Even in Norway? Very Strange!!!


I did´t manage to post my story early today because of what happened last night and as a result I write a new story altogether. I value

Hotel Hadelland

friendships, networks and loyal clients. I work hard to build long-term relationships. This applies to my saloonist and even at the grocery shop (mama mboga) back at home. In me, they always had a  loyal client. I am very conscious of the first impression people, organisations and colleagues make on me and the vise versa.

 When I landed in Norway, my first assignment was to attend a four days music festival in Oslo. This meant travelling from Kristiansand and spending in a hotel all the four nights. I spent in this hotel, in Kenya it might qualify for a 5 star, however in Norway it is a 3 star hotel. Lets call it Hotel Patience (H.P) since I love it so much.

One, it is centrally located in Oslo, very accessible and just a walking distance from the bus and train station. Whatever time I get to Oslo I am never scared of getting to this hotel all alone. It has a great lounge, I meet my friends here and I even conduct my interviews here at times, because it is very convenient. It has personalized services and the receptionists are always very friendly. When I get back to Kristiansand, I always get evaluation forms on my email unfortunately they are in Norsk, so I don´t get to fill them in.

Randsvangen Hotel!

“Oh Patience I booked you in the same hotel, I realise you a loyal client, I just said your first name and guess as they typed it, your full names came up and they recognise you as are a member in this hotel,” said one of my colleague from Oslo as she booked my accommodation. Another friend of mine once told me, “You love this hotel so much, you can be assured they are happy to have clients like you, they will probably be sending you seasonal cards and on your birthday they will send you chocolates and a Christmas card”.

Hotel Black-out!

The past two nights I spent at the same hotel, I have been on assignment at Fredrikstad, about one hour train travel from Oslo city. Good to note that since I landed in Norway, I have become a nocturnal creature.  I find myself staying up late night, and waking up late especially during the weekends. So last night after a chat with my friends in town, I checked in a bit late and still thought I had  to finish writing my story before posting it. At exactly 1am, my internet went off but was I patient it will come back, because this was very unusual, it had never happened before.

Hotel room!

In Kenya not everyone has electricity and in the in the city centers when we have no power, it is not news. Even when we go without power for 8 hours a day because of power rationing, all it gets it is a Facebook status update  and tweets from some frustrated Kenyans who had to go to work without ironing their clothes. (Nkt!! This KPLC!!)

Having been in Norway for 7 months now, I have never witnessed power black-out. So after my internet went off,  my heater went off too. It is winter time so while I was still wondering as to what was happening, and wondering how I was going to spend the night in the cold, then their was a black-out. So even in Norway it happens, I thought to myself, how? This is very unusual!! In Kristiansand there has never been power black-out, but in Oslo, right at the city center? Of course my computer was still on but then I didn´t want to work in the dark.

I pepped through the window and realized that there was power in the opposite building. I need to find out what is happening. There must be something wrong somewhere. So I use my phone to access my jacket and leave the room heading to the reception. My argument is, one, I am still working late, two I cannot spend the night in the cold, three, maybe my bulb just went off so I could have it fixed and finally I am just wondering, how come they do not have a back up system or even a generator? On the corridor, I realise it is a bit dim. I am on the third floor, so I use the stairs all the way to the reception. Here, I find a receptionist and one of the ladies cleaning up.

Both have a  hodelykt (headlight) bright on their foreheads. The guy immediately approaches me and apologizes “ Hei, you do not have power in your room, right? I am sorry we are having the electric engineers changing the cables because we have to replace our system. We are sorry for the inconvenience, however if you need a torch to help you sort yourself in your room , here please get one.”

Lounge at Hotel Hadelland

He hands me the torch and the lady who is cleaning makes it clear for me, “We had a note posted here the whole day, that between 1am to 2am there will be no power, simply because most people are probably asleep then, sorry guess you didn´t see it. Sorry for the inconvenience.” she said.


Of course I am happy that I actually have an explanation as to why there would probably be power black-out in a hotel at the city centre especially during winter. There was a note to that effect, plus an assumption that we all read the note and another assumption that at 1am everyone is asleep. I just went back to the room and slept.

So today I tell a Norwegian friend about my last nights incident and he responds, “Come on Patience, you should have asked for a refund, city center hotels in Norway are very expensive and of course we do not have generators because we rarely have power black-outs. I am sure even if they had a note pinned all day long it was in Norwegian, most probably you wouldn´t have read it.”


Now I am thinking, mmmmm, maybe I should have actually asked for a refund, hahaha! If my employer paid 1500 Noks (Kshs. 18,000) for two nights, how much would the refund be for one hour without power? Can I ask my employer to ask for the refund? Oh, they brought me a double share of my breakfast, maybe as a consolation, right? I checked out this morning and returned the torch and of course, I am in love with this hotel and still all the time I am in Oslo it will still be at H.P. The lady at the reception as usual she had a warm smile…..  “Always a pleasure to serve you, you are welcome again, Tussen Takk.”


10 thoughts on “Even in Norway? Very Strange!!!

  1. Yes……. this is the least expected in the developed countries,but in my view the way it happens is a bit reasonable not like the way we do things here with kplc of our’s.Yani they arrange things……they give a notice and much more, they expect at those late hours everyone is in a deep sleep.Even you patience it was such that it caught you awake but beleive you me, you couldn’t have known.
    Thnks much and keep posting.

    1. Hi Noel, will definitely keep posting as long as you promise to keep reading!! Yes, I love the way they do everything with a lot of caution and still are able to give you enough explanation!! Yes, if only I was asleep then I wouldn´t have noticed!! Thank you for finding time to read my blog!! I appreciate your feedback!!

  2. I am not sure whether one day will be at par with developed countries or even get near in many aspects, all in all alot has to be done by ourselves. At the end of the day we have a great role to play instead of always blaming the government in everything that goes wrong.

    1. Oh yes, Mwakio you can say that again and again! I am one optimistic woman that though we might be very far from getting there, we will one day! It all depends on you and I. Thank you for your feedback!!

  3. Posted: Feb 24 2011 By: Lisa Brodshaug (Comment From FK-World)

    Five hours unexpected power cut during Winter will qualify for a news headliner in Norway. Stories like “85-year old had to eat cold dinner with outdoor clothes on”, “- We could not even have our evening coffee!” etc will feed the Dagsrevyen for at least 20 minutes, leaving wars, crime and earthquakes sharing the last 5 minutes before sports and weather forecast.

  4. Lisa, I see!! In Kenya, they will give you a notice but still the rest of the other time, they do not even bother and the reasons you mention then they will not make a big deal. We are used to the power black outS and it is no longer big news!!

  5. Posted: Feb 23 2011 By: Nita Kapoor (Comment from FK-World)

    Actually, once in a decade, one may experience an actual power cut here and there in Norway. Sometimes due to storms or some dramatic natural disasters which wipe out the electricity cables.

    But mostly, power cuts in apartments are very local (due to overload). And only require a trip to the fuse box to turn a switch.
    Yes, we are very lucky here… But not necessarily appreciative of all the energy we have provided at the tips of our fingers!


  6. Hi Nita,

    Thank you for your comment once more. You know had actually forgotten that power blackouts do exist. Seven months without power black-out, this was the last thing I expected to happen especially during the winter time! However, I still love my hotel!

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