No Pain, No Gain!!!

      To quit or not to!
At the training hall!
I know this pretty well that in life you can get anything you want to and you can be anyone you want to be, if only you work hard enough. But why is it that some things are too hard to come by? One month gone, and now the start of February and I am faced with a choice on whether to hang on there or quit. 

If you are firm believer of New Year resolutions like me, then you understand how hard some resolutions can be. One of the resolutions I made this year was to keep fit and shed off a few kilos. I have made this resolution before and failed miserably but this time round I had a purpose to remain focused, but hey, truth be told it is tough work.

Engaging in physical fitness and going to the gym is no easy joke at all. I just can’t wait for the weekend, I need total rest! It reminds me of a Kenyan milk TV commercial sometimes back “The cow has refused” this is me, my body has refused. Every part of my body aches, every joint feels tensed and I am generally feeling very exhausted.

Work out plan

“In Norway people add a lot of weight between December and January and they finally flock the gym centers for registration in January. But I don’t agree with that, most people add weight between January and December, so there is need to maintain a full year membership,” said my friend Elin. Going to the gym needs a lot of personal initiative and encouragement from the people within. So together with my girlfriends, we had this well calculated out. As the year starts, we will take a six month or one year membership, we will remain accountable to each other and we will do it for fun, so we must enjoy it. I went ahead and registered for a six month membership, I felt the pinch on my wallet and of course this immediately gave me a reason to give it the seriousness it deserves.


Last night I went home feeling so tired and when I got home, my housemate is laughing at me. “Quit woman, you do not need to look that miserable, after all no one forces you to go to the gym, just quit but remember, no pain, no gain!” We go to different training centers and of course she has been skiving some of her sessions and she responds, “My body needs rest, tomorrow is another day!” Very encouraging indeed.

One hour at the gym never moves, looks like 3 hours of torture. I always put away my wrist watch when I get there though occasionally gazing at the wall clock and somehow, it always looks stagnated. It is only at the gym that an hour seems so long. I never thought people sweat in this country during winter. When I start sweating convincing myself that I have been working out for a long time; I realize it is only 10 minutes gone. Unconsciously I end up looking at the clock every 5 minutes and almost telling myself, “30 minutes is enough for today.”

Comfort zone

One strange thing, at the training halls almost everyone seems to be hiding at the back, so do I. Probably to be far from the trainer, if I get tired then I can slow down without the trainer noticing. 4 days a week I head for different session and in all these sessions, they are always some pretty girls, too flexible and they make it seem like a very easy task for them. Good inspiration for the back benchers who seem to be struggling like me.

Training hall!

After the 60 or 90 minutes of intensive training, I can’t move and one thing that always comes on my mind is the staircase on my way out. Less than 10 stairs but honestly, I seem to struggle as I head out. When I see other people running out, I am almost telling them, please slow down, you make my life miserable. They stress me, I am exhausted, where do they get all the energy to run around?

It takes me two years back working with my co-host King Nzomo at Baraka FM studios, he will train me to do some exercises  and when I failed, he would say “ Patience, you need to hit the gym seriously”. (some of the things presenters do behind the microphones, strange!!). So over the weekends I will gather my girlfriends and when we couldn’t manage the exercises, my cousin always consoled us and will go back to my co-host, “You know what,  my nurse cousin says that not all of us can do the some things, it depends a lot on our biological makeup, and that is the reason, some women no matter how hard they try to go for natural birth, they always end up at the cesarean section (CS)”. Very consoling.



Norwegians love to exercise, they take a walk, run and cycle to work, to school, to the gym no wonder they look so fit and active. The truth is, a lot of dedication and determination is needed in this. I am faced with a great urge to quit, but I am giving it some more days to see how it goes. It may or may not be worthwhile, but it has to be done!!

Enjoy a stress free weekend!!


4 thoughts on “No Pain, No Gain!!!

  1. Hahahahaaaa………this is great you have made my day Patience.I agree with you in the world of today where diseases have become part and parcel of us to the extent that some are missing names,exercises are very crucial no matter the age one is in.But Patience, don’t you think it reaches a point where certain body figures are meant to be?.And some people seem to look smart in them than the other way round?.And no matter how hard they try to reduce the kilos they still remain the same?
    In my view this is where one starts counting is blessings one by one to see how great is lord as been to him or her and you never know may be that’s what is happening to you Patience.
    Enjoy your weekend and be peaceful.

    1. Ha aha ha ha ah ha Noel Mwazera, what a great consolation! I see I have a supporter who seems to tell me ´Go ahead and quit, after all you look good just like that´! Well, will give it some more days and see how it goes! As I said, it may no may not be worthwhile, but it has to be done! Thank you for your loyal readership, you encourage me to keep writing! Do enjoy your weekend!

  2. You remind me of my one time GM, who kept stopping me from quitting my job. ” Winners never quit” he would retort at the mention of my intentions.

    So my dear sister if you want to achieve your resolutions then stick in there, don’t quit!!!! Osa Vinya Mwana a Mwaitu!


    Ningwendete naku!

    1. Applause Linda! Can see you are learning a new language. Impressive indeed!! I agree with your GM, ´Winners never quit´! However, sometimes we find ourselves in situations that make us want to quit, but as I said, will hang on there and see how it goes! Osa Vinya Mwana a Mwaitu!! Thanks for reading and commenting back!

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