In Loving Memory-Abisai Angombe


Abisai plays the trumpet!

“Death has been in existence for time immemorial but it´s attack is still as traumatic. The truth is, we will never learn to live with it. Losing a loved one is one of the most heart breaking events to ever happen to anyone. Sometimes when such happens it feels like you are alone and God has left you to fend for yourself. The heart aches so bad no amount of comfort can take the pain away especially during the first few days.

The pain does not ration in terms of who has died – be it a death of a parent, spouse, close friend, infant or any other family member, the pain is just as hard and coping with death is just as bad .

The hardest thing is actually believing that your loved one has died. Imagine waking up with your spouse or infant on your side only to hear she or he will not be coming home – ever. Imagine calling your mom the previous night to be awoken by a call from your little brother telling you mom is dead. The news is never believable even if you could be expecting their death – say because the person who has died was sick. Many people are known to simply lose it and not just cry but become temporary insane because they find it hard to cope with death.” This is so true!

Very few people in this world are living their dreams and passion, but not for this particular FK participant. He knew exactly that music was his passion and he was doing everything to ensure that he lives his passion.

Life is short, I have always known this but when a beloved one dies, then it hits me a fresh. The news of passing away of Abisai Angombe is one sad story for me, his family and relatives, friends and the whole FK family.

Abisai (in green top) in Hadelland!

Music Teacher

Coming from Windhoek Namibia, then posted at Harstad Norway as a music teacher, we met at the FK preparatory course at Hadelland Hotel in October last year and he stood out for his neatly done pony tail. Tall, dark and handsome he was, and I admired his hair, I remember once joking…  “mmmmm, how do you manage to maintain your hair that neat, it looks better than some of the ladies here, what a challenge?”

With his easy laughter, he was definitely easy to talk to and in most cases he will raise issues of concern with his passion for music and talked a lot about Namibia.  Once we were lost in town looking for Thon Hotel and I remember him telling us “ Lets keeping walking, after all we are in a weekend dubbed, exploring Norway and this is a chance to get to see Olso. So let´s press on.”

His passion for music would´t go unnoticed. He loved walking around the hotel with his music instruments on his back. All the time he was on stage during the evening sessions with other FK music participants, you could see him drown in his own music and enjoying playing his instruments. He played the trumpet as well as the drums.

Abisai at the Museum in Oslo!

Despite the passion, he also worked hard to be where he was. He desired to share his knowledge on music with other people, hence his career as a music teacher. In all discussion groups we shared, I would definitely notice the teacher aspect in him, one, being the urge to systematic explain things in point form. He was very eloquent and outspoken.

Of course we had a great time chatting and talking about our future and I remember him passionately talking about his desire to have a family and be a happy dad.

“You know, I have not had a chance to seriously date because I have always been on the move from one place to another trying to put my career in order before I finally make a decision to get married and raise a family of my own. It is on the project and you will definitely receive a wedding invitation,” he joked. Yes, truly the graveyard is the richest place, there lies great wealth of dreams unrealized!


He is no more, with only 3 months before returning to Namibia, whatever befell him while in Norway is a mystery to me and all that is left is to offer the family great support during this hard time. I sit down and reflect on all the prayers and the hope to meet  our beloved ones again back at home in good health and embrace them after a year of absence, but not for Abisai´s family and relatives. All they await now is to receive his body in a coffin, never to ask him about his encounters while in Norway, all this remains untold story.

Abisai (in purple) with FK colleagues

A book I read said, “When death strikes, all we do is get angry and ask God many questions, forgetting that the same God who brought the deceased to life is the same God who has taken away what is most precious to Him.” This is the same solace I am praying for, to all who are in bitter disbelief on the passing on of our beloved friend, Abisai.

For the family, as you come to terms with the hard moment, my encouragement to you, “ You can shed tears that he is gone, or you can smile because he has lived his life well. You can close your eyes and pray that he will come back, or you can open your eyes and see that for sure he is gone. Your heart can be empty because you can´t see him, or you can be full of the love and time you shared with him”. Be consoled!



23 thoughts on “In Loving Memory-Abisai Angombe

  1. thank you for the kind words. He was in my ensemble while studying at TUT in Pretoria and I enjoyed him. Any info on funeral arrangements? I’d like to see if i can attend

    1. Hi Pule, will get in touch with you soonest on your mail, let me conctact my other colleagues and see whether I could get more details on the funeral arrangements. All I know for now is that the body had been flown to Namibia as of last week!

  2. Posted: Apr 08 2011 By: Thomas Olafsen (Comment from FK-World)

    This is the best piece you’ve ever written. I’ll put it on Facebook on Monday. Take care, Patience, you are truly a special one.

  3. Posted: Apr 08 2011 By: Lista Mahongo Ndumba (Comment from FK-World)
    Its really sad to loose one of our family members. may his soul rest in enternal peace. And thanks Patience for that brief life history.


  4. Thank you Thomas and Lista, as we mourn Abisai for leaving out of our lives too soon, lets also celebrate the good memories we had with him. May you all be consoled during this hard time!

  5. Posted: Apr 09 2011 By: Nita Kapoor (Comment from FK-World)

    Dear Patience,

    Thank you for your words of comfort, and for sharing the fond memories you have of Abisai.

    For his family and dear ones, his friends and colleagues and the entire FK family, these will be treasured impressions when one day the grief, sorrow and shock of the tragic loss of Abisai is put to distance.

    Best regards from Nita!

    1. Oh no, Hellen please do not take us back there!!! Be consoled girlfriend, we loved him so much, he was a dear friend to us but we believe he is resting in peace.!! I see your photos with him playing your instruments and I shed tears too!! It is life!!

    1. Sure, much love to you too, I know you shared so much time playing your instruments that you so loved and all the photos I have you are all together. We will cheerish his memories in us, God gives and takes, Glory be to him!! Be consoled!!

  6. It is very sad to hear about Abisai, my thoughts go to his family and close friends. Thank you Abisai for all the good music you shared with us. Rest in peace.

    1. Gro, it is very sad and I still feel like I am in a dreamland, it has been tough coming to terms with the news, but we are all fine and thank God for the time He let us share with Abisai!! Be consoled!

  7. Take heart my dear i can feel it love i know its sad but celebrate him he was such a great guy /friend to you.may his soul rest in peace………bless him

  8. Posted: 20 m ago By: Lisa Brodshaug (Comment from FK-World)

    Thank you for putting into words the many thoughts we all have these days. I hope Abisai´s family and friends will find comfort in reading your words about his last adventure.

  9. Hi Lisa,

    That´s the same comfort I am praying for, that they will find solace during this hard times. At times I think about it and I feel really traumatized. Anyway, it is life!!! Hope all is well with you TWO!!

  10. I really dont know what to say to this tragic event! Abisai was a great guy, a great musician and a good friend. Made so many good memories with him, though we had only a short time together. Don`t know how to pull myself together after the news of his departure, but thinking of all the good times helps a little.
    I am really greatful for at least getting to know him a little, my life would not have been as rich without. He made me believe in music once again, and the power and solace in it. Thank you Abisai for beeing you, for your laughs and your smiles. May you rest in peace. You will be deeply missed.


    1. Hi Kristin, yes it is indeed very sad. I have the photos we took with him after our shopping at Din Sko, you, Ingrid and I then he left us and went to the music shop, remember that day??? All we have for now is memories and praying for his family to be at peace during this hard time. We all deeply miss him a lot! Hope Nairobi is treating you well, pass my love to Helen and Hovard.

  11. Dear Patience,

    Thank you very much for sharing with us part of Abisai’s life in Norway. So comforting to know he had good friendslike you and a testimony that he lives a happy life in Norway. His departure is such an unsolved misery to us us a family and we believe it is to his friends.

    Thank you very much for your kind words about him. May we be comforted in the knowledge that Abisai is happy where ever he is right now.

    Abisai’s aunt

    1. Greetings to you Magdalena! I am happy that as a family you are trying to seek solace by accepting the unsolved misery. He was a good friend to me and to the rest of us. We loved him but God loved us most!! Be consoled Magdalena!!

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