WE Norwegians are on Holiday!!!

Norwegians by the sea.

One thing that all Norwegians are doing at such a time, is shopping  and final planning for summer holiday. Of late, any talk in any gathering is based on, “What are you doing this summer? Where are you travelling to? What is the most exciting thing do you plan to do during this summer  vacation? Summer Vacation is the word. July is the main vacation month for most Norwegians.

Just to let you know how serious this “summer vacation” is, in some churches, especially the Sunday schools have already taken a break till further notice. I wonder if Norwegians do pray during summer! Hahahahha!  Lets leave it as cultural differences.

Apart from travelling abroad, others choose to go to the cabins, just like they did over Easter holiday, swim a lot and spend most of their time by the beaches and by the sea.

Norwegian Children on vacation.

Others will do sport fishing, boat tours and drinking beer. I am told this is typical Norwegian. At work, many people are busy saying goodbye and wishing each other a pleasant Summer holiday. This means, this Kenyan girl too is taking a break and putting everything to a hold, including blogging till further notice. She has all her mind set, to simply have fun during this Summer holiday while she travels abroad.

I will keep you posted, cheers and God bless!


6 thoughts on “WE Norwegians are on Holiday!!!

  1. This is summer time we all need a break….from freezing al those months.Gal u go ave fun kabisa ope hakunyeshi…..i’ll miss u.God bless u lots love.

    1. Hey Emmy, Kenya is not raining so it is a wonderful sight being home once more. Been touring from one place to another and now I plan to go home and relax. Hope you are having a great time at home. Do enjoy!! Will keep you updated. Miss you and God bless!!

  2. hi patience nyange , i have read your exciting stories about norwegians and their bride price /dowry traditions and i found it very interesting. hey, i like norway , can you invite me to visit you in that country as a friend i would love to visit that country.
    do they have job opportunities, please let me know so that i can apply. looking forward to hearing from you soon. thanks alot . bye gladys

    1. Hey GladyS, thanx for your feedback. Norway is amazing, I am enjoying my stay every other day. Will write to you and give you more updates. About job opportunities, it all depends on which category are you in, so I am sure there should be jobs for all categories. Thanx for reading my blog.

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