It´s party time, lets dance!!!

Spring roses!

Longer days

It is said, there is light at the end of the tunnel, a friend of mine coined it and said, yes there is light at the end of the tunnel but beware, it might be a train coming. Ha ha ha! After one of the worst Winter season in Norway, Spring is finally here and I will tell you, life has never been this beautiful.

Unlike Winter time when I rarely wanted to leave the house and will look for any opportunity to just stay in doors, this time round I long for a new dawn and see the changes that seem to happen overnight. Seeing the country change from darkness into light is such an amazing feeling. Yesterday, it got clear as early as 5am and at night it got dark at around 10.30pm. It is official that the days are now longer than the nights. This is the time I need my watch more than any other time, I can never tell the time by just looking outside. The sun is up till 9pm, it is so clear and it looks like 4pm Kenyan time.

Garden flowers.

Travelling within Norway, it is so amazing how the country has turned so green, adding life to the environment which looked so dead and covered up by snow 2 months back. I just want to take an evening walk through the nature trails all alone, just to watch and smell the flowers. The different colours of the spring flowers blooming everyday, makes life so lovely. Birds and bees too seem excited about the Spring flowers and you will notice them flying from one flower to another. Whenever I walk, Norwegians are busy in their gardens,  trying to use every minute to ensure that their gardens look spectacular in preparation for summer.

Happy Mood

Flowers at the parks.

The mood of the Norwegians has changed too. Walking from one place to another you can actually notice more and more people conversing and talking to each other unlike winter time when most people were silently suffering Winter depression.  Greetings are now accompanied with a genuine smile which was a bit hard to come by during the Winter. Last week, together with my friend Tone, we were strolling at a park in Kristiansand, and it was surprising that others stopped to talk to us, of course the discussion is all about weather. “Hey, isn´t it amazing the way nature has suddenly turned so beautiful?” said a couple who were just taking a walk in the nature park.

Outdoor activities are also on the rise. Many people now have plans to go to the beaches and spend some quality time there, and for the strong hearted Norwegians, some are already swimming on the beaches. I still think the water in the beaches is a bit cold. Many can be seen on the waters with their boats just having a great evening. Family outings, outdoor activities, team buildings and picnics by the beaches have officially started.

Outdoor activities in Kr.sand

Office summer parties or bikini parties have also started. Today, I am attending NRK´s summer party in the evening and so will I attend another one dubbed “blue party” at the Media school in a weeks time. Barbecue invitations have also increased and for the next one month, I will be hoping from one party to another .

On the roads, it is noticeable that there is sudden increase on the number of people using bicycles, motorcycles to move from one place to another. There is also an increase in the number of cars on the roads especially, the convertible cars and sporty cars.

Summer Shoppings

Many shops all over Norway, have huge displays on summer clothing with a lot of white displays. Vero Moda, one major clothing shop has a new catchy slogan “White is the new Black”. It is of course important to note that Norwegians love black so much. “Oh finally, I love this campaign to have Norwegians put on white clothes,” I said to a friend.

Outdoor activities at the park.

“Not really, Norway has colour schemes almost all year through, but white is definitely the Summer colour, it has in many times been like that. It is normal to have a lot of cloth displays in white.” Replied my Norwegian friend. Beach wears, bikinis, shorts, t-shirts, sandles, basically summer wear is what is selling in most shops in Norway now. There is also increase in the number of people rushing into shop in preparation for summer which is around the corner in most cities.

I am happy that I am experiencing this change day by day. The other time I was walking and trying to meditate on this. These changing seasons can be applied in real life situations, when one is going through some difficulty time in their life, they can actually decide to equate it to winter and of course feel encouraged and consoled that whichever the way, that period is just a season and after sometime, it will pass and behold, the glory of the spring will finally be here. This too shall come to pass, just like the passing seasons. No problem is permanent, just like no season is permanent. After winter, spring is here ready to awaken the sleeping mother nature. The wonders of the nature and the doings of the creator is just amazing!

Whatever your weather, enjoy your weekend ahead.


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