Oslo World Music Festival!


It´s Party time in Oslo Norway!! In Kenya they will ask, where is it happening , and the response will be……in Oslo, Norway. What brings together, people of all age groups, children, the youth, parents and grandparents? It has to be music in Norway.

It´s obvious that music in Europe is a big Industry and many musicians are giving it their best!  Music is part of their livelihood and passion, and pursuing their passion has been key for them.

Opening Ceremony

Oslo World Music festival, is an annual event that presents a variety of worldwide music, from classical traditions and folk music to urban world music. The festival aims to show the richness of different music cultures. “It was actually started as a way of making Norway as a country appreciate other nationalities and their culture through music. It brings together renowned artists invited from all over the World,” said Sigbjorn Nedland, a key figure in the Music Industry in Europe and a journalist at NRK, Kristiansand!

6 days, more than 20 Concerts!

This year´s music festival takes six days, having started on the 2nd, it is scheduled to end on 7th of November, with daily performances at various concert avenues in Oslo: in churches, concert halls and clubs, about 25 concerts, workshops for children and seminars. Collaborates with local immigrant communities makes use of the extensive networks that have been developed abroad.

Having made my way to Oslo since Tuesday, I had an opportunity to attend the glamorous opening ceremony at the famous, magnificent and classy Opera House. This exclusive ceremony marked the beginning of a successful festival that has left the city fully packed and busy throughout the night.

Alexandra after her opening Speech!


“ I could ask many more questions about all of our artists this year as I try to put my finger on what distinguishes this line-up from the previous years. What do these artists have in common? After all we are talking about musicians from all places as diverse as Mogadishu and Mexico City, Beruit and Seville, Bamako and Havana. I think that passion is key.” Said Alexandra Archetti Stolen, the festival director amid applause from the guests.

This great speech struck me as I wondered how many people in this world really live to pursue their passion regardless of the money it brings them. It reminded me of a year back when I had a heated argument with my former colleagues, who stressed the importance of money over passion. I am happy that I did maintain my stand, regardless of how much my journalism career brings for me, I am here to pursue my passion in life! Being a journalist, is a passion rooted deep in me!

“When individuals convey their passion to the whole world as Maradona did recently during the FIFA World Cup, then we really have something to look forward to. Always believe in the impossible and never abandon your passion. Personal, Universal, Passionate: these words best describe this year´s festival, but the most important of these is Passion.” Remarked Alexandra as she concluded her opening speech!

Concert Hall

People from all over the world living in Norway have come forth in support of their nationalities and their culture. It´s obvious it has been a festive season and the weather has acknowledged this fact. It has only been drizzling and no traces of snow has been spotted in the central city. At Club Havana, Prof Jay from Tanzania and Chameleon from Uganda are representing the East Africa in a European tour.  Though scheduled to officially start off at 10pm, (Thursday)until midnight the event was yet to kick off! 

Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation-NRK P2 is carrying out live broadcasts of the Oslo World Music Festival, am happy being part of this, am enjoying the music from the World all over, and all I can say is- this is great effort, awesome, am enjoying it bigtime.

Photos by Lars Opstad.




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