Valentines, The day that was!

Happy Valentines to you!
Valentine lovers!

Hoping you had a blast and that this marks the beginning of a love filled year ahead, my take is that we should be able to express our love all year round. Yesterday, was busy checking out for people in red, honestly I just couldn´t see any maybe, I wasn´t dressed in red in the first place. Norwegians love to dress in black and yesterday was no exception.

In Kenya, you can be assured the cities were painted red especially Nairobi and Mombasa.  Chocolates, rose flowers-from fake to real, Valentine cards and sexy lingerie usually have the most displays as you walk on the main streets. That was not the case here, all the major shops had their usual displays and life seemed to move on as any other day.

One major thing you will notice in the Kenyan media scene is that love songs and love messages too fill the air all day long and most people for the first time send in love messages to their loved ones on radio. Of course it feels very wonderful to have a presenter call this special woman to pass special message and hear her respond, “Tell him Happy Valentine and that I love him too”.

All in red

Apart from Kenyans ladies dressed in red, a matching handbag, shoes, earings, necklace, lipstick, and a rose flower many restaurants too are


fully booked and many people get engaged on this day. This I can clearly imagine wasn´t the case here, I took a walk around Kristiansand city and life seemed normal. No special menus nor Valentine reservations.

“We love all year round, so we really do not give any special attention to this American Ideology, that we should make 14th February a special day to our loved ones. If it is gifts, we buy those in abundance especially in Christmas, which is gone a few days back.” Said Joran, a Norwegian friend.

One bookstore however caught my attention, it had quite tempting displays, offers on Love and Romance novels, all displayed in a very enticing way, so I popped in and checked them out. In this store I also found cookery books, of course as a suggestion for love birds to make a special dinner on valentines.

Not anything major

“The new generation of youth are trying, maybe in the next few years then it will be a big thing in Norway, but as it is now, it is not even worth a mention in today’s news, said one of my friends, Eva 49 years old. Of course this is unlike Kenya, on this day there are always very interesting stories on how different people in various areas of the country celebrated Valentines day. So you can be assured, it can never go unnoticed. Depending on which day it falls on, then there are always great plans like weddings and engagements taking place not forgetting break ups too and many more are left lonely hearts.

Bookstore in Kristiansand!

“Most Norwegians are introverts in nature, you will notice they do not like anything that screams too much attention. Since I came here, I forgot about Valentines. So does it still exist?” Asked one of my Kenyan friend who has been living in Norway for 4 years now. Valentine day could mean different things for different people, the most important thing is what it means to you as an individual. So whatever it means to you, choose that. For those who received wonderful gifts, remember to be thankful, especially for the thought.  Of course I am grateful too, thank you for the gifts.

One online writer that I have subscribed to, had this to say and I found it really awesome. Dear PATIENCE, I wanted to give you a little something for Valentine’s Day, and then it occurred to me… the best gift I can give you is actually one that you have the power to give YOURSELF: the gift of believing in – and loving – who you are!  So here’s a special Valentine’s Day Affirmation for you from me ( “I am loved,  and each day I have the power  to attract loving relationships into my life.” )

And it says: Repeat this affirmation (out loud or in your head) throughout the day. Remember, positive thoughts manifest positive results in your life!  This is what I did for my Valentine.

Happy Valentines! Enjoy the rest of the year ahead, won´t you!



2 thoughts on “Valentines, The day that was!

  1. “I am loved, and each day i have the power to attract loving relationships in my life”……..I love this.It carries everything that’s one needs to accept every situation he or she is in.Nothing more to add.
    Also from me patience,………the best gift that i can give you is actually one that you have the power to beleive in YOURSELF .
    Thanks much.

    1. Thank you Noel, yes thats the best gift you can give to anyone any other day, not necessarily over Valentine. Hope you enjoyed your Valentine day too. Have a great weekend and a year full of love ahead! Thank you for your feedback and God bless!

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