Winter, I am so fed up!!

Snowy Norway


A brief conversation I had with my colleague early this week, has really ruined my plans. Since my Never again Story, I have secretly been buying more open shoes in preparation for summer, I am tired of these winter boots. I have been optimistic that Summer is around the corner and now I am informed, this could actually be the start of winter. Sad! Sad!

3 months I have been patient dealing with this new weather, snow, ice, extremely low temperatures, overdressing and I feel really disappointed. I now appreciate Kenya in a better way, we have beautiful weather, this extreme Winter is unheard of. This week we have experienced severe weather, probably the worst in the past three months. On Tuesday, there was heavy snow as I headed to the office. Outside the office, I shook off the snow and walked past the reception and as part of my greetings with my colleague she  asked about my take on the weather. “Great, it is manageable, nothing to complain about”.  She looked at me and I saw the worry in her face.

“Oh sorry, this might actually be the start of winter. It sometimes gets worse in mid-February all the way to April. There might be

Extreme snow.

more snow from now henceforth. It is crazy especially in the West part of Kristiansand where it is accompanied by great wind than the one we experience here,” she said.

Winter Injuries

I walk to the office feeling low and disappointed. I am really looking forward to the end of  Winter so that I can pronounce myself a hero. One, at the start of the winter season my boss had told me I should get prepared of sliding and falling down. I promised him that I will not fall and his response was “Patience, no one chooses to fall, when we have icy roads, many people fall, not because they choose to but it happens and it happens so fast, you don´t even realise it.” He keeps updating me on the figures of people reported injured in this Winter and this week he told me, “Statistic has it that more than 1,700 people have broken either their arms or legs in Kristiansand only.”  With that figure raising on a daily basis,  I still wanted to prove him wrong that as fresh as I am from Africa, I will not fall.

slippery roads

Two, I love to laugh at people when then fall down. Every day as I walk around, somehow I see people falling down and in turn I look away and burst into laughter. My housemate has fallen and slid about 5 times now and became really angry with me for laughing at her, but I love it that way. It is an old habit that I picked from my High School. Heading to the dinning hall, we had these many stairs and somehow girls always missed the steps and the whole school went into laughter and you can be assured I was one of those who really had a hearty laughter. Old habits die-hard!!

My colleague at work told me, “Patience, even though you have snow grabbers, the way you love to laugh at people when they fall down, your time is coming. Pray that I will not be there, but should I be there, you can be assured you will make news at NRK, both in TV and in Radio. I will laugh then scream for help, before you can pick up yourself I will gather up a crowd and cause a scene. Oh my God, this will be news. “She has really hurt herself,  she has broken her leg and an arm, she is in so much pain, please do not touch her, help, please someone call an ambulance, it is critical.” All this time, I am busy taking photos and video clips.

Snowy Kristiansand

Just for laugh

You should see her say this, I laugh and to make matters worse she adds, “ This is how my news story will be featured in ´just for laugh segment –What goes around always comes around. She has had a great Winter time laughing at people when they fall, little did she know her time was coming. And it happened today. Have a look at this Kenyan girl. I will then show you struggling to pick yourself up from the slippery grounds, shaking up your bum and wiping your tears but no sympathy, instead I put this prolonged laughter as a sound effect, as I end my story. I am already structuring my story in readiness for the moment.”

You can be assured, this is a moment that I dread, and now I can´t wait for summer, I am so fed up with this Winter and I really want to confess the heroine in me.

Whatever your weather, do enjoy your weekend!


8 thoughts on “Winter, I am so fed up!!

  1. You know Patience, in somethings we are not meant to laugh but forced to.Just bring the situation in kristiansand to Nairobi or let say Mombasa…….to those swahili women.You will go down with laugther.That’s for sure.
    Patience if i can ask……… people there really take frequent baths with these weather conditions?.Coz you have taken me back to high school day’s where guy’s could stay even a week without taking bath just applying very strong perfumes to keep the funny smell away due to harsh weather conditions.
    Be extra carefull not to fall coz truly as your freind put it,they will laugh at you if that is what you have been doing to them.
    Enjoy the funny moments and thanks much for the blog.

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Murray Girls High School is known to be situated in one of the coldest part in the Coast of Kenya. Be assured in that school the temperatures never went below 15. We complained of cold seasons and I remember skiving morning studies because I just couldn´t leave my blankets and had to do punishment a number of times. In this country, it even goes to -24, do you get get my point? Then, when you have to deal with slippery roads, it is worse. I am thankful to God am managing. Thanx for reading my blog, enjoy your weekend.

  2. Sweetie! It will be over soon. I don’t know if you can see the beauty of the snow. At least it lights up in the darkness! Me and Kristin and Håvard are missing the snow. It’s funny how we miss the things in Norway and you miss the sun and the hassle of Nairobi. 🙂

    I hope you are still enjoying your stay.


    1. Hei Hellen, Yes it is crazy to know that you are in Kenya and you miss the snow. When it started, I was so excited but now four months down the road, I feel so feed up and miss the sun. Oh I miss the good weather in Kenya. Despite the weather all is well and you can be assured I am enjoying myself bigtime! Pass my love to your hubby,Kristine and Håvard. Will be seeing you people soonest!! Klem!!

  3. Dear Patience,

    Posted: Feb 21 2011 By: Dana Haj Hamad (Comment from FK-World)

    I was told the same thing last year! lols…I think you’ll just have to adjust to it, which seems to be the problem i guess. I don’t know if they told you this, but there is a Norwegian saying that goes “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. So i would say your disguise it absolutely justified…but hey, you still have the beautiful spring, and great summer to experience. Like the Qatari’s say for the World Cup 2022 “Expect Amazing” 🙂

    Good luck

  4. Hi Hi Dana Haj!

    Thank you for the encouragement, I have tried to dress the right way but my only wish is if it only it didn’t stay this long. Today’s weather, no no no! I get to the office and everyone says, this is extreme, and these are Norwegians speaking, so I am left speechless. All I gather is, we are all now tired, may the spring and summer be here soonest! I can’t wait!!

  5. Posted: Feb 18 2011 By: Nita Kapoor (Comment from FK-World)

    Dear Patience,
    Your name is what you have to take solace in when it comes to the Norwegian winter. PATIENCE. And stubbornness. And endurance. And perseverence. And optimism. And your sense of humour – which I see that you have preserved!
    Keep them – and your shoe spikes – handy at all times!
    The wonderful thing you will experience (hopefully sooner than later) is that when it starts getting warmer, and you start smelling spring in the air, the feeling of happiness and lightness is so strong and physical that it might not compare with anything you have felt before regarding change of seasons.
    Am really in anticipation of your blogs when the Norwegian spring announces its arrival…
    In the meanwhile: Hang in there!!
    Best wishes,

  6. Hi Nita,

    Thank you for your feedback, such is an encouragement I need at time like this. I am from the gym and my whole body aches, not sure if I want to go back there.

    About the Winter, yes my patience has been overstretched, however I will hang on there, I can´t wait for summer, I really want to put on my open shoes, short skirts and shorts.

    Blogging is a hobby, so you can be sure will be blogging all through and you can share my experiences with me. Thankyou for your time and will add more patience!!!

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