Blue Party…Party season goes on!!!

I mentioned earlier on that I have a line up of parties to attend, this is obvious the best part of Spring and Summer. After NRK´s summer party where I went home hungry, I did attend another one and went home more than satisfied.

Blue party it was,  arranged and organised for the staff at Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication. Last Monday, we all met at the school not knowing where we were going but one thing we were sure about was the fact that we were going somewhere. The committee organisers did succeed in making it a top-secret.

 “Be at the Media School at exactly 2pm, carry with you indoor and outdoor clothes. I really do not know where we are going.” Read a message from Pamela, an administrator at the media school.

It rained all day which meant, outdoor plans were a bit tricky. At 2pm together with the rest of the staff, we met at one of the rooms for further instructions. It started with us taking some snacks and drinks before we set off, destination unknown.

Stop one at the Dryeparken.

“We will be in groups of four, each group will have a car, there will also be a leader who will get envelopes with various instructions, follow them carefully, they should lead us to the same final destination. ” Said Christine.

One other task to be performed along the way was to have each group compose a song from a specified melody. At 2.30pm we were flagged off, curious to see what was in the white  envelope. There were 5 folded papers meaning there were 5 stopovers, instructions to be followed in a chronological order and so we did obey.

Various tasks

Figuring out the tasks was definitely a challenge, but not for Norwegians, they knew the places pretty well. Getting the places well, meant getting to the final destination. Task one, to get to the Zoo, Dryeparken and find out the entrance fee of a given number of people at a given period of time. Task two, get to Lillesand and find out the colours of some two sculptures at night. This, was tricky. We all found ourselves heading to the nearby petrol station to ask for the answers.

Stop 4, by the mall!

Task three, get to one of the McDonalds branches in Grimstad and inquire on the different flavours of a given brand of ice-cream. “At this rate, I see ourselves in Oslo,” said our colleague Kare, who was our driver. By now, we have driven for almost 2 hours and still, we are not there yet. Task 4, visit a given mall and find out the closing time for a specified florist shop. Then, the final task, follow a given route, try to figure out the various roundabouts as instructed as this will lead us to the final destination. We were optimistic we will make it.

Sitting at the back seat, I actually dossed off along the way. “Are we still on the right track?” I asked. “Sorry we actually got lost and now we are trying to use GPS to get us there, soon we will be there,” said the co-driver as she carefully instructed the driver on which way to go. 15 minutes later, we made it in the first position, hurray!!.

Final destination.

“Congratulations for making it here, this is Bjellandstrand Gård now lets wait for the rest, in the meantime you can take  a walk to the beach.” Said one of the party organisers.

The dinner place is actually an old house turned into a flower firm-restaurant outside of Arendal. The owner takes time to give us the history of the place and to tell us about the various beautiful flowers found in the garden as he takes us through a walk in the garden.


Finally, we get to the dinner area, and there are varieties of food ready for serving. Unlike, the NRK summer party where I went home hungry, this time round there was a lot to eat. “This is not Norwegian, it is typical Italian Menu, I am sure you will like this,” said my colleague Bjorn.

Blue Party Menu!

Feasting we did, almost all of us going for a second helping before we finally settled for an ice cream, coffee and tea as dessert. Then entertainment followed as we now had to perform our melodies that we practised while we were heading to the firm. Creative lyrics filled the air as we all laughed at each other and of course one of the boy’s band was great fun, as they struggled to get the tune right.

GSJC staff singing.

More and more entertainment and prize giving session and finally we called it a day as we still had almost two hours of driving back to Kristiansand. This for me, I liked so much, the creativity and focus given to this party, the committee definitely deserved an outstanding ovation.  I enjoyed every bit of it, an awesome evening it was. Thank you to Media School.

 Enjoy your weekend ahead.




4 thoughts on “Blue Party…Party season goes on!!!

  1. I like the way you had some tasks/challenges before the the party. And ofcourse I am glad you had something to eat this time. Why is it called a blue party?

    1. Hey Yvonne, thank you again for reading my blog post! It is called blue party because of the fact that the participants do not know where they are going! Just that!!

  2. Nice to read this………it seems as if the tasks were meant to prepare for the putting…..hahaaaa.
    Next time time nialike plz .Thnks much for the blog.

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