European Tour!!

King´s garden, Sweden

I have been on assignment and visiting different countries within Europe. I am in the process of finishing my tour and complying my stories as of next week, everything from my parking adventures, my flight to Sweden, which upon arrival I still couldn´t figure out the difference between Norway and Sweden, everything just looked so similar. I will write about my escapades in Stockholm, visiting various places including the King´s garden and Gamla Stan, running to the train station and eating encounters at the McDonald´s.

Then my journey to Germany through Riga in Latvia. I am not sure whether to call it a state of ignorance or just pure lack of knowledge even at my age?? I never knew of a country by the name Latvia, and so are many people I tried to ask, this was after my flight ticket read to Frankfurt Germany via Riga Airport and immediately went to google more about it!

At Riga Airport!

Now in Germany, it is all greeny and different. Unlike Norway and Sweden, no traces of snow. I am at Hiedelberg and it reminds me of Nairobi, the houses look so like those in Langata Estate in Nairobi. Got more travelling to do today before I finally write on all my encounters.

Thank you for finding time to read on my blog, will definitely keep you posted!

Enjoy your weekend!


12 thoughts on “European Tour!!

  1. Nice to read this and safe trip…………..waiting for more in blog next week.
    Safiri salama.

    1. Asante sana Noel, I have had a pleasant trip and now, will be writing on the many stories I have gathered from the various parts I have visited! Thanx once more for finding time to read and comment on my blog!

  2. I can’t wait to read the rest of the tour Adventure. I feel like I was with you just by reading this little bit.

    1. Willscovia, my European adventures will be here soon, not less than 10 stories. So keep yourself updated! Will try and come visit Minnesota and see what stories I can get from there! Thank you for reading my blog!

    1. Ha haha Kui, I am enjoying myself bigtime, you can be assured of that! Though aint promising you anything, will try and see if I will manage to visit you before I am back! Thanx for reading my blog! Blessings!

  3. I went thru UR blog n jst envy U sio kwa ubaya… lahasha..! nasikia tu raha na kutakia kila la heri na Mungu akulinde mpaka utakaporudi.

    1. Ha ha ha Bardabos, thank you. I love to travel and tour the world, I like every opportunity it gives me, I love to see life on the reality perspective!! Thanx for reading my blog!

  4. Patie…am all over U n everything U write n do I rlly love seeing… now I want my own plot in UR blog where I can swim,dance n stroll wth ease…gudday dear.!

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