That was my Easter Holiday!!

Happy Easter!!

Norwegian cabins!

Hoping that you had a great holiday, my guess is that mine was better than yours. Just like many Norwegians did, I also joined my friends to the cabin on the forests. A spectacular experience in all ways and I loved it.

First I was warned “Patience, you have no rights to blog about this. All cabin experiences are not the same, different cabins have different experiences”. Therefore, what I am about to write here might cost me friendship, but I will write anyway then, I will go back and apologize. Some of these experiences, wouldn´t go undocumented.

For the past days, I have been at some place outside Oslo or maybe near Drammen, a place known as Harum. Characterised by cabins and more cabins the place looks a bit quiet and deserted, surrounded by natural forests full of Christmas trees, spring flowers (Blåveis and Hvitveis), that I am informed will be gone in the next few weeks, cool breeze and great sunlight. The air-filled with the sounds of birds and the scary footsteps of the “trolls´. Neighbours could only be seen within a distance of at least 60 meters away.

Cabin Experience!

At the Oslo Fjords!

This specific cabin hasn´t been occupied for the past six months, not even occasional visits to check on it. “No one will steal a thing from here, we leave the cabins unoccupied and we still find them in good shape when we come back, even if it takes a year” said the cabin owner. The first task to clean up the cabin and put some life into it.

Waking up way past 10am,  heavy breakfast cum lunch, sightseeing different areas within Harum,  Storsand and Sætre, walk through the beaches,  Oslo Fjords and Oscarsborg fortress was my best. My hosts cared to give me detailed histories about each place and the many stories behind each invention.

Many Norwegians flocked the beaches, parents and their children, spouses and lovebirds, dogs, it was definitely a family holiday with many of them barbecuing within the beaches among  other joint activities like sport fishing and beach volleyball.

“Did you notice something, during our nature trails, we all say hi to each other and even smile unlike when we meet in the city centres” observed a friend.

At the beaches!

Oh yes, I had already heard about this during our first skiing experience at the skiing park a month back. I am informed it is just an outdoor culture, there is really no explanation about it, easily compared to the motorcyclist culture of waving at other motorcyclists while on the roads.

Bathing and loo experience!

As I said earlier, I was warned about writing this blog, but because I have dared to write, then I have to tell about this. Bathing was an experience on it´s own. The last time I showered outside, I can´t tell. All I remember is my fellow students in Highschool being punished for showering outside the dormitories.

Using hose pipes connected to the showers we had fun standing naked and showering outside the cabin and then letting the sun do the drying. Ha ha ha ha ha!! At first I found it really hard and I was a bit shy but as days went by then I got used to it. Hoping no one took photos of  me naked.

Oslo Fjords!

The loo experience too was another adventure.  There was a temporary mobile toilet that was to be emptied once it was full and I dreaded the moment to do so, I am happy it never came. I was totally banned from taking photos of the toilet. Ha ha ha ha!! I prayed and wished that I was never going to use it then I could escape emptying it. I finally found a solution, miles away from the cabin, there was a restaurant with a decent toilet, so was definitely waiting to pop by as we headed for sight-seeing.

Going for short calls, was easy, just behind the cabin and we all took turns to hide between the trees. In Kenya at the villages we always do this, peeing on the grass behind the buildings, because the toilets are far away from the homestead. Ha ha hahaha!!



This, I liked the most, finally I could eat Nyama Choma and I loved making the Kachumbari (vegetable salad), so I have eaten enough meat for the past few days. Ice cream not missing and of course beer for the Norwegians. Many movies we watched, unfortunately I slept half- way all movies. My small brother perfectly puts it this way. “You are very boring to watch movies with. At night your concentration level is always low and slow.” He should have given them a hint about this.

Because of this, there were huge efforts to keep me awake by telling me scary stories of the Norwegian trolls, however, I never saw any. I saw squirrels, fox and was bitten by many mosquitoes but was told not to worry about it, Malaria is only but an African disease.

Great Easter it was the whole experience reminded me of my rural home, I have never missed Taita like this before. I can’t wait to be back. I guess I have told you enough, can´t write more, I am not sure if I still have friends after this blog post.

Spring nature!

Hjertelig takk, it was all good with great company by me. I feel indebted, be assured of even a more fulfilling experience when you visit Kenya.

Have a great week ahead, won´t you?


4 thoughts on “That was my Easter Holiday!!

  1. What an Easter holiday! U made me feel like i was there with you,all through:-)! Yeah….n thoz cabins that look like those we see in movies:-)! Keep em blogs coming n have fun 4both ov us! Cheers!

    1. Thanx Winnie, yes I had a blast. Thanx for enjoying my experience with me. Hoping you too had a pleasant Easter. Will keep blogging as long as you promise to keep reading. Have a blessed week ahead!

  2. You have really reminded me of village life. And the memories of High School punishments because of bathing outside in full view of kina ‘abaa’ cowshed.But I never did that, cant even imagine you bathing outside.You should have posted photos of you drying in the sun. Ha ha haaa.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha, Josphine Chanya akina abaaaa lol!! Yes, memories are made of these. Remember all the naked bodies at Dorm 5, hahahha, then punishment later during the day as the names were read loud at the assembly. Oh great experiences. I never managed to bathe outside during those days. Nude photos of me, never ever, ha ha h ah ha!!

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