GOD PÅSKE to you all!!


Norwegians at the beach!

It is holiday once more and the whole of Norway is in a party mood. Many people I am informed are on a 10 day holiday and so traveling  to the countryside, is the best most Norwegians will do. Many have gone for mountain climbing,  mountain skiing and flocked the cabins just to have some peace of mind  out of the chaos and hustles of the city centers.

“Something I find crazy with Norwegians, the Winter has been here and they all curse about it and how boring long it has been to deal with the snow, then Easter is here and they all flock to the mountains again for mountain skiing” said a colleague at work.

Many people in Norway break from work on Wednesday at 1pm this week and will not be back till Tuesday the following week. This means that many have a full week paid leave.  Others have actually been on leave since Friday last week and therefore have one and a half week break. It is also important  to note that most shops will be closed during the Easter holiday, so Tuesday and early Wednesday is spent for shopping. Many have gone for travels abroad or within while others have gone camping. For most Norwegians Easter is a family get-together holiday.

“I am traveling to Israel to be with my friends and also do some field work, so I have 8 days away. I always plan to have some time off during Easter to travel abroad” said Zophia, a journalist.

Christian Celebration

At the Church in Kristiansand!

Easter is one of the Christian celebrations to mark the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. One famous verse quoted and taken as the Christian basis for Easter celebration is in 1 Corinthians 15:14, “If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.” Without Easter—without the Resurrection of Christ—there would be no Christian Faith. Christ’s Resurrection is the proof of His Divinity.

While many people in Kenya will be spending their time in churches and considering it a moment to repent and a time to share in the death and cruxification of Jesus Christ, not much is done in Norwegian churches.

“Many people have taken a break even from church, unlike in the past it had really been hard to gather a congregation for Easter Sunday services. But the trend is changing and we see a few more people getting interested in Easter and getting to know much about it,” said a church leader at Misjounshuset in Kristiansand.

Rodruss students in Stavanger!

For the Secondary students who are eager to call it a day after 13 years of school, it is Rødruss celebration and the whole Norway has gone wild and crazy, one month of partying. This is a story on it´s own on my blog soon, be sure to  read it!

Whatever Easter means to you as an individual, kindly do remember to share the good news about His Resurrection with someone else. Take time to reflect on Christ´s suffering for you and appreciate the torture He went through to pay for our sins. The same way, lets find it within our heart to forgive those who have deeply wronged and hurt us and consider Easter as a moment of forgiveness and breakthrough.

Happy Easter and do have a blessed time!!


9 thoughts on “GOD PÅSKE to you all!!

  1. True Patience,we will have to share the good news that’s for sure.
    Enjoy your ester and remember to keep an eye we are waiting to read the encounters.sikukuu njema.

  2. Posted: Apr 22 2011 By: Lisa Brodshaug (Comment from FK-World)

    Dear Patience
    Indeed a funny observation – Norwegians complain about snow all Winter throughout, and then chase the snow as soon as we enter Easter holiday. For my part, I enjoy the urban Easter this time, – close enough to reach the hospital in time! What could be better than eating time on my balcony with a cold apple juice reading FK blogs… Hope you are enjoying your time also, Patience.
    Best regards

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Yes funny observation and I actually did that. Followed the snow to the mountains and had a cabin Easter. Writing about it, be sure to read it on my blog. I know you are doing a count down, tell me when we finally have the good news. Can´t wait. Miss you Lisa! Happy Easter!

  4. The reason we as you put it “follow the snow to the mountains and to the cabins” when we really are sick of it, is because we 1. The snow in daily life can be a bit boring, since we almost are to busy to play in it. 2. It’s a great way to be with family, and cozy. 3. And the best thing about it is, as i do and a lot of other norwegians do, snowboard, slalom and snowmobiles/scooters. Snowmobiling, if you put it that way are mostly in sweden. But it’s there our cabin/camping van is, sooo…

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