In Loving Memory- Sarah W. Kabiru!!

Sarah on the right!

It is barely a month since I wrote a tribute to my friend, In Loving Memory of Abisai Angombe and now the loss of another one. A girlfriend, a former schoolmate, a classmate, a roommate  and a fellow journalist-Sarah Wambui Kabiru (27)

August 2002

Life can never be this sad!! Shedding tears won´t solve my heartache so I have finally chosen to celebrate Sarah´s presence in my life. We first met at Daystar University as “freshers” in August 2002 at the famous PAC court. Within the first few days we realized we both came from Coast and that gave us an immediate bond.  “Coastarians”  Daystar students will later brand us while others branded us the girls with flawless Swahili. We will then sit to talk about everything and a number of times we sat outside “Patience Hostel”  for a girls talk.

Slyvia and Julliet were her closest friends and oh, she resembled Julliet. We hosted a show at the University´s Shine FM together with Oliver Ommotto speaking pure Swahili while the rest of the students were so engrossed in speaking Sheng and English, you know Daystarians!! Through our own initiative, we  managed to get our first Internship in 2004 at the media department at the Kenya Institute of Education (K.I.E) in Ngara which saw us become roommates for 3 months at a hostel in Parklands, Nairobi.

Sarah (left) with a colleague!

June, 2006 at the graduation square in Daystar we graduated and she remained in Nairobi while I headed to work in Mombasa. We were always in constant touch and when she got employed at NTV she sent me a text and I called her to say “Ok girlfriend, I am officially jealous. Be assured I will be watching news and please excel, make the rest of us proud.” She did her best as Swahili News reporter at NTV. All the time she came to Mombasa, she will often send me a text and tell me, “I am listening to your show, I am at home with mum, I will come to your offices when you are almost done with your show.” She will then come and wait for me at Baraka FM’s reception until I was done and we headed to town together.

Being the only daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Kabiru and the only sister to Gitahi, (Sarah´s brother) I remember telling her, “Howcome your parents were so unfair to you guys, just the two of you, you really do not know what it feels to have sisters and brothers.” I joked and she will protect her mum.

“You know mum has a back problem, carrying two babies was enough for her. She is a brave woman, she gave birth to me without anyone’s help on a Christmas day, all alone and she did all the necessary things while she instructed my dad on what to do.” She told me not once, but several times.

Mikindani, Mombasa

Sarah (right) as a TV reporter!

The small family of four later got used to me as a common face as I always popped by their house in Mikindani Estate in Mombasa. My heart goes out to her mum, that petit beautiful teacher, I wonder how she received the sad news on the death of her only daughter. She looked so young but she will always remind me of how fast age was catching up with her.

“When you ladies have grown this far, you can be assured your mothers are aging up pretty fast. We will now sit down and watch you grow,” she will tell us.

In 2009 Sarah loses her job during  restructuring at NTV and as a good friend, I remember our coffee date at a restaurant in Nairobi as we talked about it. She put on a brave face, “It is not the end of life Patience, I have to get a job, which I believe I will.” Then, she had plans of owning a PR & Events company with her few friends. She finally informed me of her new job as a media consultant at ANAFE and just recently a new contract with ICRAF. We always joked over who should get married first in our click of girlfriends and we were finally happy when she decided to be among the first to break the jam joining Julliet and Brenda. When I read this online edition on Sarah’s death, I cried.

Sarah and hubby, Dola!

Married to a fellow journalist, whom I just referred to as Dola, all I saw in them was love. I will visit them at their home in Uhuru Estate in Buruburu before they  moved to Umoja Estate and the two will escort me to the bus stop holding each other by the waist.

To hear the same man has turned against Sarah and murdered her, is beyond my imagination that has left me tortured and shaken. When the rest of the world is out condemning Dola, as a friend I choose not to say a word, until the truth has been established. I will be the last if need be, to raise my judgement on him, because I don´t believe this could have happened! Whatever happened to Sarah to deserve a murder send-off, only God knows!

Sarah´s Baby Boy

I remember when Sarah was almost due with her first baby, I visited her, still at Uhuru and I remember taking her for an evening walk. “Let´s go to a nearby hospital, this is where I go for my clinic and this is where I will come to deliver my baby, so when I send you a text to tell you that I am off to the hospital, you know where I am,” she said!

Sarah´s baby, Nate!

One week later, “ Bouncing baby boy, CS but I am fine” read a text from her. Excited about her son, three days later, on a Saturday afternoon, Brenda Onyino, her husband and I go through the supermarket and shop for the new baby before we drove to her place still at Uhuru. Upon arrival, Dola welcomes us. “Finally, the baby is here with us, we are indeed very excited. Come in.” Said a smiley Dola. Now, the small boy, Nate, is all grown up, almost two years of age, without a mother, Gosh!!!

Yesterday, Brenda calls me from Kenya and immediately my heart freaks out. Rarely do Kenyans call me during the day. So what is it this time round? I decide to ignore the call but I lose my concentration so I call Brenda immediately after class. Our conversation goes like….

(Hey, how are you? Seen your missed call, you can talk to me now! Great, we are on holiday in Kenya, have you heard the news? What news? Sarah is dead? Sarah who?? Sarah Wambui! It has been on the 1pm news. She is alleged to have been killed by her husband.)

“What? Alleged Dola killed Sarah? How and why on earth did he do that? ” I asked as I hung up on Brenda. Unbelievable! I immediately access the all forms of media, only to find all Kenyan friends with messages of condolences on Sarah´s Facebook wall. My last Facebook  inbox conversation with her, just last weekend.

(Sarah Wambui Kabiru April 29 at 7:22am Report
Hi galfriend! Haha, amekuwa mkubwa kweli na bado….that I think is enough motivation for you to get one, kwanza a pointee….I will support you emotionally,usijali.) She updates me on her grown up son and and says that I should be gearing up for a pointee baby. (Half-cast between a black and a white) That support will never come my way!

I should have said goodbye

Sarah and Nate!

Girlfriend, if only I knew hours later you will no longer be there, I should have said goodbye. Your mysterious death Sarah, makes my heart ache with bitterness. Your brave face with that humble personality, coupled with a great charm, what happened to you dear friend? Why the claims? Why that man you so loved, that you bore him a handsome son, Nate, could he have done anything to you? What happened Dola, is it really you? If so, why didn’t you think of your son? Sarah, I might have been far away, but you should have told me all was not well, maybe I should have said something to Dola or even prayed for you! I feel I have let you down and I am so sad!!

I remember the last photos of you and Dola attending a wedding with you on a sari dress when you were so pregnant and insisted I needed a copy. The three that you gave me are in my album in Kenya. I will keep them as my memories with you.

All I am asking is, Sarah how would you  have wanted me to deal with your loss? So soon you are out of my life, Sarah. I’m sure we can all agree that it is not the time to wallow in misery and be sad. One thing that usually causes pain to a lot of people  is the manner in which someone is taken away from us, and this is the same way that makes me sad with bitterness.

I am consoled, whatever pain you felt during that time, you are not feeling it anymore. You are now at rest and your spirit is at rest and I should make peace with this. I have to deal with this and so are the rest of us. My first step into healing, I will try to deal with the fact that Sarah you are gone, and I will never see you again. Accepting and letting go are two processes that I cannot isolate from each other.

Sarah on the second right!

I won’t try to resist to cry and I won´t dwell in this grief.  For all who are mourning the loss of Sarah, family, relatives and friends, the media fraternity in Kenya, colleagues, former students at Moi Forces Academy (MFA) and Daystar University, I am truly and honestly sorry for your loss. I understand what you feel and I am with you in this, I will pray for you. Please do attend her send-off and represent me.

For the family, as you come to terms with the hard moment, my encouragement to you, “You can shed tears that she is gone, or you can smile because she has lived her life well. You can close your eyes and pray that she will come back, or you can open your eyes and see that for sure she is gone. Your heart can be empty because you can´t see her, or you can be full of the love and time you shared with her.” Farewell thee dear friend, so soon you are out of sight.

Rest in Peace dear Sarah!!!!


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  1. Patience for once i read your blog crying all the way!!!! this is so so sad. but i like the way u concluded ( i will let my heart be full of love and time we shared with her) just like you, i was intouch with Sarah on friday (April 29th) via face book inbox after the comments we made on her picture and she decided to engage us on our inbox instead. if only i knew it was going to be the last time, maybe i would have said goodbye but i dint.

    anyway, may God rest her soul in peace!

    1. Brenda, it is so sad! I just found myself writing and I just couldn´t stop! These and many more Brenda are the memories we have of Sarah. I see your comments on her photo asking for baby no 2 and now I can only imagne what she told you as she decided to engage us in inbox conversations! It is sad, but I am dealing with it!! Be consoled girlfriend!!

  2. Patience am so so sorry for the loss of your dear friend.
    take heart dear knowing that sshe is safe in Gods hands.
    Got to know about it from my huby Gerishon, he;s also hurting but i pray for God to give u all comfort and peace.

    1. Hi Winnie, thank you! Together with Gerishon we were good friends and we will meet in Mombasa on several occasions and travel to Daystar together. It is such a sad moment for all of us and I know Gerishon too is mourning the tragic death of Sarah. Pass my condolenses to your hubby. Be consoled!!

  3. Hey Patience,

    Sarah, yourself and I were roomates at a hostel in Parklands when you were interns at KIE and I was in law school…

    I havent been in touch with both of you but I still have fond memories of our short stay together. I remember you and Sarah having girlie arguments because you took too long to dress up and she was always threatening to leave you behind. You would give us stories deep into the night…

    Sarah was a kind and gently soul, I received news of her death in anger. Im mostly angry and sad that she had to die that way, her poor son… No woman deserves to die that way, I cant stop thinking of her son, parents, brother. I cant imagine what would cause someone to do that to another, my heart bleeds for her family. I hope she finds peace in her death.

    1. Hi Esther Mwangi, long time it has been! Yes and how could I even forget about our stay in Ngara for 3 months as interns at K.I.E and she will always threaten to leave me because I overslept and took long at the bathroom. Such are fond memories of that will not depart from me any time soon. I remember the way we laughed so loud at night. All in all I choose to celebrate her presence in my life. Thank you Esther and be consoled!!

  4. Thanks Patience for celebrating Sarah’s life through great words and images. She was my roommate in Daystar and her death really saddens me.

    1. Hi Paula, long time indeed. It is so sad! Sorry for your loss! Lets all celebrate her presence in our lives, that is all that remains for us now! Be consoled girlfriend!

  5. This is so sad i don’t know sarah but i can feel the pain….patience for the first time reading your blog crying thro’ its hurting may her soul rest in peace and may God give her family and friend strength to overcome it………

    Celebrate Sarah’s life .

    1. It is so hard Kui, I feel like I should have done something! I feel really miserable! It saddens my heart and the fact that she tried to fake it to me that all was well. I wish she spoke it out, I should have said something!! It is a great loss. Be consoled too!!!

  6. Hi Patience, I am one of the ladies in the first photo, this is a great tribute to Sarah and I pray that God may strengthen you and console you.

    1. Kalekye, this is Eric Kemu, Eric Buruu…gosh! This is just sad. I have been following the story on telly. Didn’t know mnajuana. May she rest in peace.

  7. Sarah, its only you who knows the last moments of your life and what u went through, U are at peace now. RIP

  8. It is indeed so sad but i agree with u patience.we have to accept it and choose to treasure all the memories we had with her.memories are the only treasure s no one can take away from you no matter what.
    I am the one who took the 1st photo you have posted.She was my prefect from form1 to form4 and (kelekye,jeniffer and i among others) were the friends she had the PR company with.
    She will always remain in our midst and RIP dearest friend.

  9. Yours is such a powerful outflow of emotions & memories… Am so touched, cant even continue… May God rest her in peace. He, only, knows y wat happened happened.

  10. I remember the day we took you and Sarah out to a club in Ngara, which year was it? I must have been in second or third year in campus. I came with my roommate, Eric.

    1. Tairo, you have actually taken me years back. That was in 2004, during our Internship at K.I.E! I remember the many stories we shared on that day. Such are memories! I feel so sad and I will miss her!

  11. It is indeed so sad,wht happend to such a lovely young lady!It’s painful n brings tears to my eyes.I didn’t know her bt I knw she didn’t deserve to die that way and that soon.I pray that she rests in peace and that God watches over her son all through his life.

  12. this is such a sad thing 😦 i saw them around in dayo and didn’t know them personally but something like this affects you even when you don’t know the person that well… so sorry for your loss 😥 this is so unimaginable to deal with. my condolences to you and all those personally affected 😥

  13. Personally i feel touched by tht act of an animal tht left sarah gone forever.Sara we loved,liked and miss u alot.R.I.P.All be consoled

  14. Sarah, May God watch over Nate and may you also watch over the little one. Gone to soon. RIP Sarah.

  15. Patience,
    I didn’t know Wambui in person but you tribute has brought me tears. It is well thought of and laid down. May our Good Lord give you and Wambui’s family peace that surpasses human understanding during these times and forever. My heart goes out to the son. Gosh i am still weeping. My heartfelt condolences!

    1. Anne, it is hard to believe it too, all the time I walk I feel so helpless! I am praying and asking God to watch over Nate and console the whole family at this hard time! Be consoled dear friend!

  16. Thank you so much for writing about her Patience, there was no better way to tell her goodbye than reading this article and reflect on how life is simple yet so unexplainable and although she left in an unfamiliar circumstance the love the world is showing her gives her peace and consoles all of us in mourning. I remember the few memorable encounters with Sarah Wambui Kabiru in Daystar University and briefly after College and all am left to say is that she is loved by many, her smile will always remain in our hearts and although gone physically her legend will live forever. I personally want all the questions answered, why Sarah and how Sarah? But all end up finding is tears in my eyes and hate in my heart 😦 . For your memory Sarah, I will dwell on that just thank God for the time I got to know you.
    “Which of us were fortunate — who can tell? For you there is silence and cold twilight drooping in awful desolation over those motionless lands. For us sunlight and the sound of women’s voices, song and hope and laughter, despair, gaiety, love — life.” RIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah Wambui Kabiru.

    1. Scovia, I have nothing else to say! You have summed it all and we shall treasure her and keep her memories within us. We will treasure the 10 years we have known her. She lied to you and I that she will be waiting until we are back and that she misses us too much. I look at the comments on that photo and shed tears!! We will not be there to witness her send-off, be consoled Scovia!!

      1. Thank you Patience let’s be consoled. I remember the last thing she ever said to me. Scovia and Patience “mkirudi Mtatupata”. Why did she have to go so soon? why?

      2. Scovia, that is history now. We will not see her, but lets cheerish the moments we had together. She was in our lives by purpose! Be consoled Scovia!

  17. I read this n i could not help but shed a tear……..I saw her on Tv n she looked familiar……at firts i could not put two and two together, then a friend informed me that she was Mrs. Kabiru’s daughter…….Mrs. Kabiru was my primary school teacher……then i saw the resemblence!!!!!OMG……its kinda hard to believe, especially if it is the hubby, caz i believe that she luvd n trusted him…..All in all,may God be with the family n the swit baby.My deepest condolences.

  18. Patience reading your tribute,brings me to tears!Words are inadequate to express what I feel.I met Wambui just once at the Gender Violence Recovery Centre-Hurlingham,just once but that is an episode I will never forget,her beauty,smile and hearty smile still linger in my mind..
    My thoughts and Prayers go to her Family during this very difficult moments,for her sweet little Boy,It shall be well,our heavenly Father shall provide the love and support Wambui would have loved to give her son.
    For whoever did this heinous act,justice shall prevail.He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword!
    Patience,I pray for your peace,it is beyond any imagination this could happen to someone you love-It shall be well.R.I.P Mrembo.

  19. This is indeed a very moving tribute to a friend who deserved better than she got. It is a painful story, yet it has deep lessons for all of us. First, we should be thankful for every moment we’ve got in this life, never taking anything for granted. Second, we are but human, and we do get overwhelmed by the struggles of this life: unemployment, debt, strained relationships (even within the extended family), competition, name it. It is therefore important for each one of us to know when we can’t take it anymore, and seek help.

    Why do we hear stories of loving mothers who suddently lose it and hit a child they love dearly to death? Why do we hear of people who are normally so gentle and loving suddently harming or even killing their loved ones? Can we take a moment to put ourselves in their shoes? Can it happen to us? Yes. This is an eye opener, that there are times we should acknowledge that we need help, and take the next stet to seek it. This can happen to anyone, yet it need not happen to anyone, for it is preventable. This should be a moment for self reflection, for all of us… RIP Sarah. And may God grant grace to the loved ones left behind at this difficult hour.

  20. Hello Patience,

    I am reading this tribute late into the night, its 1:40pm in Kenya.
    As I write this am holding the photo that you and Sarah took during
    an attachment at KIE. I found it in my album while trying to retrieve
    my Daystar days photos. I have lost a friend, a peer and confidante.

    You have captured the feelings of many people in Kenya
    and indeed close friends of Sarah. She was a strong lady
    who valued the institution of marriage and defended it
    to her last breath on earth. Many times we met on facebook chat
    she would share nice stories about her marriage and mostly
    celebrate the growth of her lovely son Nate Lebron Dola.

    I remember her texting my phone with the photo and full names of her son
    after his arrival into the world. Sarah would later be very encouraging
    when my wife and I lost our child at point of birth. She would always quote
    a verse from the Bible to encourage me and even followed up to find out
    how we were coping with the loss. Today she is gone just like that.

    The last time we chatted on facebook we promised each other that it
    was time to organize a major re-union between Patience Nyange,
    Sarah Wamboi (herself) and I. It was to be a cup of coffee in Nairobi
    once the three of us were all in the city, and Patience was back into the country.

    I remember her telling me that she was now Luo and on may occasions
    spoke a few Luo words to prove the point. Her husband Moses Otieno Dola
    is from Siaya, a place which also happens to be within my district. So I
    congratulated her for being “our wife.” I have never met a young lady
    who was so excited about her marriage the way Sarah did. She celebrated
    every moment of it. Sarah never showed any signal that there could have
    been trouble looming.

    I fast learnt about her death along the highway as I was heading home to
    Nakuru from an assignment in Nairobi. It was on the 1pm KBC news. I
    found myself in disbelief, denial and tears kept flowing all the way through
    the journey. Later that evening Dora Buca (a close friend of Sarah and a former colleague at Shine FM) would call me to share the same message.
    Dora told me that she had arranged earlier to meet with Sarah in town
    this Friday.

    We ran out of words. Sarah’s demise came as shocking, crude and gory.
    It could only happen in a movie. But now I know it is true. Sarah Wamboi
    Kabiru is gone to meet her maker. I can only pray for her soul, and her
    angel Nate Lebron Dola in this world. I also pray for sanity and justice in
    Sarah’s family. That which she defended with her whole life.

    I have learnt tough lessons as a married man. I have learnt to appreciate
    the lady in my life for the sacrifices she has made for me. As a man I am weak and sometimes careless. She has always accepted me back as her husband and loved me without compromise. Men can be so unforgiving in marriage. We judge our women and forget everything they have put down for us once storms visit our marriage. Sarah has taught me great lessons that
    I will live to cherish.

    1. Oliver, Thank you for your kind words. Many are the photos I have with Sarah Wambui and I will leave to treasure them all! Memories are made of these. You have actually reminded me that she is the one who told me about the loss of your baby immediately it happened before I got intouch with you. We will still plan for a re-union soon and treasure the days we shared with Wambui!!Be consoled dear friend and God bless!

  21. Patience,this is indeed very sad………a very big loss and gap left behind;to the nation,to the media and above all, freinds and family.
    The best thing Pateince, you as close freinds you can do to Sarah wherever she is………… is to realize is dreams and accomplish them expecially in media.You may not be able to accomplish them all but the little you will be able to do she will appreciate it.
    Be consoled.

  22. Thank you Patience for that beautiful tribute. I cried reading it and I’m still in hysterics. Like you I met Sarah at Daystar through Wambui Waiyaki, Sylvia and Juliett…you guys were inseperable. Having lived with Wambui Waiyaki Sarah and I naturally became friends through her, and shared lots of classes with her. We lost touch after graduation but face book reconnected us. We chatted every now and then and would comment on our babies’ photos on facebook. Always planning for playdates that never happened coz we thought we had time. And now she’s gone….I want to from now on, keep tabs on all my girlfriends. Forget work and family and marriage…you always think you will hook up when you get less busy but time is not ours. It’s borrowed and can be taken any time.

  23. hey patience,

    When i heard news about sarah i got so confused and angry, i don,t know her in person but i know her coz of being a former newsreporter in NTV, gosh there times that no word or thought can even make sense when u think how on earth can someone end a life of such a beautiful full of life woman, all i know God is not unjust and may he comfort her family, friends and all kenyans who knew sarah through her carrier as a newsreporter……am actually in tears when i think about the young boy, may God be a mother and a father to Nate, and i know Nate will grow up to be a great person, he has a great future in Jesus name, God will protect and care for him all the days of his life and he will accomplish what sarah didn,t because sarah had potential in her,…….patience i so feel you, it has really affected me but God will help all of us through this sad time, for all the girls out there please shout for help, and know when to run for your life, don’t ignore signs of abuse and don,t get stuck thea when the situation becomes unbearable hoping things will work, seek help your lives are a gift and precious before God, R.I.P Sarah!

  24. Patience, reading your tribute has brought to me alot of tears thanx for it even if i have only seen Sarah thru the media. I pray that she rest in peace, and that one day baby Nate will have a heart to forgive the person who killed his mother. This has also tought me a very big lesson coz i have been going thru some hell in my marriage and a threat . I Think is time i take actions before its too late.
    may God give peace to her family and friends.

    1. Dear Margaret, I am happy that you have decided to take action, please do, seek help when you need it, it is important, let Sarah´s death be the end to such stories.

  25. I am still in tears especially when i remember the son nate! may the almighty God protect him all days of his life. All ladies out there dont stay in an abusive relationship! RIP Sarah!

  26. So sad, i didnt know Sarah personally but watched her on teli. I pray for baby Nate, that he will find someone to love him and take care of him, there is nothing worse than loosing a mummy, buy am comforted at the knowledgge that Sara’s mum is around and am sure she will step in those shoes. RIP sarah and may the peace of the lord that surpases all man’s understanding be upon your family and friends. God bless you all.

  27. What you have written about Mrs Kabiru daughter Wambui has made me very sad. I knew Wambui when I was teaching with her mun in Star of the sea primary Mombasa. Wambui was a very quite little girl. My heart goes to her parents and her only brother Gitahi. My the Good God give you all courage to over come this trying moment

    1. Wambui was such a down to earth lady, she had a strong personality and I admired her zeal. She respected the Institution of marriage to her last breath. She is resting as we try and come to terms with her departure from our lives. Be consoled!

  28. Hi Patience…..everyone is touched by your moving article….and moreso your friends..i know how all of you are feeling escpecially several of you who have sarah’s precious photos and who even interacted on facebook..

    ..We can only…mourn for Sarah..for Moses Ndola…i know you are cursing yourself wherever you..are…you are just an illustration..of how several of our weak marriages….am married, and am sure,you and wambui started small arguments(which all of us do)…which degenerated to fights…Wambui had even sought counselling…and expressed anguish in her face book”i need helP!”…am very sure you didn’t mean to kill even neighbours, commented of how a lovely couple you were, and even the caretaker of you plot, commented” even you carried a packet of flour both of you from the shop…

    But am sure this day, the argument…started,and the little Nate was in bed,and without control of your temper…bounced,and thinking was just a small hit,Wambui fell…and died…

    Couples…try this when you are angry either,with your ready to loose…for we are all trying to become winners in marriage,and the secret of marriage,make sure you are the looser…and you will ever be in peace…Lern to Pray for our marriage,when we are angry lets PRAY,PRAY and PRAY…

    but our tears are still rolling,..only God will make his decision…RIP wamui and your soft voice.

  29. This is really sad.I never knew her or got to see her on telly but it all has put a lump in my throught. I would encourage you her friends to forget the sadness now associated with her memory, and instead cherish and remember the more happier times you had the privelege of sharing with her.Im hoping her son will grow to be a great man and not be affected by the circumstances that led to his losing a mother.All in all lets all whisper a prayer to the Almighty who is the defender of truth and the cormfoter of the bereaved.

  30. Hello Patience? How’s the going out there. First I sent my condolences to you for the loss of your friend. Your story is too touching. I can’t begin to imagine the grief. Sorry for this loss. God rest her soul in eternal peace. Second, greetings from home. All is well. The Swahili translations went well. Client was happy. Thank You for the contribution. That’s all. Good evening and take heart and be strong.

  31. May Sarah’s soul rest in eternal peace. Patience, good friends hard to find and good friendships are very hard to sustain in this day and age. You were a very good friend of Sarah and I am sure she’s proud of you as well. I would like to thank you so much for giving us a living biography of the late Sarah Wambui Kabiru, even those who didn’t know her well or not all, now have some understanding of the type of person she was and the rare sisterly friendship that existed between the two of you, “Coastarians”. The last time I ran into Sarah was when she had been so kind to came and visit my wife (a former schoolmate) at Mombasa Hospital, not long ago. I will pass on the unfortunate news to my wife. Sarah will be dearly missed by many, and my prayers go out to both families, her son as well as to her close friends. May Sarah R.I.P.

  32. cuz, …cant forget 1st time we met,i guess we reviewed this story 2 weeks ago…will always missya..RIP

  33. Dear Patience,
    Oh dear, am so soory for you loss. I knew Wambui from coast, we were neighbours growing up. She used to like riding bicycles and we did that during school breaks well into our teens. We shared alot, exchanged movies, novles and past papers but most of all i remember the letters we would write each other in high school. She always encouraged me about schoolwork. She had a very gentle way with people, very patient and a very good listener. Her smile always brightened people up,her humility,,,,oh God,a flower,beautiful flower plucked too soon,,,my condolenses goes to the family,,,those parents were so proud of the daughter,,,and to Gitai the brother and the lil angel leftbehind,,may the angels watch over him and comfort him,,condolenses to her friends and collegues,,,may he give us peace during this trying time.
    My Dear Sarah, as the curtains closed in on you,and u finally shut ur eyes,may u sleep well my dearest until we meet again and ur dearly missed..we loved you but God loved you most…soo long…

  34. I was reviewing Kenyan news on Nation webpage and saw the sad story on Sarah. I got curious to know who this person was coz i didn’t know her personally. So I googled..on one site this is how Sarah had described herself..

    “I am a vivacious, young at heart and age, professional who takes life as it is. I am a hard worker, ready to take any challenge head on and reach my goal. Relationships with people matter a lot and i do not like judging people, i give people a chance to express themselves. I am a strong believer in personal principles.”

    The tag she put for herself was ” Let go and let God”

    With the tribute paid by Patience and Sarah’s friends(in this blog), which resonates with how she described herself, I now know her much better and feel the loss of her friends and family. Like she once thought and put it down in writing, we can only “Let Go and Let God”. May her Soul Rest in Eternal Peace.

  35. Gosh!ur article really made me cry altho i didnt knw sara personally,may God console u n her family during this hard time.may the angles watch ova her son who has been left without a mum n may her death b avanged.

  36. Patience,you have been in my thoughts and Prayers,just checking in again to urge you to be strong,It is not easy for you being far away not even able to give her your last respects,like you said we will represent you.Kindly equip me with the funeral arrangements been trying to look all possible places for the same with no success.Take heart,it shall be well.

    1. Hey Tina, I am so sorry seeing your message today. I have been out of touch, just wanted to lock myself out of this torture. So sorry that I couldn´t get back to you in time, hope you managed to attend her burial!

  37. Hae Patience…i dont know ur friend in person but having seen her in media and following the story in the news,reading your tribute,i shed a tear.especially 4 little handsome Nate,may God wipe your tears n give the family the strength to comprehend.R.I.P Sarah!

  38. Patience this is a great tribute to Sarah I never knew her personally bt knew her as yule mcoastarian rafiki ya patience. May God give you,Brenda all her friends and family the strength to go through this trying time.RIP Sarah.

  39. Patience is a truly friend to the late Sarah. Her vivid memory still fresh in your mind will definitely traumatize you for ever but I pray God to give you strengthen to soldier on with life. Wamboi must be the happiest one wherever she is now. I was extremely touched with her brutal death and God knows better who killed her in such heinous manner.

  40. Patience, its been a sad time for all of us. I meet Sarah a few months ago when she got the ANAFE job. We used to share an office as she awaited to get her own (that was for app. 3 months). Sarah, was rather cool and at times i wondered whether she was okay, but again i guessed that was her nature or the new environment. However, after she got her office and moved, we onces meet as i was making my hair. As you know she had dreads, a conversation started and she was telling me of why she decided to have them. She told me that after she got pregnant she decided to have the dreads as its was easier to manage. She spoke lovingly of her handsome baby boy Nate, of how he was growing fast and was very active. I have twin boys just a month older than nate and for the time were had the conversation……. we shared stories about our lovely baby boys. SHE WAS A PROUD AND HAPPY MOTHER. On a different day, we meet and she told me that she had seen me that morning but was not able to say hi as i was in a terrible mood (which was true). I was touched at how she noticed this, and i felt that she truelly did care about me. Today, i wish i would have taken the conversations a little futher coz maybe i would have offered her some little help. Every now and then and whenever i hold my baby boys…. i remember baby Nate. An innocent little baby who didn’t deserve all this. However, i am comforted as i have drawn some lessons from all this. It has taught me to appreciate every little time i share with my kids and to thank God for each and every moment. To be more friendly to people around me and even to strangers. Whenever in anger, i will train myself to be the looser. All i know is that our heavenly Father is in control and that baby Nate will grow to be a great man in our society and that he has a great future. . I thank God for the little encounter i had with Sarah as it has surely changed me. Sarah, so long till we meet again. R.I.P

    1. Carole, it has been sad for all of us I agree. Sarah is in a better place and I believe we will leave to treasure the memories we shared with her! Thank you for being a friend and be a good mother and a great wife to your hubby. Sarah is gone but her legacy lives on!

      1. This is sooooo sad,take heart dear and God is with all of us who are mourning the loss,especially her family and the little boy.

  41. Beautiful way to tell her story. I just met her in 2007 during preparation for Juliet’s wedding in Naivasha which she was the best maid and my husband the best man. She later would visit me in Naivasha when I got my baby and we would talk about our young lives…marraige and babies. When she got hers, she would text me and I thank her for her encouragement even when I lost my dad and she sent me messages of encouragement. She always told me to pray for her and I hope I did pray enough…I wish knew, I would have prayed for her life and change of heart for her killer!

    That shy sweet smile will remain such a sweet memory and I thank God so much for her. Juliet, I know its a BIG loss to you and your friends including Patience but God will hold you in His arms and console you. For mum, I pray that God, the only one who can, will HEAL your heart. It was so hard watching you devastated during the burial but your loving son and husband and grandson will help you heal.

  42. My God….I can’t seem to get over the loss….it is like a dream. Wambui was a great person and the thought of her gone is just killing me. Domestic Violence? ….I am sad … the rate at which it is slowly destroying our families?

  43. hey patience..
    am shocked beyond words on learning of the death of my friend Sarah..
    am not in the country and i just saw a condolence message from one of my friends and i almost lost my breath.
    am in tears as i read your blog en i am well aware of a loved one who can actually take your life in the name of love..

    i knew Sarah back in primary school at agakhan primary in mombasa..she was my deskmate for two years en a best friend at that time..Sarah had the kindest heart en never worried herself with what people said or thot..she was there to give me support academically en hence became the best in class..for that i owe her big tym..
    am sad that we lost touch when we went to high school and only got to see her again when she started working for NTV..

    i still cant believe that she has become a statistic in the crimes of passion..
    who would want to harm Sarah of all the people???

    my heart goes out to her qute son en the family..i cant even begin to cmprehend what they are going thru..


    thanx Patience for giving us a deeper view to Sarah’s life and for being such a true friend..

    1. Hey Jacinta, sorry for this! I quite understand your predicament, especially if you are not in the country! It is sad and shocking but as we have all agreed, we are celebrating the time we shared with Sarah in our lives. She is at a resting place!! Be consoled dear friend!!

  44. Over a month but still I cant believe my neighbour at Umoja is not there! Seeing your door I see you Sarah I can still how you mentored me last year may your Soul RIP

  45. May the Lord rest her soul in peace. Pole sana to her family, relatives and friends. I never knew her personally but I was touched. Patience your tribute to Sarah is great.

  46. Dada wapo, nawewawa ni ngolo…so sad. i couldnt help reading this story again and again and again

  47. i feel for her and i hope women learn from this and get out of such relationships that dont add value to their lives. a young life cut short coz of selfish reasons….so sad

  48. Even today, it still makes one feel sad but God has comforted the family, may her soul rest in peace

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  51. I new wambui through julliet…..yes they were close friends and i liked sarah alot……i wish……….

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