Getting better, skiing lesson 2!!

“Make total use of the snow before it goes away, spring is around the corner and soon we will forget about this winter, so it is time you went back for skiing lesson 2, it is a lifetime experience,”  advised my girlfriend! Willing to take me for the lessons, we set a date on Sunday evening. I went to church and headed back home anxiously waiting for 4pm. Norwegians keep time, at exactly 4pm, there she was, ringing my door bell to signal me that she was ready.

All ready

Packed, ready for skiing!

We gathered our equipments, skis, skiing sticks, water, bitings and she also informed me that we needed to pass via one of the shops to purchase a given brand of chocolates, Kjessjokolade-Kvikk Lunsj. I am told this kind of chocolate is so typical for skiing. Mmmmmm, everyday for me is a learning lesson!

We are headed to Egsjordet, just a few minutes drive from my place. “I want to show you a nearby place, you can always come on your own, the skis are not heavy, so you can carry them and practise on your own. Not many people know about this place, so it is a bit private field,” said Tone.

We get to Egsjordet, it is all white, we are all alone and it feels so good, we have all the field to ourselves. This time round, I try to remind myself on how to fix the shoes on the skies and I manage it, good lesson learnt from my previous teacher.

Tone is an expert in skiing, expert by the virtue that she is better than me by 100%, so she teaches me a few tricks, being careful with her words.  Just like my previous teacher Sigtor, she is also careful to see that I am not scared about this experience.You know the kind of encouragement a training student needs, feels like learning how to drive.

Going strong!

“ I am impressed with your progress, you just need more balance and you can do it very well.  Today, we might need to do downhill skiing, we do not have to do it on that slope, but we can make our own hill and we can try from there” she said. Ha ha ha ha!!!

I immediately recall a Kenyan skier Philip Boit in an interview pointing  out that, all the time he did ski training, downhill skiing was his toughest challenge. So you can be assured, I was not going to give it a chance, at least not for my lesson 2! However, I did promise that next time I will give it a try. Life is about challenges and how to overcome them successfully.

Physical exercise

I am enjoying my skiing lessons, it is a physical fitness exercise, I realise I get to train my whole body, my head, calculating and being conscious of how to do it right without falling down, my legs as I try to ski and maintain my balance and my arms too as I try to manage holding the skiing sticks.

In between our skiing adventure, we took time to relax , a silent break, just appreciating the nature and its beauty. This is one moment I will live to treasure. I love the experience, the sky once more looks so bright and beautiful. It is getting to 5.15pm and it is still very bright. I can sense and smell spring.  It is no longer cold as it used to be and I can hear the birds singing in joy.

Kvikk Lunsj!

“The spring is here, now you get to enjoy the beautiful Norway. In the morning when you wake up, you will hear the birds singing, they are back from Africa, bored with staying in Kenya and now they are happy being home, this is where they belong” said my friend Rolf!

I wonder why would the birds migrate to Africa and only three months later they are bored. Africa has a beautiful weather all year-long, I am sure just a few return to Norway, if only there could be a head count.

This simply means my skiing adventure is about to come to an end! Lesson 2, I did 1100 meters, still on a flat land and fell down only twice, I guess I deserve a standing ovation for that! For those living in the snowy lands, care to give it a try while it lasts, I did and I am happy I am getting better, soon heading for lesson three!

Enjoy your week ahead!


8 thoughts on “Getting better, skiing lesson 2!!

  1. This is my third winter and am ashamed to say instead of making good use of the season I work on wondering why of all places in the Unites States I ended up in the Midwest (Minnesota) the heart of snow. Thanks for sharing this lesson learnt just make the best of every Situation. Winter 2012 am here ready for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Scovia, at this rate I am worried. Will you ever get back to Kenya? You are counting winter 2012?? Guess we had a project go back to Kenya?? Anyway, wish you all the best, do all you can do and give it your best!! Thank you once more for finding time to read and comment on my blog post!!

  2. Patience, we have Vacations remember? But am sure I will be here for winter 2012 as the contract ends in September 2012 so atleast I have one more winter to go. and our project still stands no worries 🙂

    1. Ok, I was a bit worried, was almost asking when should I come for the wedding? Thought you have made a decision to make roots in Minnesota! Good, so our project is still on!!

    1. Ha haha Linda, you can when you put your mind into this!! I have been trying it out, so you can!! Hope all is well with you in Kenya, thank you for reading my blog!

  3. Posted: 16 h, 16 m ago By: Nita Kapoor (Comment from FK-World)

    Yes Patience,
    You have have been smart in getting on to your skiis – not many more opportunities left, unless you decide to hike up into the mountains during Easter.
    Happy you are making the most of it!
    Best wishes,

  4. Hei Nita,

    I realise not much opportunities left, it feels summer today, sunny, bright and beautiful. Will go for more skiing and probably hike mountains over Easter. Waiting to see what plots my friends have, and will join them!!

    Thank you for reading my blog!

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