Of Cats and Dogs

Imagine this, as a human being you die and you are given a choice to come back in the form of an animal, what would it be? A man in Kenya was asked this question, and his response left us all in laughter.

“I would love to come back as a dog in either Europe, United States or in the United Kingdom not in Kenya at all.” I did not understand the joke until he explained himself that in the mentioned continents, dogs, cats and generally pets are taken great care of, unlike countries like Kenya.

Dogs and Cats

Now I understand what he meant best. Last week, a colleague of mine narrated to me his ordeal on how he thought he had lost his blind cat. He continued to explain that he was worried that his blind cat was stolen or involved in a road accident, therefore that particular day he had to wake up early in the morning to look for her.

“You know yesterday and even last night, we were all bothered trying to figure out where the cat could be. So I woke up in the morning and started my search but in vain. By 8am I decided to ask my wife to continue the search since I had to come to work.  Now she has just called me that she has found the cat and I am so excited.” He explained.

“Where did she find the cat?” I ask

“She says she found her lying 5 houses away from home. As I said earlier, the cat is blind which means she cannot really go far away, neither can it cross the road on its own, so we don´t allow her to leave the gate.”|

As a journalist, I find myself asking more questions, like how did he notice that this cat was blind. This cat is now fourteen years old and am told it became blind at the age of 8 years. How does one on earth figure out that a cat has suddenly gone blind. Interesting, so he tells me he will leave work early enough, because he really wants to go and see the cat. “I have been really sad since yesterday and now am back to life”. He said with a smile.

Members of the family.

It’s not surprising to find someone telling you , I have three kids, my daughter and my two dogs and I go like, “What, are they part of your family?”

As if that’s not enough, my African friend Jimmy has been spending lonely moments because his Norwegian girlfriend is nursing the death of her puppy. Many are the days when I meet Jimmy, he is always accompanied by his girlfriend. So I meet him and because he is alone, I inquire about his girlfriend.


“She has been indoors three days now, really down and mourning the death of her puppy that she suspects he died out of a  poisonous substance. So later today she is gathering her friends to attend her puppy´s burial. I am actually meant to have sent her flowers but I just don’t understand this whole story about dogs,” so he says.

I grew up with mum never in love with dogs and therefore I took after her, we have never owned a dog though we grew up with one cat for a very long time. In Norway cats and dogs are actually very important animals and the dog takes all the attention.

The dogs have very beautiful rooms that have heaters, just to ensure that they are in safe hands even under extreme conditions, as it is now,winter season. The dogs have specified timings to be taken for a walk, which I am told it is a very lucrative job. In cars, they sometimes get the co-drivers seat if the owner is all alone. Others are put in the cars back seat. The dogs come in various colours, shapes and sizes. Black colour I realised is the most popular.

In some houses, the cats have specific points in a given sofa set and that´s where they spend most of their days. Either sleeping or just relaxing. They are given foods at scheduled time, this would include the dog food purchased from the mall, milk, pizza and generally they are feed well.

The animal rights are adhered to by those with these pets. There are also organisations that are set just to ensure they champion for the animal rights.

I came across this advert in one of the magazines and it left me thinking. It said : Saving a life is beautiful thing….Great catchline indeed, So I went on to read and before I realised it was about pets.

“Why not join these, caring people and support special needs cats and dogs. Whether these precious animals have been abandoned because if chronic illness, rescued from puppy mills or are brought to us with behavioural problems, our no-kill shelter and sanctuary gives them the extra time and care they need, perhaps the rest of their lives. You can sponsor a pet in someone´s name. It is a special gift that can save a life,” it read.

Then I wonder, do we join hands in supporting the refugees, the internal displaced people or the dogs?. This is so amazing.

Dog at a walk!

Winter is here and you can be assured these animals have specific clothes for the winter season. They are all protected against the snow and are even bought for winter clothing. In the buses, these have seats and you wonder whether the owners paid for an extra seat for their dogs.

I am told these pets especially the dogs are very calm and very friendly, they rarely bark at people. They can be used by  the blind people crossing the roads since they are trained to detect between the pedestrian-stop sign and the green ready to go sign.

Interesting revelations, I think it´s time to get myself a pet, a cat will do for me, what do you think?


4 thoughts on “Of Cats and Dogs

  1. my dia,before u get any pet,confirm with the kenyan migration if u r allowed to come with the pet…….u know kenya…..u can reach the airport to be told that the pet to be returned back and u will be attached to it,take care

  2. My swahili teacher just laughs at me every time I talk about dogs or cats as pets. 😛

    I think you should definitely get a pet 🙂 I truly believe that cats and dogs makes people feel less stressed and they bring a lot of fun and happiness. And they are so cute!

    1. Hellen, this is you as a Norwegian. I love your view on cats and dogs, you say they make people less stressed, interesting! Will get one and see how it goes. Will love to take them for a walk! Thanx my dear!

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