Dental experience at Krakow, Poland!

Dental care 

Certificates of merit!

Visiting the dentist makes me very nervous and anxious. INDEXMEDICA dental clinic in Krakow Poland last week was a very new experience to me. Situated within the city center, it is evident that INDEXMEDICA is a modern clinic with valuable, hightech medical equipment with very high standards of services for reasonable prices. I actually understand why many more people would travel from Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland to have their dental treatment at Krakow.

Together with my girlfriend Lisa, we had an early appointment with the dentist. On arriving at the reception we were met by one composed, good-looking Norwegian Dan Stensen, whose presence in that office is a huge investment. Dan warmly welcomed us and explained to us the rest of procedures that awaited us, while he offered us a cup of coffee. “ We will offer you outstanding treatment, which will be done with consultation with our experienced doctors” he assured us.

With Dr. Tomazs Bodek

He then took a few minutes into one of the rooms and came back and gave us the next instructions. “We will start with you Patience, come with me to the X-ray room.” There, I met his female colleague who instructed me on how to position my face into a machine, and I remember her giving me something to bite then the machine moved from left to right and back.

“Thats all, I will give the results to your doctor who will explain to you the outcome,” she said in a friendly manner. I went back to join Lisa at the reception. It now almost 9.30am and it is getting busier with more people coming in and Dan has to keep welcoming them and explaining to the guests the procedures awaiting.

At the dentist

Krakow city, Poland

“Come with me to the Doctor. Lisa, you can join her if you so wish,” he said. “Yes, I will join her, just to offer her some moral support, she needs it.” Said Lisa. We are met by Dr. Tomasz Bodek who is holding my X-ray results and immediately engages me in a talk even before we start the dental check up. He briefly tells me about his job and his encounter with a Kenyan colleague while he worked at the UK. 

“Strong teeth you have. I have a few suggestions to make. I understand you have a root canal that needs to be worked on.” He said as he carefully took me through his suggestions and clearly letting me know more about the state of my teeth. Keep in mind, ice cream and chocolates are my favourites. He then said I will shortly receive a treatment plan, the estimated cost and time schedule. Minutes later, I received paperwork detailing the various options and the cost of each option, giving me a clear guide on how to make my decision.

Dan then guided me through the treatment plan. All this long, I have not paid a cent. Intraoral examination and consultation that were performed earlier on as well as the X-ray are performed free of charge at INDEXMEDICA.

Dr. Marek with Lisa.

I am therefore required to go for two separate procedures, to be done by different doctors. My first appointment is at 1.30pm meaning I have about 3 hours ahead of me. Lisa goes to the doctor and I am informed that her procedure will take a little longer, so I have sometime alone. Dan volunteers to keep me company and we do a lot of chatting. He brings me a map. “While you are in Krakow, you should plan to visit Salt mine, Jewish area and Wawel Castle”, he advised. He shows me the computer and tells me I could use it for a while before going out to experience Krakow. “Here is my number and this is the office number, just incase you get lost, kindly give me a call and I will rescue you.” He said.

Norwegian Jamaican man

At the INDEXMEDICA building.

“Dan, whats your job description in this office?” I ask out of curiosity, all this hospitality is too good to be true. “Actually, I have no idea what my job description is. I am better known as a Norwegian Jamaican man, that’s how my colleagues describe me. I am here to make sure patients seeking our services receive utmost comfort and satisfaction, especially Norwegians. You have been in Norway long enough to learn this, Norwegians focus on the solution unlike Polish people who focus on the problem before thinking of how to solve it. So I have to ensure Norwegians understand the problem with their teeth for them to get the best solution. Basically, I am a bridge between the doctors  and the patients, and of course I speak and understand English pretty well, so I translate to ensure there is understanding between the parties involved.” He said.

I see many more Norwegians popping in for their appointment and Dan guides them through in Norsk. A few minutes into the computer and off I head to tour Krakow. With me is the map that Dan has made suggestions on a few areas I could tour on my own in this historic city.

Dr. Marek at work.

I come back to find Lisa has actually finished her appointment and I get a chance to get to the doctor. Very friendly atmosphere as Doctor Marek Wozniacki takes his time to explain to me how the procedure will be carried out. He tells me about his visit to Kenya sometimes back and just like many more Norwegians, it is evident that he enjoyed his stay in Kenya.

Friendly atmosphere

The friendly atmosphere makes one forget that they are actually at the dentist. I remember Dr.Marek having a long chat with my friend Lisa who had to actually prompt him to start the procedure. “Ok, can we start the treatment now?” And he just smiled back.

During my procedure that took about an hour, I fell asleep quite a number of times. “Please open your mouth wide” he said it over and over. At one point he actually raised his voice on me and I finally got awake. Can you imagine a patient dozing during a dental procedure? That was me!!


The dental hospital is perfect for people who are scared or apprehensive of dental treatment as all the highly qualified dentists put you at ease and make it as comfortable as possible. “How do you manage such friendly atmosphere? I ask Dan. “Our secret is one, we are all geared at ensuring that all our clients get value for their money, and if they are satisfied like you are, you pass the message to the world. We are all friends in this clinic and besides our work, we hang out together a lot. So we already have a friendship even before we step into the office and get professional, that is our secret”. He said. As I earlier mentioned, he is indeed a huge asset at INDEXMEDICA.

I will definitely go back to Krakow, Lisa has a second appointment and I will accompany her, just to give her moral support. The truth is, I just loved Krakow city,  enough reason for me to go back to Poland.

Do have a pleasant week ahead.


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