week ahead!!!


11 thoughts on “Home away from Home!!

  1. Nice to hear that all is well with you.
    Patience, to travel safely and be back safely is not a simple thing: it’s by God’s grace….. give thanks.It’s a blessing beyond blessing.
    And to you Norwegians single handsome men,it’s indeed another chance that God has given on to you.Use it propely.Open your eyes and see the potential in her and keep her.
    Best of luck Pesho…

    1. Noel, it is indeed a huge blessing. I am greatful that my travelling was great, I enjoyed every bit of it. Thanx for reading and leaving your feedback and I clearly see the message you have given to these Norwegians. Thanx for the laughter. Stay well and God bless!!

  2. patience darling, i should admit after reading this, i realized that i had actually missed reading your blog posts. they are so captivating and it makes me notice a side of you that i never knew (writing). keep it up my dear.

    1. Brenda, thanx girlfriend. Thanx for reading and commenting, I know for sure you are among those who have been longing to read my blogs. Keep reading and sending me your feedback, I appreciate it so much more!! What else can be so good than friends support. Regards to your family.

  3. Good that you are back Patience.Allow me join others too in saying “welcome back“.It is indeed great that you had time too to visit Kenya and relay these vital sites-to potential globetrotters would wish to visit such unknown sceneries in the country.Your blog is always informative and I believe more is still in the pipeline- for the coming weeks!
    God helge:)

    1. Hey Davies, great. Good to hear from you. Receive much greetings from your motherland. They are fine. Soon Kenya will have super highways. Thanks for finding time to read my blog and leave your comment. So much more to come, be on the lookout. Stay well, God bless.

  4. Patience one’s home is like a delicious piece of pie you order in a restaurant on a country road one cozy evening – the best piece of pie you have ever eaten in your life – and can never find again. After you leave home, you may find yourself feeling homesick, even if you have a new home that has nicer wallpaper and a more efficient dishwasher than the home in which you grew up. Home is always the best place to be. Wish you all the best in Norway!

    1. Hey Rhoda Mwambi. I concur with your thoughts 100%. I miss home and I said, its called being in denial. But I will definitely manage, just a few more months to go. Go East, Go West, Home is best!! Thank you for reading my blog. All the best in all our endevours too!!!

  5. Thank you Patience. I have been away for some time. I was on leave but I am now back and will follow your blog posts.

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