Never Again!!!

If you are reading this story, ensure you have read my recent story entitled: It´s a countdown….Last night was really cold,  as usual I did put on the heater and switched it off as I slept. It takes about ten minutes walk to get to Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) offices where I work, but it takes me roughly twenty minutes. Normally, I set my alarm clock at 7.30am which is 8.30am in Kenya.

Snowy grass

So today (Thursday), my alarm rung and I switched it off, it was so cold, dark and raining, I put on the heater and slept only to wake up one and a half  hours later. I left the house forty-five minutes later, warmly dressed apart from the shoes.

I love my open shoes all the time. I negotiated on whether to put on my boots or open shoes. As I went to work, I noticed the snow on the grass, and thought maybe I needed to change my shoes, but I convinced myself  that all will be well.

Fifteen minutes later I am at the office, it’s almost ten so I am practically one and a half hours late,  I walk past the reception with a broad smile and say “Hei” to the lady at the reception and quickly head to my office.

At 11.30am I am at the lunch lounge where I meet my colleagues and we do a little chat. “Nice shoes Patience but not for this weather, please keep them away until March. Did you notice the snow today. You need to dress properly, you need a head-gear, gloves, socks  and boots,” advised Ann.

Of course I noticed the snow, but I am just in love with my open shoes. Two more colleagues  join the chat and I get all these stories and how I need to keep watching the weather forecast.

Being a journalist I watch news and read newspapers a lot. I keep abreast with what is happening back at home, thank God to this online website, watchkenyaonline. I am yet to get used to watching the Norwegian channels because it is cumbersome watching news as I peruse through the dictionary. So I get advised I could miss the news but I should take time to watch the weather forecast.

“Do you have reflectors? You need to have them during this season,  you see it gets dark, foggy, and snowy so you need the reflectors on for visibility sake. Accidents are prone to happen during winter, but with reflectors drivers can see you from a far”, advised Mariana. Now, this is new, I need time to digest this, that I need to walk around with reflectors? Nice one!

My open shoes!

Lunchtime is over, I go back to the office. On my way I meet another colleague who questions, “Isn´t cold for your feet, you need to put on closed shoes”. I respond that the following day I definitely will.

A few minutes later, Mariana is at my office with NRK branded reflectors, and tells me that I could put them on my arm, leg and any other part of my body as I walk around. Of course I am grateful and she goes back to her office.

It rains better part of the day, but it´s all warm in the office since the heater is on. Occasionally I get colleagues popping in and as I said weather is a very important topic in this country so we find ourselves talking about the weather and getting lots of stories on winter.

I got a lecture to do, so I take my time to work on my power point presentation and leave the office quite late. It´s 6.30pm, with my reflector on my arm, gloves on my hands, I head home. My phone rings, it´s my Ugandan housemate  calling…..

“You Kenyan woman where are you, I miss you so much, do you have money with you?” She asks. “Why?” I ask. “You need to get shoes from the nearest mall, it is so cold outside and snowing, I pity you but you need to learn a lesson today, you will never put on those shoes again”   and she hung up.

Arm reflector!

As I open the main door, all I can feel is wind pushing me back to the office, this is so strange. I imagine my twenty minutes walk and I am almost crying. I wish I could take a drive home or even get a motorbike or even a bicycle just to shorten the distance.

With my high heels, am forced to cat walk, I can’t run. Barely five minutes, my toes are numb, and its so painful, my fingers too despite the gloves, actually my body is literally freezing. I meet a friend on my way and I don´t even say hi, instead I say  “Jeg fryser” which means I am freezing and walk away.

Five minutes later am at home and thank God that I finally made it, with one thing in my head….Never again will I put on these open shoes, until winter season is over. I  have over 10 pairs of open shoes, and all I can do is to sit down and admire them!

Enjoy your weather won´t you?


24 thoughts on “Never Again!!!

  1. Heheheeee Kenyan Woman! Enjoy the weather now. We are ushering in the hot season here in Msa, we enjoy it too since there’s no option!

  2. am literally in stitches..galll hahahahahah but sorry for you..aquick ip on how to keep ubreast on the keep the weather update bar..on ur laptop it updates automatically alwes check it before u leave in the morning or elseeeeeee ull be doing lots of freezing..moreee..pliizz quite interesting..and i love the foncall part..hahahahaha

    1. Diana….If only u had told me so earlier on………Nway, it´s not too late! Advise taken and you can be sure I am not putting on them anytime soon! Today, it was slippery but had my boots on!

  3. Sasa bibi!

    Hate to say I told you so! BUT I told you so! 😛
    About the open shoes, you CAN wear them at work! Just not To and from love! 🙂
    Miss you!

    1. Kristin, I know you told me so, as you gave me basic tips, 101 Norway….these kind of shoes darlin….you will need to keep them away, unless you want to hate Norway, so you advised! I have taken that will lots of importance now, thanx dear, hope you are having fun in Nairobi!

  4. Hi Patience

    thanks for the informative stuff.just read what you write about life in Norway and it feels like we are there with you.all the best and we miss you in class (IDIS)

  5. He he he he huuu haaaa, sweetheart, open shoes ahh!!!! Experience, the best teacher!!! Thanks for giving me the laughter of the week, Good stuff to read though, thanks again. Take care and continue posting….loving it big time!!!!

  6. Walalalala! pole sana my dear one……But I can totally understand and feel you….you are not only a true Mkenya but a typical coastarian. Te he he he he….why lie….sandals,heels and open shoes are the best! Infact they have the best designs .
    And thank God for heating systems!

  7. hey…angel,you are such a good story teller,making sure that you put in all the ingredients to make me laugh….oooh,they said we learn from experiance……you just did girl.

  8. Pole sana mwanidu. Kusekeliwa sena kujifukira putu. Ndedikunde kukorongwe ni mbeo. Kwamanya ya aho ndeiko sa ya Dawida mghondinyi.

    I am very sorry and hope that you will follow the already given advice.

  9. Peshoooooooo!,

    Nice reading your blog. please send us some snow. its too hot in Nairobi!

    Enjoy and God Bless.

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